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A Dream Navigated
Silene capensis (extract)
by Navigator
Citation:   Navigator. "A Dream Navigated: An Experience with Silene capensis (extract) (exp87163)". Mar 13, 2016.

30 mg oral Silene capensis (extract)


A long time ago I had a remarkable, natural lucid dream that I have never forgotten to this day. Eager to repeat that experience. I researched my options and settled on trying Silene capensis.

I ordered 14grams of dried, whole Silene capensis root from an online vendor. My intent was to extract whatever compounds were in the root and take them in liquid form.

The dried root was rinsed in a fine colander under running cold water to remove any powder residue. In a half gallon canning jar I placed the root pieces and filled the jar with cheap 80proof vodka.

After about six to eight weeks the extract took on a dark orange-yellow (urine) hue. I aspirated 60ml into a dropper bottle and started taking a full dropper (10ml) 3x a day in between meals. If a plant wore perfume, this is what it would taste like with a woody finish (not too bad though). My experiences began that night and got better over a short amount of time.

Lucid dreaming on Silene capensis is somewhat of a misnomer. It's not like I suddenly realize that I am dreaming and then take control. It's more like I am still dreaming but I am able to navigate the dream-scape easier and make choices on where the dream takes me. All the time never actually becoming lucid of the dream-state I am in.

Recall is excellent because I find myself waking up after each dream (about every two to three hours during the night). Some dreams during the night are good, some not so good. Each one is different and the bad ones can be changed for the better. I'm not simply stuck in a bad dream situation, I can walk away from it in my dream if I choose.

This ability that Silene capensis gives me is like a muscle that gets stronger the more times I use it. Eventually I will be able to exercise this control over my dreams, at will. Unfortunately this 'dream muscle' will start to atrophy again after a few months off the extract. When that happens, a booster session is recommended.

Sort of remarkable how it works but don't expect to have the ability live out your wildest fantasies at will in the dream-state. If that is what you're looking for, you'll be disappointed with Silene capensis. However.... If you do happen to find yourself in that particular dream situation. Well... Nuff said.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87163
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 43 
Published: Mar 13, 2016Views: 5,381
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