Deluxe Mindfuck With A Side Of Visuals
2C-B & Cannabis
Citation:   Jassonn. "Deluxe Mindfuck With A Side Of Visuals: An Experience with 2C-B & Cannabis (exp87485)". Dec 7, 2012.

T+ 0:00
2 tablets oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 1 tablet oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
First, Iíll start off with some background information. Iím fairly new to psychedelics. Iíve done acid and salvia a few times, as well as 2c-b once before, but it was a really small dose and didnít do much for me. The previous time I took 2c-b, I had only 1 pill of an indeterminate amount (most likely 10mg). Since that did barely anything for me, I decided that this time I would start with 2 pills, and a couple hours later, take a 3rd one if I felt it necessary. I did it with a few other people, and Iíll refer to them by the first letter in their name: B, P, E and K. We decided that a good place to start our trip would be a big forest near my house, on some rocks by a river and a cliff.

T + 0:00h

Pills are taken at around 3:30 pm. Anticipation starts to build up, and we smoke a little bit of weed just to get relaxed and prepare for what was to come. For the first 2 hours, nothing much was happening. I felt a very weak high, most likely just from the weed, and a strong feeling of anticipation. I kept thinking to myself, ďthis isnít it, but I can tell that itís coming.Ē P, E and K all say that they are already tripping after about an hour, and P is constantly laughing, as is usual for him when on psychedelics. B and I, however, arenít really feeling anything at this point.

T + 2:00h

Starting to feel something. Patterns on the rocks seem a lot more interesting than they did before, as I found myself staring at them in silence for extended periods of time. However, there were still no visuals, and I wasnít really feeling any sort of psychedelic effects in my mind or body. We decide itís a good time to take our 3rd pills. We swallow them down, I eat a little bit of food because I was feeling a little hungry, and I knew it would be hard to eat later.

T + 2:20h

BAM. All of a sudden, 20 minutes after taking the 3rd pill, the high hits me in the face like a cement truck made out of shovels that are also made out of knives. One second, Iím staring at the rock in front of me, the next, everything is swirling around this one point in the center of my vision. Everything started to fade into shades of pink and green, and seemed to be orbiting around a single point in weird squiggly zigzag patterns that seemed really stereotypical of ďpsychedelicĒ or ďtrippyĒ art. There was an infinitely small point, like a black hole in the center of my vision, absorbing everything that I could see. At first, it was just my vision that was affected, but then it started to seem like peopleís voices and laughter around me were orbiting around this black hole too, slowly getting sucked into it. I looked down at my legs, and they started to get pulled into the black hole as well. I could feel my entire body getting sucked in, and it felt like my thoughts and everything I knew was going with it. Suddenly I look up at the sky, and itís all gone. I can see everything around me perfectly fine again, and everythingís back to normal. ďWell that was crazyĒ I thought to myself, not bothering to tell anybody about it because I didnít think I would be able to explain it in any sort of way that they would understand.

After this sudden burst of intensity, I started to settle into a more comfortable high. The feeling in my head was very close to that of acid, but not as overwhelming and powerful. It was similar in that I was having constant memory loops, remembering the same things over and over again, and all of my thoughts seemed to have a lot more significance. However, my body felt much more comfortable than it ever does on acid or any other psychedelics. It seemed that no matter what position I was in, it was the most comfortable position ever. Even though it was cold out and I was still pretty hungry, I had this warm feeling of comfort throughout my entire body. Another thing that was noticeably different from acid was the visuals. Open and closed eye visuals were very intense for the first little while. Whenever I stared at something for a while, it seemed to shift perspectives. The cliff in front of me got steeper and shallower over and over as I stared at it, and everything seemed to be moving in waves. It was as if everything I was looking at was just a reflection of itself in a pond, and I had just thrown a rock in said pond. When I closed my eyes, I saw some of the brightest and most detailed closed eye visuals Iíve ever seen. I saw 3D shapes moving around and rotating, glowing white, purple, yellow, every colour of the rainbow. It was almost as if everything was brighter when I closed my eyes than when they were open.

T + 4:00h

We decide itís time to leave this place, and walk around through the forest for a while. Since it was the beginning of autumn, the forest had lots of bright colours everywhere, that seemed to glow much more intensely than usual. The bright yellow and red leaves seemed to emanate a glowing warmth that I could feel through my whole body when I looked at them. Everything looked so alive and beautiful. Iíd never seen a forest in the way that I did that day.

As we were walking, I decided to think about thinking. Just the concept of thinking and remembering things absolutely blew my mind. Whenever I remembered something, I would get this warm fuzzy feeling inside my head, and it made me feel so good. I definitely felt a lot more clear-headed on 2c-b than on any other psychedelic. I felt like I could still have logical thought processes, and the things I would think about actually made sense. Communicating was still pretty difficult, but in my head I felt fine. Knowledge felt extremely powerful. Even just knowing simple things like what my cell phone was, or where I was going made me feel so good.

T + 4:30h

Human interaction. Always one of the hardest things to deal with while on any psychedelic, especially interacting with people who arenít in the same or similar mindsets as you, or donít know that you are. As weíre walking down the path, we see a man running in the opposite direction, coming towards us. At this point, we do possibly the worst thing we couldíve done in this situation. I donít even know why, but when we saw him coming, we all just stopped walking and moved to the side of the path in complete silence. We stood there and waited for him to pass, and after he did, we just kept walking and started talking again. Nobody had any idea why we just did that. A similar awkwardness occurs again when we see another man just standing near the side of the path, admiring nature. We all started talking quietly to each other about what we should do when we passed him. It was fairly obvious that he could hear us, because he looked back at us, and then purposely tried to ignore us afterwards. We all felt incredibly stupid after these two encounters.

T + 5:00h

Itís getting dark now. The forest gets creepier and creepier as time goes on, to the point that itís almost completely pitch black. We kept walking until we got to a place that was completely covered by trees, and completely black. At this point, I started to have visuals that were very similar to the closed-eye ones. I saw a row of bright yellow arches, like the ones on those old fashioned concrete bridges. On top of that was another, smaller row of arches, and on top of that a smaller one, and so on. They all looked like they were scrolling to the left at different speeds. At this point, I realized it probably isnít a good idea to be on 2c-b in the middle of a dark forest, so we made our way back up to the street. I sat on a bench that faced into the forest and closed my eyes, and then I was a car. I was racing along a bright orange track, and there were a bunch of other cars on the track with me that were glowing different colours. This only lasted a few seconds, however, since I heard B talking about how his bike was broken behind me. I went and helped him with his bike, and then we made our way to go get some food.

T + 6:00h

Now came the biggest challenge of the entire night: ordering food. I made my order as simple as possible to avoid having to talk to the cashier for too long. Eating was nearly impossible, as it usually is for me on any psychedelic. I donít know why, but whenever Iím tripping, swallowing is damn near impossible. It felt like my stomach was an empty void, and I had what I needed to fill it in my mouth, but I couldnít get it to go from one to the other. My throat wasnít dry or anything, it just felt like it was completely closed off. I had to chew every bite for what seemed like an eternity, and the only way I could swallow was if I washed it down with water. Halfway through my meal I just gave up and packed it away for later. P didnít seem to have any problems with eating, he scarfed down his entire meal in the time it took everyone else to get through about a quarter of it.

T + 7:30h

Effects are slowly wearing off now. We made our way to a park and sat down at a bench for a while. While we were there, we smoked a little more weed and just chilled. Most of the effects of the 2c-b were gone now, my mind and body were returning back to normal, but some of the visual effects were still prominent. I could still see some trails behind my arms when I moved them around, as well as some closed-eye visuals, but definitely not as bright and defined as they were before. When we left the park a couple hours later, all the effects were completely gone and all that was left was the high from the weed, and memories of all the feelings I had earlier just resonating through my head.

Overall Thoughts: 2c-b is a very fun and enjoyable drug. It provides the same ďtrippingĒ feeling as acid, but itís not as forceful, and it lets me enjoy the trip however I want to. It also gives a really pleasant body tripping feeling, unlike the sometimes uncomfortable feeling of acid. Also, 2c-b was a good choice for a lot of laughter. Lots of uncontrollable laughter occurred throughout the entire night, especially from P, B and myself. Iíd definitely recommend 2c-b as a starting drug to anybody who isnít very experienced with psychedelics, as itís a lot easier for me to handle than most other drugs, and is a lot less forceful than acid or (from what Iíve heard) MDMA.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87485
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Dec 7, 2012Views: 24,321
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2C-B (52) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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