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MethaDone With My Short Life
by HeroinNick
Citation:   HeroinNick. "MethaDone With My Short Life: An Experience with Methadone (exp87339)". Jun 21, 2021.

  repeated oral Methadone (pill / tablet)


Well it was another day of school at Gateway Community School until I got home and my brother had some little pills that he showed me. I being a lover of any opiates asked him what they were....the answer 'Methadone' so I gave him 30 bucks for a bag of 10 methadone and 1 oxycodone pill.

I started with two methadone, seemed like a good start. So I waited a bit and didn't feel anything so I took another for good measure.

Slowly but surely I felt some sedation, but I was used to Oxy and Hydrocodone and I was waiting for the Euphoria to ease my treatment resistant Clinical Depression and Anxiety. I thought maybe I needed some more so being the idiot I am I took another.

Still didn't feel any real Euphoria just a feeling of being half awake. So I watched a couple movies in my family room, my parents were home didn't notice how out of it I was. Eventually it was around 2am I popped 'Constantine' into the dvd player and began to watch it. I felt relaxed but still being an idiot I decided I'm sure I'll feel alot better if I take more. So I realized they take awhile to kick in so I crushed up 2 pills and and put it in a glass of water and drank it.

By this time I was completely out of it and I took another. thing I hear is 1,2,3 Lift. And saw myself on a cart going into a vehicle. Which I later put together was an ambulance. Apparently my mom found me halfway on the couch, lips with white gunk or something on them, eyes rolled back in head a bit, at 3am by my mum. Then I was put into a computer chair wheeled to my mothers van and driven to the hospital which was near by. Apparently this hospital could not help me so they sent me to another hospital by ambulance.

I woke up in the hospital bed, angry that I didn't get to finish the rest of the pills I bought........I guess that's when you know you have a problem. I almost died and all I worried about was my next fix.

Author reports taking a total of 70 milligrams of the substance during the entirety of the experience.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 87339
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 14 
Published: Jun 21, 2021Views: 802
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Methadone (166) : Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Various (28)

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