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I've Used It With Differing Frequency
Citation:   Anonymous. "I've Used It With Differing Frequency: An Experience with Cannabis (exp87248)". Erowid.org. Jul 29, 2019. erowid.org/exp/87248

  smoked Cannabis
2 Years: My Marijuana Overview

I first tried marijuana about 2 years ago, and since then, I've used it with differing frequency (ranging from nearly every day for weeks at a time down to barely once every other month, depending on my mood and how much free time I have) and differing methods.

Personally, my preferred method of using marijuana is smoking it. (I've never tried a weed brownie, but my understanding is that they're quite potent and take a long time to kick in.) To get more specific from there, my preferred piece for smoking marijuana would be a bong. I find that I feel the most intense headrush with a bong. As a personal preference, I toss a few ice cubes into the water - this cools the smoke and can make it a little easier on my throat as I inhale. I keep a bobby pin on hand so that I can poke any ash that's clogging the bowl out through the little hole on the bottom.

Joints create a more minor, mellow high (for me). They can be a pain in the ass to roll, and they're not a very efficient way to smoke, as they let off a lot of wasted smoke and to get a joint of a decent size, I would need to put at least a few bowl packs' worth in the paper. Granted, they win for convenience and it's always nice to sit on a balcony and watch the summer streets go by with a J (just be discreet)!

Vaporizers are pretty awesome, but pricey and harder to come by (I happened to get lucky with a friend leaving one at my house because he was sick of it). Vaporizers tend not to be as harsh and cough-inducing as the smoke I inhale from a bong or a joint, because I'm breathing in vapor with THC oil instead of smoke. Vapes also stretch out the weed (whereas a joint burns through it quickly). Gives me more of a mellow, long-lasting high than bongs.

Tolerance: When I first started smoking (I'm a small girl, a lightweight in drinking, etc.) two or three hits was enough to get me totally blazed. Now, it's more like a few bowls. Granted, there are different qualities of weed. There's mids ('dirty' weed with lower potency), beasters (decent mid-range weed), and headies (awesome weed, the most expensive, but definitely the most potent, so it will last longer). I always smoke beasters or headies. In my area, beasters are $30 for 1/8 and headies are $60 for the same amount (or $20/gram). The nice thing about weed is I don't have to worry about OD'ing, and I can simply administer as needed. I like to let my high wear completely off before I smoke more
I like to let my high wear completely off before I smoke more
, so that I don't take the high for granted or think I'm not high when I am.

When I started smoking, it was always with my roommate, an experienced user. We would sit in his room and watch goofy TV shows or trippy movies. I like to stay indoors when I'm high, because I tend to get extremely paranoid if I'm outside and around a lot of people. (Though, if I can find a nice, fairly empty area to walk in, I love taking strolls and appreciating the scenery.)

Now that I'm more used to the how I feel when I'm high - I get a pleasant, tingly body-buzz, sometimes a giggly sort of light-headedness, and strange, fascinating thoughts about mundane everyday things - I actually prefer to smoke alone and watch a movie (not anything too violent or scary, because it could make me freaked out - that happened to me with some horror movies, and I usually love horror) or listen to some music on my headphones. I also like taking a nice, hot shower while stoned. The warm, cascading water feels so nice! Very relaxing.

I usually get some pretty intense munchies (sometimes it even makes me like foods I don't normally enjoy - sometimes I use my munchies-attacks as a vehicle to make myself eat veggies!), so I like to keep snacks on hand ahead of time - again, I hate having to go through a 711 with all those people; I get too paranoid. It also seems to make me feel temperature differently - either I get hot or cold very easily, or I can't even sense the temperature at all!

Also, I personally like to smoke when I feel nauseous or have insomnia or period cramps. For me, it eases the pain/discomfort, and it definitely makes me very sleepy.

Here's another thing - I've had experiences where I started off feeling great and the weed made me feel sad or anxious, and I've had experiences where I started off feeling crappy and the weed cheered me up or calmed me down.

9 times out of 10 (if not more), it's a pleasant and relaxing if not a downright trippy headrush experience!

Exp Year: 2008-2010ExpID: 87248
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jul 29, 2019Views: 643
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