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Discovery of an Amazing Substance
by Jake
Citation:   Jake. "Discovery of an Amazing Substance: An Experience with DXM (exp87091)". Sep 21, 2010.

180 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  1 shot oral Alcohol  
  1 cig. smoked Cannabis  


I had my first experience with DXM about 2 weeks previous to the one I'm writing about here, after seeing the substance for sale on a RC site I use alot, in pure powder form.I liked what I read about it, there were so many positive accounts with the user/s ending the report saying they really liked or loved DXM. I ordered 2 grams and took some that weekend, now I had read about dosage and due to my body weight I decided to take 250 mg (on the bag it came in it said active at 20 mg, maybe it is for coughs.) this turned out to be too much for me, I felt it coming on, after an hour I could barely see and spent the rest of the night/early morning on my sofa going in and out of consciousness, although I seem to remember my partner L coming in at some point, and she never noticed I was fucked, because I acted like I was normal I suppose. (I told her later).

I must add that I had taken a small amount of prolintane, also known as jolly green granules, (1-[alpha-propylphenethyl]-pyrrolidine), + approximately 50mg of 6-APB- 6-(2-Aminopropyl)-2, 3-dihydrobenzofuran, WHICH I RECKON IS THE FUCKING DOG'S BOLLOCKS! + large amounts NRG-1, which I'm fairly certain was mostly MDPV my personal favorite, I loved this stuff once I was able to control the negative effects which included auditory hallucinations and paranoia, every time I drove I would start to hear sirens and my phone ringing.

Before I start I will give some drug use info, I'm 43 I started taking drugs at 16 and I've never stopped since, these include Cannabis, LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA, MDA, MDEA, KETAMINE, Cocaine, Heroin, Diazepam, MDPV-methylenedioxypyrovalerone, Methelone, BK-MDMA, Butylone-BK-MBDB, Mephedrone, Buphedrone NRG-1, 2&3, aMT, 5-MEO-DALT, 2-DPMP, Salvia divinorum (60 x extract), Yopo seeds, Anadenanthera columbrina, Peruvian torch cactus, sclerotia of mexican mushrooms. Prolintane

10. 15 p. m - 180 mg DXM powder was added to a shot glass of alcohol, stirred thouroughly and swallowed. all taste of the alcohol was gone just tasted like DXM, actually not bad I quite liked it, in fact it was much like pretty much like all the new rc's, any bad chemical taste disappears rapidly leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth almost minty, which instantly makes you want to smoke tobacco (if your a smoker that is) I end up chain smoking because it tastes really good.

Shortly after taking the DXM I forget I had actually taken it, L was having a bath, when she finished I went in and smoked a joint of bud, while doing so I was reading a book - ayahuasca visions or I was trying to, both our cats were with me and the bathroom window was open, it wasn't long before moths started to come in and if I can't catch them willow (our ginger & white cat, very special, she's epileptic and has to take 1 mg valium every day) eats them, she's a lethal moth killer (I love moths, so I do try to save as many as I can), anyway just before the moth/cat chaos began I was starting to think some interesting thoughts about about why some trips are just trips and on another occasion a psychedelic experience. I don't think I was aware I was thinking anything of worth at that point though, but I realised that there had to be a connection to the spiritual to make it work properly.

I smoked me spliff, rescued three moths, willow caught and ate one moth, then I went back to the living room, L was on the computer (YOVILLE, an annoying virtual world game on facebook) so I don't think she was listening to what I was saying properly! It was now about 11. 00 p. m, as soon as I sat down I began what was to be an hours worth of philosophical verbal diarrhoea (L informs me that it was closer to 2 hours) and as it progressed it became more and more intense, almost a rant.

It finally ended while I was loudly explaining my thoughts on the similarities of the taste of yopo and Salvia divinorum, of which I had bought a gram of 60 x extract, last christmas & put far to much in me bong, I remember inhaling one massive pipe full, and very vaguely a second hit, next thing I remember is realising that I had no body, I didn't know where I was and I felt like I was being pulled to the left by my arm and leg hair it was a painful feeling and I did not like it, someone wanted to take me somewhere, but I didn't want to go, I had a brief thought that I was being dragged through my christmas tree. Basically I didn't have a fuckin' clue what was going on, the experience ended (thank fuck) when I heard my own voice coming from infront and to the left of me, very near the xmas tree as it happens!!, saying, ' what's going on? what's happening,' and before I had chance to panic further a hand holding a bong appeared in front of me, I stared at it for a moment and thought 'but I never lit the fucking thing, then it started to come back, yes I did light it, twice ' SHIT IT'S THAT STUFF, AND, WAS THAT IT' it only lasted about a minute or two, after another hour of pondering what had happened I decided that it had been an extremely intense experience, and I've felt no desire to repeat it.

While talking to L about the experience, I would get to the part where I thought I was being dragged through the xmas tree and then forget what I was talking about, I spent half an hour going round in thought circles, trying to retrace my conversation and still end up at the same place, so then I talked about smoking A. colubrina, but the same thing happened, it was very frustrating, and I realised that I was starting to sound a little crazy, my explanation to L was, 'each time I get to the important bit, the thought I was about to speak escapes, leaving me in a state of confusion where I can't relax until I've tracked and captured the thought. This happened on three consecutive subjects I was trying to tell to L. I would suddenly say 'I've got it, or I know what it was' and then forget it instantly, I could think the thought but not speak it.

With that said it brings me back to my original subject, DXM, as all of a sudden my face broke into a massive giggling smile and I uttered a final 'I KNOW WHAT IT IS NOW' I finally remembered taking the DXM, and said to L, while you were in the bath I took a larger smaller bit of DXM than I took the previous time and this time it's worked. All the time I'd been talking the book, Ayahausca visions had been on my lap, I returned my attension to it, the pictures of the visions were no longer just pictures, they had become 3d images and my brain was receiving alot of insight making me believe I understood more about the nature of them.

As I looked the pictures started to change until they were different images altogether and I remarked to L 'I'm seeing things it a completely new way' and 'I think I'm having a full on psychedelic episode'. I was amazed, especially as I had forgotten taking i , imagine if I hadn't remembered!, shortly it became apparent I was having a full on trip, I hadn't expected this as from what I had read 200 - 300 mg was concidered to be light, but also it had advised taking body weight into consideration I am about 140 lb's maybe under that, I put it down to my persistent abuse of stimulants and I very rarely worry about it, after all I'm gonna die sometime, and if I think too deeply about the state of our civilisation, it's not necessarily a pleasant or desirable place to be, (yes I do suffer from depression, quite badly sometimes). DXM was giving me a full on psychedelic trip, the body load was almost the same as Ketamine but mentally much sharper and I could walk a bit better, after L had gone to bed I sat at our computer, just staring at my desktop wallpaper which is a photograph I took when L and me went to dunkery beakon on exmoor, after less than a minute I was seeing a different scene than what was really there.

Eventually I put some music on through my headphones, as I had read that music sounded great on DXM, which of course was true, techno and progressive house being a better listen than punk or psychobilly, the first track I put on was supposed to be the Legendary shack shakers which I had downloaded off of usenet earlier that day, as soon as it began I thought, 'this isn't the shack shakers, but as the track played I could hear the lyrics, which seemed to make sense to me. I was horrified when I noticed the track was acually by Genesis (carpet crawler) lol.

Once I had remembered taking the DXM I enjoyed the experience greatly, I had read many experience reports beforehand, and after my first unimpressive try when I took 250 mg I didn't think 180 mg would produce such enlightening effects (I was so wrong) usually I would be inclined to take a larger dose not smaller, anyway I ended up having my own trip which was much like the ones I had read about, it left me with a good feeling which lasted a few days, LSD used to give me bad depression mostly towards the latter part of the trip, I could avoid this only by drinking large amounts of strong alcohol before and during taking it. I now have no desire to take it at all (still got some in the fridge though, just in case). The thing I liked about DXM was that it was a proper acid like trip but with none of the shit that I sometimes get with acid, and also that it felt alot like Ketamine bodywise, and I loved taking K, much clearer mentally than K which makes me think it has more potential for exploring the psyche.

I am currently trying to get as many good quality RCs as possible before the powers that be take them away, which I'm sure they will, because they don't like people to think about such things, in case they just happen to see through the illusion and discover the true nature of reality, some people have done that already David Icke for example, not a nutter (I don't think so) I have one of his books, he talks alot of sense as far as I'm concerned, and Terence McKenna (sadly missed) one of the true great minds of mondern psychedelic philosophy.

Right I had better finish now, this is the first report I've written, so I hope it wasn't to shite, if it gets accepted I'll write more as I've loads to share.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87091
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 43 
Published: Sep 21, 2010Views: 10,099
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