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How to Make a Lightbulb Pipe and Other Crap
JWH-250 & JWH-200
Citation:   Jesus Raves. "How to Make a Lightbulb Pipe and Other Crap: An Experience with JWH-250 & JWH-200 (exp87420)". Feb 9, 2011.

  repeated smoked JWH-250 (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked JWH-200 (powder / crystals)
Todayís the day! Iíve been tracking my two 1g-each packages of JWH 200 and JWH 250 since they were sent from Anaheim on Tuesday, and last night they arrived in my city which means they will probably arrive in my mailbox at 11-something today (ordering RCs has made me acutely aware of the ways of the mail system). In the mean time Iíve got to go out and buy a regular light-bulb. Iíve been smoking the JWHís off of tinfoil until now, but after blowing through several grams of it rather quickly, Iíve decided to make a lightbulb pipe this time to see if I canít conserve the vapor.

This will be my first time to try JWH-200 and my 2nd order of -250, which I wrote a report on before but I think it was too short. This time I will go into detail about all of the characteristics of both.

Set & Setting: Just awoke from two long and disturbing PTSD nightmares so I am not feeling quite myself. I donít have these too often, but I know the feeling will fade in an hour or two, especially if I get involved in my day and get busy. The arrival of the JWH cheers me up, and I will go to the store and have a nice breakfast until the feeling of baseless anxiety fades.

I donít remember how to make a lightbulb pipe, but I will figure it out again and then write it here so anyone can make an efficient JWH smoking device.

* * *

Went to the DG and got a 4-pak of Standard white light bulbs for $1 and some cheap sunglasses for $3.75 (which I needed anyway). I will try doing this over the sink, so glass wonít get everywhere if I break it. I seem to remember something about striking the metal part with a hammer, but I wonít do that as it sounds disastrous.

10 min later Wow! That was easy! And the pipe I made today looks better than any of those I ever made for 5meo using a hammer. Back then we took the metal part entirely off and I remember the jagged edges left on the bowl.

This time, I put on the sunglasses (to protect my eyes from flying glass) and wrapped the bulb in a towel to protect my hands, leaving only the metal part exposed. I snipped off the metal electric tip on the end with some strong scissors, and then gently used the pinching action of the scissors on the very bottom of the metal rim to squeeze and crack the black part under the metal electric tip I just cut off. The black part cracked as I squeezed it into smaller and smaller pieces (some of them flying away into the air, but they didnít seem sharp) until finally the black part came out in the sink. Then there was the matter of the glass tube inside and the filament. I just stuck the closed scissors down into the hole Iíd created and twisted them back and forth until I broke the glass tube. I tried to shake it out of the metal opening, but discovered it was hanging by a filament, which I snipped with the scissors, and then the whole inside came loose and I safely dumped it into the trash. Then I rinsed the bulb several times to get the white powder coating off the inside, and finally scraped off the stamp on the top of the bulb with a fingernail. It took me about 7 minutes.

* * *

11:36 It came! Right on time. I am going to experiment with JWH-200 first because it is the one Iíve never done before.

The powder is a rocky, dull (not sparkly), slightly off-white powder. It has a strong scent that I can smell through the bag, but I couldnít have smelled it through the mailing envelope or the vacuum-packed metallic bag in which the baggie of powder was contained. It smells the same as the other JWHís. Again as I said in my last report on 018, the smell reminds me of a research chemical Iíve taken before, I think it was AMT (which youíd think Iíd know after doing AMT every weekend for 2 years, but that was 7 years ago!) I tap a couple of largish rocks into the empty light bulb (way too much for a dose, but I donít have to smoke it all). The powder sticks to the bulb since it is still wet from me having rinsed it out, but I donít think that will be a problem. Now here goes!

The water and the JWH boil in the bulb until the water boils off and the JWH melts down. I take a small toke and taste the smoke - sweet and chemical-y, like all the other JWHís. Didnít get enough of a hit to get high. Getting messy carbon stains on my hands. I had to take a minute to melt all the scattered 200 into the bottom of the bulb in one place, and wiping all the carbon off the outside of the bulb so I could see where it is and toke it. When my lighter cools down some, hopefully I can get my first good hit.

My lighter flame is too small. And all the JWHís run away from flame, so my good drip in the center of the bowl is now a ring of hardened liquefied JWH around where the drip was (where I focused the flame). I canít get it to vaporize. Am going to try a different lighter and chasing the chemical around with the flame.

It is proving to be really hard to get this chemical to vaporize. It must have a much higher vape point than 5meo. This sucks! I canít get a hit because the JWH just runs from the flame. Wherever I put the flame, the JWH forms a wide ring around the hot area. Am going to try using a candle since one shouldnít keep a lighter lit for more than 30 seconds.

The candle flame is too small and I went back to using a lighter. Iím only vaguely high, like I couldnít tell if I didnít know Iíd smoked. I canít get a huge toke off JWH from a light bulb. I will have to go to the tried-and-true tinfoil method. Wish I hadnít poured such a big dose in the bulb, what a waste.

Here is how to make a vaporizer that will work: Take a square of tinfoil about half the length of a small roll of tinfoil. ĎHemí the edges by folding them over twice so the whole square is now smaller and has a folded border. Then fold the square origami-style into the approximate shape of a canoe. Fold the sides of the canoe outward so there will be a place to hold it. This is called a Ďboatí commonly used for smoking meth. I find the shiny side up gets less holes in it. Maybe. Thereís not a huge difference. A boat is very temporary, it will get holes in it so I check for them before each time of sprinkling the chemical in or it might be wasted. Even after just making the boat, sometimes in the process of folding, holes appear. I always check by holding it up to a light. Smoking this way is easier because I can see exactly where the chemical is while chasing it with the flame.

Okay! JWH-200 Toke Two - Action! (haha)

I am smoking two rocks of this what I like to call Ďweed crack.í This time the chemical melted immediately and a thick plume of smoke went up, which I sucked in. The smoke is kind of harsh, felt like I inhaled a lot more than I did. The smoke is sweet and kind of tastes like icing on a cake and vanilla and plastic. Ah - now that was a nice big hit!!! I held it in. 1 minute after blowing out, I feel altered. My body feels pleasure and my mind feels sleepy euphoria. After three more medium-to-small hits, I am heavy with a nice, solid buzz. Since I donít have to go to work until later, I have decided to smoke a large amount even if I scare myself. Iíve been jonesiní to do so since I ordered this shit. Man, I already want a cigarette and have the munchies!

I need to go to the store and get another lighter. My backup lighter is too far gone. I need a good, strong, new Bic to smoke JWH. Now I will have to go to the store high. I will walk. Good exercise. Guess I donít feel amotivated!

(15 min later)

That was a nice walk. I started some food cooking. I will now smoke the rest of those two rocks and maybe then some. Then I will tell you my opinion of 200.

After smoking: I feel very sleepy. My stomach feels empty. I ate, and now I feel almost baseline again. It has been about 30 minutes since I got high, so the duration of this buzz is not very long. Itís like crack in that sense, too. Also, I wasnít able to get freaky-high off this, though I was off -250 and -018 after smoking a comparable amount. The -200 was cheaper than the -250, so Iím guessing 200 is one of the milder JWHís. Seems like a waste if you just have to smoke more to get the same effect. Definitely milder than -018, where I had to sit down to take a shower because I was so dizzy. 200 didnít even make my eyes red. Maybe it was just such an inefficient way to smoke it.

Now I will move on to the -250. This is just a better-looking chemical all around. It is not clumpy, like the 200. It is fine and sparkly and runs around in the bag like sand. There appears to be a lot less of it in the bag - more like just one gram, and it is yellowish (whereas the last -250 I smoked was pinkish, but still sparkly). The smell is the same as the rest of the JWHís Iíve tried, but fainter. I pour it out into a new boat, and it reminds me of yellow salt. Now letís try it out.

Tastes like celery and plastic. A tremendous amount of smoke, but I didnít suck much of it in. I wish I knew a better way to use this stuff! The smoke is not nearly as harsh as the -200. Altogether a much better smoke. Got a good hit that time. Euphoria. OMG, this is so much better than the -200! After three good hits I am floored. Am going to take one more hit anyway, though. I wonít be able to even finish the amount I poured in the boat!

1:17pm Iíll time the duration.

1:37 exactly 20 minutes later I am near baseline, but still feeling nice. Considering I got there from a tripped-out euphoric Cannabis-type ecstasy magnified 50x, thatís saying a lot. I was scared. I felt fucking awesome, beyond words though. 200 Is like the swag, 250 is like the kindest of the kind and more. The experience of smoking 250 reminded me of 5meo, not quite that intense, and no visuals but the way I can smoke a certain amount, be totally overwhelmed to the point where I have to go lay in bed, and then 20 minutes later be fine enough to brave the neighbors and go outside for a cigarette. Which I think Iíll do! Much happy after that experience.

Thatís it for a week or two, or until I finish the two JWHís. Then I will write a final few paragraphs to let you know if my opinion of the comparison between these two fine chemicals has wavered.

Meanwhile, I notice:

I have never had vertigo and loss of balance from Cannabis. My primary paranoia was never: Am I going to fall down these stairs? Heh. This may be one way the synthetic mary jane is different from the real thing. Or perhaps I can just get a lot more high with pure powdered anything. The smaller the amount I put on the tinfoil, the easier it is to control and smoke.

JWH & Methylone is fucking Crack. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

The wasteful aluminum foil bowl works best if it is crinkly cos it prevents the chemical from running away so fast. Beware of folds and creases, which are thick and catch the liquid where it canít get hot enough to burn.


I am done with both the JWHís. 250 was the first to go, as it was my fav and I never save the best for last. In this case due to wanting to smoke the 250 while my JWH tolerance was low. I like to freak myself out with this stuff! It gets me so incredibly high for like the first few days - and then just totally high after that. I love it! If only it lasted longer than half an hour. Weed will always be better in that respect, lasting 3 hours like nature intended. But the level I smoke myself to on -250, I guess I am glad it is over quickly cos I like to get freaky-high but donít want to trip all day. And I definitely can get freaky-high on -250, not so much on -200.

In conclusion after finishing these two chemicals, I would say that 200 is too mild, and 250 is just right, and neither last long enough. 200 is still good to smoke, it just doesnít get me as high as 250, Iíd rather spend the extra $5 or $10 and smoke less and last longer. Of course -018 is just as great as the -250 (maybe lasts a tad longer), but it is now illegal in my state so I donít want to order any. 250 is a sufficient replacement for -018. But not 200, in my opinion, 200 is way inferior. Iíve heard that -250 and -081 are the best out there since -018 and -073 (Iíve never tried -073) so it will probably be -081 that I try next. 250 is good enough, though, if I never try another JWH I know that 250 is tried and true and works. Letís hope I can always get high and foil the drug tests with this stuff!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87420
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Feb 9, 2011Views: 38,107
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