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Id Suppression at Its Finest
by Jose Bingo
Citation:   Jose Bingo. "Id Suppression at Its Finest: An Experience with Aniracetam (exp87365)". Erowid.org. Oct 20, 2010. erowid.org/exp/87365

  repeated oral Aniracetam (capsule)


When I first heard of the Ėracetam family of drugs I was extremely intrigued by a nootropic that proported to have no crash, no addictive potential, and relatively few side effects. It was like a drug that completed the human brain.

It especially sparked my interest because it could be purchased cheaply without a prescription. After researching the racetams for several months I decided to take the plunge down the nootropic rabbit hole with aniracetam, a fat-soluble piracetam derivative that also acts as an ampakine. Plus it has the nickname draganon which, letís be honest, is a pretty bad-ass name for a ďdietary supplementĒ.

First Time:
For my first time I took a 750mg capsule of aniracetam along with 2 grams of lecithin. To be honest, based on reports I had heard from others I did not expect much to happen. But about 20 minutes after downing the capsule I got hit with a very strange mind clearing perceptive state. Its effects were mild but not in any way subtle. Small peripheral noises like television commercials would jump out at me and startle me a bit. This doesnít happen to me anymore but that is most likely because I have become accustomed to the aniracetam headspace.

I went to a bonfire with some friends that night. I remember one of my friends calling me before the bonfire looking for a ride. I expected my friend Jís voice based on the phone number. Instead my other friend A said hello and my mind simply couldnít process the information that A was talking to me not J, especially since I had a thing for A at the time. This situation really wasnít out of the ordinary since my friends call from each othersí phones all the time, but I could not put together a string of coherent sentences for the life of me piecing together a series of uhhhs, yeahs, and okays instead.

Once I stopped paying attention to the effects of the drug, I could function normally in a social setting. The night was relaxing and finished without much different from the norm.

I know now that 750mg of aniracetam is a massive overdose for me. I get serious brain fog if I take over a half a capsule (maybe about 400mg is my upper limit) though about 250-300mg seems to be ideal for me.

I found that the effects from aniracetam last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours (with a peak around 2-3 hours in) depending on level of activity, whatís in my stomach, and how recently I have taken it last. I found that if I down the aniracetam on an empty stomach that I get minimal effects and that if I eat a meal (or even a small snack with a high fat content like a brownie or a cookie) beforehand then the effects are increased by an order of magnitude. There is perhaps some tolerance build up for me and I find it best taken every other day or every few days for the best results.

Effects and Effectiveness:

Id suppression: Though I would not consider aniracetam to be anorectic in any way, it seems to make desires for anything (food and sex especially) fade into the background. Itís not that I donít have physical desires, itís more like I have better things to do than eat or look at porn. On several occasions while on aniracetam I found myself ignoring the desire for food and when the drugís effects wore off I got intensely hungry and felt burnt out because I had not eaten in 10 hours.

Increased visual acuity: the visual effects from aniracetam are similar to the effects that I get from weed, though with a much clearer head, though it is a bit different. I would describe the visual effects like my brain is processing more incoming information than before; I canít see better (Iím near-sighted and colour-blind), but I can see more of the picture at one time. It is almost like less of my field of view is in my peripheral vision and more is in my main field of view. Things look more interesting and more beautiful, in nature especially.

Increased auditory perception: I found that my appreciation for music is not only increased, but greatly increased on aniracetam. If I hear a song that I like, quite often I will catch myself with a smile plastered onto my face with my head bobbing and my feet tapping. Minute details in music such as background guitars or other obscure sound effects are brought out and magnified. Itís almost as if you can visualize the music rolling out of the speakers. Each and every instrument has its own stage and every musical element can be singled out and separately perceived, or the music as a whole can be experienced. It is similar to the auditory effects of weed though much more subtle.

Use as a study/work aid: Normally I have trouble holding any train of thought for an extended period of time. I probably have attention deficit disorder but I never went to a doc to get diagnosed. Aniracetam by itself does not significantly increase by attention span, but when it is coupled with caffeine I can work for hours on end. I combined aniracetam once with about 5-10mg of methylphenidate (Ritalin) and turned into a goddamn machine for about 6 hours doing about 30 hours worth of work in a fraction of the time.

One way I devised to test the effectiveness of the cognitive enhancing effects of the substance was a test against myself comparing Sudoku times on aniracetam and sober. I found to my disappointment that, on average, aniracetam did not decrease the average time to complete a sodoku puzzle.

While I have not found my performance at Sudoku to be increased on aniracetam, I have found that my ability to articulate thoughts and speak are improved significantly. German (my second language) flows as if it were my native language and there isnít a search for vocabulary that I normally have when trying to speak or thing in German. Thoughts and ideas just flow freely without much effort at all.

Substance potentiation: caffeine usually has a minimal effect on me but when 100mg of caffeine is combined with about 300mg aniracetam. I find myself focused, energetic, and alert. The potentiation effects of the racetams have been documented extensively with piracetam which is often used by MDMA users to get their ďrollĒ back. I have never tried MDMA on aniracetam myself but I have combined aniracetam with caffeine, methylphenidate, LSA, JWH-018, JWH-250, JWH-081, and JWH-019 and can say without a doubt that the effects of each is increased significantly (Iíd say multiplied by about 1.5x). I wouldnít say that any of the effects of each substance is clearer or changed but rather a smaller dose is needed to achieve the same effects.

One of the quirkier parts of aniracetam I found is that it makes me a God at ping pong. Normally I play about average, winning about an even number of matches with my friends, but on aniracetam I destroy them consistently. Iíve won 21 to 7 on aniracetam and this is unheard of when playing sober. I donít know if my reaction times are decreased or if my hand eye coordination is improved but for some reason my ping pong ability on aniracetam is improved significantly. I havenít tested this with any other sports but I would suspect the results to be similar.

Aniracetam is an interesting substance. I find it recreational more than anything. When on aniracetam I am content just sitting and staring at the sky watching clouds roll by where it would be difficult for me to sit still for an extended period of time without seeking some kind of mental or physical stimulation. There is no crash (though I crash much harder than normal when coming down from stumulants like caffeine or methylphenidate) and a somewhat potent mood lift. Mad props to the guy who invented this stuff.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87365
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Oct 20, 2010Views: 38,998
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