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Tracks in the Snow
Cocaine (IV)
by Typhon
Citation:   Typhon. "Tracks in the Snow: An Experience with Cocaine (IV) (exp8743)". Erowid.org. Jan 17, 2003. erowid.org/exp/8743

  IV Cocaine


It was a rather strange at work for me. Wal-mart is the last place I'd expect to get started on my adventures with cocaine. I'd done coke before but only a line or two before a party kinda thing. I'd never even bought any before; it was only when friends I knew managed to buy a gram or an eightball, which to us mas big.

So There I am chatting with a co-worker, who I occationally sold hashish and mushrooms to, and he asked me if I wanted to try some coke that he just picked up. I hadn't had a chance to do coke for about 18 monthes at this point; so I said why not.

We went into the bathroom, chopped up some fat lines, and each snorted two. It felt so good, I had the best day at work I'd ever had and no one suspected a thing. Before my companion left work he offered to spot me a gram until payday. I accepted it.

A few years ago I had tried main lining a few different drugs. I started with meth, then tried PCP and ket, and finally Heroin. I've shot heroin twice in my life. The first time I loved it. about 8 hours later I did another and felt superb. And really wanted another. Heroin withdrawl scares me. I've seen and and knew that some day I wouldn't be able to get my fix and it would really hurt. So I've never done it again.

So I get home after work with my first gram of coke and display it on a little mirror for while merely staring at it. I was still feeling a bit from the lines I did earlier so I decided to try something. I went to my closet, and in a small box in the cornor were a spoon, some q-tips and some sterile syringes. So I put about 150mg's or so in the spoon; added 60 units of water and proceeded to cook my first hit of many.

I have since learned that you only need to use cotton on some stuff; some coke seems to disolve easier and not need a q-tip. I think perhaps it might have to do with purity; the stronger the dope the easier it disolves in water.

So I'm sittin on couch with my shirt off, my belt off and an insulin syringe in my hand filled with aprox 150mg of a drug that would catch me an instant 10 years.

I tie off and choose my mark, plug it in, pull a bit of blood and fasten my soul's seat belt. The depression of the plunger was all it took to set me of, before I even got the needle out I started on my first wave of euphric splendor. It was a damn good hit.

I stood up and just walked around making a strange noise like a bird or something for about 10 seconds then sat down and just kept thinkin wow. THis is excellent.

A few days later payday came and I bought an eightball. Me and a buddy sat back and he did a few lines, I did a fat shot, and about every half hour or so after that I did another. The next thing you know it's about 12 hours later and there's only a slight residue left in a baggie.

A month later I calculated that in that month I spent about 2300 or so on cocaine. I bought an eightball every day. I don't start using until usually at least 8 or so in the evening, of course I was usually extremelly hung over from the night before. There was usually at least one person sharing the spoon with me or requesting some bumps, and money is only money. I remember an evening where I went out to score four times. There were three of us; Two of my closest friends (whom I've known for a lot longer then I've done cocaine.) and I bought an eightball around midnight, and by two o'clock it was all in our arms. So we bought another eightball. I went out twice more and boutgt two grams each time before 6 and none of us snorted one line.

That afternoon I had went to the needle exchange and got a new box of 100. In the morning There was 30 or so left. My arms were looking like grand sentral station.

Now I never really felt addicted to it. Often I would stop for a few days just to let me arms heal up a bit and have no trouble at all. I truly believe that it is only phychologically addictive which I can usually control pretty well. I still want it, but I want to give it some time so I don't use.

I always however manage to score big less than a week later; and start the whole process all over again. I managed to keep my hobby a secret from the rest of my co-workers, friends who didn't use, family and doctors by always wearing long sleave shirts and keepin it real low profile.

However using as much as tend to often gives you the opportunity to met other users, and most of them fiends. So I started buying half O's and ounces and helpin out the 'hommies' with no 'blow'. And I could keep more for myself and not spend a dime of my own money.

I find sometimes though that I binge a bit longer and don't take a few days off as often; but I figure that I spend at least 10 days or so out of every month clean. Sometimes I stop for a week just to make sure I still can and it's never a hassle. I do want it; but agian I keep my sights on my target. Marijuana is still my all time favourite drug, and I smoke it more often then I shoot coke.

By no means am I trying to advicate that cocaine is good for you, or that it's okay; because as much as I'd like it to be, it's still illegal. I've seen it destroy a few people lives, perhaps I am one of them, but I can truly say that I have never needed it.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 17, 2003Views: 36,329
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