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The Throne Room in the Kingdom of Heaven
Salvia divinorum (35x extract) & Alcohol
by Julius
Citation:   Julius. "The Throne Room in the Kingdom of Heaven: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (35x extract) & Alcohol (exp87336)". Jun 11, 2020.

  oral Alcohol  
  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Brief Background Experience: About 9-10 years ago I smoked salvia roughly 30 times. Most of the time it was just standard salvia, and a few times I tried some 10X, which was the strongest extract at the time. My experiences then were characterized by uncontrollable laughing and confusion. About four months ago I tried some conventional 40X twice, and then two weeks ago I tried some organic 35X twice. All four of these were Level 4 or 5 experiences according to the “Salvia Experiential Rating Scale” on sagewisdom.

Last night my wife and I and went out to get some sushi. After drinking a decent amount, (I had a large Asahi and two bottles of Jinro Soju), my friend suggested we go back to my house and smoke some salvia. I agreed. Once back at my house both my friend and my wife went first and I tried it last. They had their own incredible experiences, but I’ll spare you those and get straight to mine.

I was sitting down on some carpet in my garage and took a nice big hit out of a glass bong. I set the bong down and off to the side and laid on my back and closed my eyes. Very quickly I blacked out. When I woke into some sort of awareness, my former earthly life had already passed. I had no recollection or knowledge that I had smoked salvia or that my current state had anything to do with a drug trip. It was just the new reality my consciousness had somehow arrived in. I had my eyes open and I could see that all physical reality was an illusion. Physical reality was like a large rubber sheet that merely morphed into a 3D form by stretching in the places where it appears something exists. So imagine having a rubber sheet that is pulled tight and then you press your hand underneath into it, you would be able to see a hand, but also at the same time you are not seeing a hand at all, just the impression of a hand. So the fabric of reality was like this except it was painted in the key places to make it appear “real”. This fabric even included the air. When my head and eyes moved to look at different things, it was not my head and eyes moving. It was that rubbery fabric stretching and moving into new forms of being.

It felt as if I had become a part of the inner mechanism of reality. Like I was now the Object instead of the Subject.
It felt as if I had become a part of the inner mechanism of reality. Like I was now the Object instead of the Subject.
Or to put it slightly differently, like I had become what my Self experiences, so that I was now the Experience itself, and had ceased to be the Experiencer.

These absolute understandings were occurring at the same time confusion was maxing me to the extreme. At some point I decided I needed to stop struggling and that all I needed to do was dissolve into the fabric and become Nothingness. I tried dissolving, but the Fabric wouldn’t let me. Once I realized that I could not volunteer to become an unconscious cog in the wheel of reality, I decided to fight and bust my way out of here.

My friend was standing in front of me and he had become the embodiment of the intelligent Controllers organizing and managing this whole complicated system. I started yelling at him, much of which I can’t remember except I repeatedly said, “Fuck you.” It was the type of “fuck you” you might say to someone who unsuccessfully tries to screw you over. During this whole episode I stood up. It was a difficult process, and I could feel myself now consciously bending the rubber of reality around my mind-body. When I stood up that’s when I starting the cursing and taunting of my friend. I received an emboldening sense of strength and accomplishment.

I started to feel an overwhelming premonition that since I had successfully challenged the entire system that I was about to enter into the Throne Room of the Kingdom of Heaven. I felt an immense power surge of indescribable joy and happiness with the utter internal assurance that this was going to suddenly occur. My fake rubbery external shell body started to break apart like shattered glass. I knew I would be in the presence of God within a couple seconds. And then, as suddenly as I arrived, I left.

I was now in my garage seeing my friend cowering behind my car. He was dictating my moments to some unknown person on his cell phone, saying things like, “OK, he’s walking over to me now.” I was beginning to realize that I had just smoked salvia, but I was still confused as to why the large table in the center of my garage was flipped completely over with everything that was on it scattered all over the place. Apparently during my “challenging phase” I had laid waste to my garage. This is still very strange to me, as I have absolutely no recollection of this behavior. It took about five or ten minutes for me to come down, and maybe a half an hour or so before the residual effects started to wear off completely.

While I was coming down, I was slightly annoyed that I came out of the salvia dimension right as I was about to enter the Throne Room in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is, until it hit me like a ton of bricks. This world IS the Kingdom of Heaven, and the seat of my consciousness in my mind is the Throne Room in the Temple of my body. Amen.

Exp Year: 2001-2010ExpID: 87336
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Jun 11, 2020Views: 464
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Combinations (3), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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