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2CT7 - the Cafe Cigarette of Choice!
2C-T-7 (smoked)
Citation:   Pseudocircle. "2CT7 - the Cafe Cigarette of Choice!: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (smoked) (exp8719)". Erowid.org. Aug 11, 2001. erowid.org/exp/8719

3.0 mg smoked 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
Yesterday, my friends and I tried smoking 2C-T-7 for the first time.

Because our scale was only accurate to .01g, and we had the pure fluffy substance, we measured out somewhere between 10-20mg, and then gently nudged about a third of this amount onto a piece of double-folded aluminum foil.

My friend recommended that we use a plastic straw to inhale the burning substance, but all we could come up with was a piece of paper cut in half and then rolled up (it worked fine).

With a butane lighter, my friend fired the bottom of the aluminum foil and quite quickly the substance turned into a wispy, quick-rising smoke. I did not have the paper straw very close to the burning substance, so of the approximtely 5mg of 2ct7 that was burned, I probably only managed to inhale somewhere between 2-3mg. The taste was almost unnoticeable - and there was no burning or pain of any kind with the small amounts I inhaled.

Both my other friends went next, with the most successful inhale coming from holding the paper straw almost directly on top of the burning substance. On the final round we all had our straws around the smoking foil - and the ritual had a gentle feeling of hungry-hungry hippos with the escaping smoke.

(0:00) - Immediately after inhaling I felt a subtle but unmistakeable 'up', of increased alertness combined with anticipation of whatever effects were going to come on. There were also some small little noisy sparks - a common occurrence for me before the onset of all types of hallucinogens, and immediately after smoking pot.

(0:07) - At this point I noticed familiar 2ct7 effects coming back, especially one of enhanced dimensional perception. For example, on the table in front of where I was sitting, there were probably 15 different objects of all sorts (beer bottles, candles, scale, etc). The change from sobriety to 2ct7-world feels like going from an ability to see three or four of those objects simultaneously, to being able to see all of them at once. A widened depth of field - with corresponding widening of focus and an enhancement of calm.

Another effect that I had noticed at this point was the enhancement of color perception - probably related to the previously mentioned visual enhancement: there was a psychedelic poster on my friend?s wall that after smoking the substance I noticed more of the colors on the picture, again a feeling of seeing more at once than before.

(0:12) - I walked with my friend to his car to retrieve some marijuana - the enhanced visuals were firmly in place at this point , which allowed me to enjoy more the soft grass underneath my feet and the trees and sunlight around me. Another effect that I noticed before we returned inside, was a higher likelihood of being noticed by those around you - probably simply because of the enhanced calm that allowed me to stare at people as if I were a child - innocently and continuously.

When we returned inside, we passed around the bowl, which mellowed us out even more and allowed us to talk more freely with more laughing and calm.

(0:20) - Another visual effect related to those previously mentioned was the enlargement of my friends' faces - especially their eyes. When talking to them, I was more likely to stare into their eyes for the entire time and would notice the intricacies of their iris and pupil while speaking. In combination with the marijuana, my state had reached utmost calm and collectedness that made me feel like I could no longer hear my own voice. I was responding peacefully and slowly to everything they said, with a growing sense of continual present (I would not specifically recall what I had just said because I felt like I was entirely responding to my friend?s facial gestures and movements - rather than talking for talking?s sake) When speaking to my friends, I felt like 'I' was really my eyes and wherever my eyes were focusing, while my arms, legs, and mouth felt more like a troupe of distinct creatures who were tamed perfectly under my control.

This is the state that 2ct7 had placed me in one week before at a wonderful party that we attended. At that time, I was dancing quite intensely but had the same feeling of my focus remaining calm, located in wherever my eyes were focusing, combined with a feeling of effortless while dancing/talking/whatever - I felt like I was air moving around and doing whatever needed to be done.

(0:45) - My friends and I decide to move to an outdoor Café near our place. My desires had taken a turn away from the analytical discussion my friends were having about their states - more towards finding beautiful girls to talk to and try out my increased perception/social skills.

We arrived there, ordered some beers, and sat down at a table where we could survey the crowd of approximately seventy-five people. The enhanced perception was particularly noticeably around people - giving a feeling of all of their faces getting larger, combined with an enhanced ability to focus in on whatever conversation was going on around me (the correlate sound-dimension enhancement, intricately related visual-perception in the synesthesia-pot of our consciousness).

I felt as though I could focus on my friend talking, and stare at him, which would make his face take over say 80% of my vision, but effortlessly I could look away form his face and focus equally well on a girl sitting away from us reading a book that was 100ft away, where she would then take up say 50% of my vision. The longer I focused on something or someone far away - the more I had the feeling that 'I', or the theater of my perception, would physically move towards her/it - or, to give another analogy, as if I was zooming in with my focus, dragging all my sight/sound/perception along with me.

(2:30) - We sat there for quite a while, my friends were talking amongst themselves most of the time while I was more just enjoying the scenery. I remember two more visual effects. There was a beautiful waitress who was weaving in and out of the tables serving drinks. Every time that she would come outside, I would watch her the entire time. While I was watching her, I had the feeling that everything but her was standing still. With my focus entirely placed on her movements/gestures conversations, I felt like I was standing right in front of her, while all the other people drinking and talking just faded away - leaving her as the only living object in my perceptual field.

Since the effects were quite subtle - and definitely not of the typical 'hallucinations', where you would notice shifting patterns or other things that you knew were not there, I do not know when the effects dropped off. In many ways I have stopped attributing as much cause to the substance itself - preferring to think of substances in general as subtle mood-enhancers that just bring out the best in me and drop away all the superfluous worries/distractions.

I will assuredly attempt smoking 2ct7 again - the subtly amazing worlds that I can enter with such an inexpensive and little amount make me yearn to repeat the person's experience I read about who used 2ct7 daily for a couple months as a cognitive enhancer. I understand his description, but I think that the substance holds much more potentential than simply a means to accomplish more tasks or learn more. I would prefer cognitive/emotional/perceptual/spiritual enhancer.

One final fascinating thing I have noticed. When I sat down this afternoon to write up this report - while I am writing it, I am unmistakably placed back into the enhanced perceptual world brought on by the 2ct7. This makes a lot of sense to me - in the act of writing I am exploring around in my memory, ordering out and reliving the experience I had yesterday now sitting in front of a computer. When I sit down and write out these things that happened to me, I am placing myself deeper into that intensely calm state of focus that the substance brought on - a technologically mediated form of mediation.

Perhaps the miracle of entering other worlds of perception with tiny tiny little flakes of white power can be topped by the bigger miracle of placing nothing inside my body, but simply focusing my mind on the wonderful experiences I have had in the past. It seems to be working so far - and this rhythm of experience, then share the experience with thousands of other people, then another experience seems like the first tastes of an unimaginably wonderful world coming up.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8719
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 11, 2001Views: 28,219
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2C-T-7 (54) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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