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Love Bonding Noseburn
4-Methylmethcathinone (aka Mephedrone)
Citation:   ChemicalMass. "Love Bonding Noseburn: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (aka Mephedrone) (exp87368)". Oct 9, 2010.

  repeated insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
Love Bonding Noseburn

I decided to write my first experience report about two hours into this experience, and I am so glad I did because for me this is a beautiful experience to look back upon, in contrast to a noticeable percentage of reports of users going out for a night with the lads wanting to get off instead of the other possible settings such as with a lover/partner.

Me, a 26 year old off and on drug user, a stoner more than anything, although for the past 3 years I've drank more often than I am comfortable with. My interest in Mephedrone was peaked because I liked that its effects were compared to Cocaine and X, two of my old favorites that I quit doing for health reasons and hadn't touched in 4 years. Also, I correlated the fact that it was made illegal in so many countries so quickly with the illegality of other beneficial substances like . . . well that would be a long list so nevermind but what I mean is, that often the drugs people gain the most joy from are made illegal. After a long wait I receive my package of two grams Mcat in crystal form. I was excited and my partner got interested, I don't think she had any idea what to expect but in the end she thanked me for getting it.

7:40 pm we do a bump. It burns like hell. This is the worst taste I've ever had. Like swallowing cum from a meatatarian.

8:10 pm We walked to the duck pond, enjoyed looking at duckies and watching the sunset. We start rubbing hands and being all lovey; as if under an aphrodisiac. Effects are no more than clear headedness, a little excitedness, my shaky hands, and a light body load.

8:50 we decide to do more, I dish it out, probably 200 mg? I don't know it was so hard to do a lot because of the burn and we had no scale but I need to get one soon. Immediately I get a euphoric rush, my eyes become super dialated, the anxiety of before is gone, everything is perfect, and I'm rushing ephorically blissfully happy. This shit is fucking great. Feels really strong and I decide to write this report and cut myself off. Thinking is amazingly clear (writing report was easy), I feel intelligent and blissful.

10:00 After some sensual lovemaking and euphoric bliss the 'roll' feeling, or the 'euphoric' feeling wears off to baseline. We decide this stuff doesn't last long but that we haven't done but $10.00 worth, so lets do some more.

10:20 we re-up again. My partner is amazed, its her first time doing anything like this. We get blissed out . Looks like we've done less than half a gram still. Definently feels like cocaine with some MDMA like effects at the peaks of the rush. Lots of sniffling. This could be wonderfully/ and terribly habit forming. Its not hard to figure out why blokes go on 5 day binges with this stuff.

10:25 My partner and I continued to have the same levels of high, with both of us talking rapidly about our deeper selves. Our capacity to understand and relate to one another in these gushes of epiphany was far beyond what I'd expected, it was brilliant, we felt intelligent and more aware than we could ever remember feeling before. Both of us felt great so we decided to protect ourselves against the terrible moreish-ness of the drug by deciding to stop. I put the gram in a tennis ball safe, which I decide goes in some long socks I then proceed to play poi with outside. We both keep saying I've never felt this good. My head seems to be overloaded or something, jaw clenching, vision getting really shakey.

11:30 We are having too good of a time to stop, and besides theres so much left. Shakey vision and clenching jaw and sweating continues. Tightness of chest/ shortness of breath make breathing exercises a must. Wow! we are so talkative about the best things. I'm trying Poi for the first time and already I've learnt the weave. We're telling each other how perfect we are for eachother and how much we've helped each other grow and mature. Looking back I am so glad we tried this together in a place we were used to. thus allowing us to savor the romantic and sexual element of our relationship mega amplified by the entactogen effect of meow meow. This experience felt so therapeutic it bore no resemblance to a club drug binge

1:10 AM Seems to have started to wear off but the rush has lasted a lot longer than the last times. We've been sitting outside smoking cigarettes and talking about everything and everything, with such clarity and understanding. I also started doing poi for the first time and it turns out I'm awesome. . eyes still slightly dilated, letters look blurry on screen right now.

1:30 R did less so she has come down faster than I. The brain pressure which causes migraines and headaches in many users becomes more evident, as it was in the first comeup, before I notice the high and psychological effects. That was nearly 6 hours ago.

We decide to smoke a bowl to combat the headache and it works. Cannabis almost always feels great, except not when it sets the mental stage for anxiety or paranoia or confusion in a too fucked up already person. The problem I have with Mephedrone is that it causes shallow breathing to the point i have to struggle for minutes to get a deep breath. I don't like this.

Overall, this was a fucking awesome experience I've wanted to have for a long time, it was the great euphoric high I wanted but could only think of my first coke high and my many ecstasy highs years ago. Both my fiancee and I had a wonderful loving experience we treasured very highly. We both said, 'I needed this' and meant it not in the way an addict does, rather we meant we needed to have together an experience this special and heart opening. There is something so therapeutic about entactogens; I would describe it as a warm force grabbing your heart and opening it up, metaphorically speaking of course.

All that said, It didn't take long for me to see the dark side of Mephedrone, theres a quality that makes my brain want more and more until my head feels thoughtless and the sun is coming up already. This is exactly why it goes better with Methylone (bk-MDMA) to smooth out the comedown and reach that beautiful synergism that makes everything fearful and cold fade out of existence.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87368
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Oct 9, 2010Views: 14,168
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