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The Electromagnetic Soul
2C-I, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
Citation:   AtomStar. "The Electromagnetic Soul: An Experience with 2C-I, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp87265)". Mar 12, 2016.

25 mg oral 2C-I
    repeated smoked Cannabis
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide
This is a long trip report, one of the most meaningful I've had to date. There are not a lot of negative reports of nitrous and the possible damage it may cause, so I feel this one is needed.

I made some stupid decisions and used way too much nitrous one night 3 or 4 months ago, while tripping on 25mg of 2C-I. In the past I could get away with using a case or two of 10 chargers in a night, with only a slight dull headache to deal with. This time was wayyy different! I believe I depleted my B-12 to dangerous levels but that is just speculation.

Below are my accounts of that night.

I awoke that day still asking questions about my DMT experience earlier that week.
I awoke that day still asking questions about my DMT experience earlier that week.
The usual beautiful fractal space was infected by a black insect that kept jumping through the veil into the center of my vision. It was as if this creature was trying to infect me. I believed it to be a sign I was getting sick, as my family had all gotten sick the week prior. I found it interesting how much DMT puts me in touch with my body. Not only did it perform a diagnostics on my system, I feel it boosted my immune system to help fight the cold. I didnít end up getting sick for the rest of the week until...

That weekend when I had the house to myself and decided to reflect on my experience with about 25mg of 2C-I. I chose 2C-I because I knew it would be a light-minded, euphoric state so I would be insightful without having a stressful trip. This proved to be completely the opposite of what I got! (that tends to be the norm with me and psychs whenever I form expectations :P). I started the trip dosing then taking a shower. 30 minutes later I started noticing the effects coming on, but also noticed I was feeling quite ďoffĒ compared to previous 2C-I trips. I noticed my throat was getting raspy and I was starting to cough a bit. Also noticed that spaced out dissociation that comes with head colds, I was certain thatís what was going on. (I believe it was the 2C-I that weakened my system enough for the bug to finally win). I got out of the shower and decided to take some nitrous to relax, and increase the effects while waiting for the long come-up.

Taking nitrous was the first of some pretty stupid decisions on my part which led to an experience Iíd never forget!

After smoking some weed and finally coming up, I decide to take my dog for a walk to the park, spend some time there like many trips before and head home. Not much worth mentioning. I get back, hit the bong and the nitrous some more and put on music. I chilled for a bit just taking hits of nitrous and weed riding out the remainder of the effects. I always get a headache during the comedown on 2C-I and started to anticipate it. Realizing I hadn't drunk much water and that I still continued to hit nitrous it would be a pretty bad one. Then I remembered the cold that was setting in and started to get concerned that perhaps I was overheating. It was at this time I remembered to take some B-12 as I had done a half dozen nitrous bulbs already.

And then it started...

Sharp pains shoot across my skull, this is much worse than I remember in the past. I look through the medicine cabinet to see whatís there; tylenol, advil, things that do fuck all to me and are probably doing more harm than good anyway! (I know I'm a hypocrite, right? At least if Iím going to damage my body Iíd want SOME gain not just APAP). Best I could find was a couple t3's so I took them. Sat down in the hall with my dog waiting for the codeine to work on the headache decided to do some more nitrous, why I do not know as it just made things worse. The codeine starts working and it doesn't help just makes me fuzzy and nauseous on top of it all, I puke the remainder up. I figured I'll smoke some weed take one more thing of nitrous and try and go to sleep, unaware of the damage that was to be done.

That final bulb of nitrous put me over the edge.

Immediately, I felt thundering pains shooting across my head, 'woaaah I need to lie down right now' I thought. Grabbed a water and got in bed, all of the sudden a weird circular blob of colors kept popping into the center of my vision and disappearing, this seemed to physically be there and not just my hallucinations. 'Fuck I'm doing some real damage here wtf is this' My mind was telling me it was a spot in the center of my vision and I was having some type of intense migraine. All I could do was lie there literally motionless, I could not move because the stress it created was too much. ZAP! I feel a shock go across my face, 'this isn't good.'

I start to become hyper-aware of my brain processes. I could actually visualize my nervous system receiving and directing energy and information place to place. This is incredible! I notice energy stemming from a main power source, which I am gathering from the space around me, earth and life itself. It is all the same power source, for each and every single one of us. Our 'souls' as we call them, are actually in my experience, one soul flowing through all life and non-life on this planet.

(This next paragraph is purely speculation on what I experienced.)

If you consider our planet is covered in a giant electromagnetic field, and our bodies are about 60-70% water, which is a conductor of electricity, then it is reasonable to think we are conducting electromagnetic energy on a constant basis. Water is essential to all life, thus all life is conducting this energy simultaneously. This electromagnetic energy may be the very source of our brain function and life entirely. Similar to how a computer is plugged into the wall, we are plugged into the universe and are constantly downloading and uploading information to a main source. (heavy speculation: electricity is the collective consciousness, an advanced lifeform. We are part of this lifeform, and evolution is merely this lifeform's will attempting to manifest itself on a physically conscious level.)

I was actually experiencing this through the migraine, it was more than hallucinations....I have never been as aware in my life as I was at that moment!

I come to enough to realize I need some water! So I push myself enough to move my arm and take small sips of water. This really helped my system calm, although did very little for the migraine. The rest of the night consisted of drinking water and urinating frequently until I was able to sleep. The next day I had a small headache that persisted for days, but thankfully that spot or colour blob or whatever disappeared and hasn't been seen since.

Doing some research has led me to believe due to my frequent use of nitrous at that time, in combination with the head cold that was onsetting, I depleted my B-12 to dangerous levels and caused some serious damage. Thatís why I feel the headache was much better in the morning once the B-12 I took had time to circulate my system.

I made some pretty stupid decisions, but am confident in saying 2C-I was not the culprit, but perhaps more of an assailant. I have used nitrous only twice since, spanning many many months apart. Both times I noticed a dull headache resembling the migraine though not nearly as intense. Needless to say I will be staying away from nitrous indefinitely. I feel nitrous does more damage than has been researched. For the record I was using ISI brand cream chargers.

As strange as it may sound, this has been one of the most spiritually enlightening trips I have embarked on, and feel the sacrifice was worth the gain. I feel the damage done was not excessive and/or repairable. I have been living much healthier today, and will not touch nitrous again. With that said, I have gained many insights into life/death cycles and how we can even exist at all through this experience. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and be very careful when experimenting with nitrous in the future. If done improperly, serious adverse side effects including brain damage are possible!

[Reported Dose: 15-20 bulbs nitrous oxide]

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87265
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Mar 12, 2016Views: 3,522
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Nitrous Oxide (40), 2C-I (172) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Alone (16)

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