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A Tasty Tofu
Citation:   Ras T.. "A Tasty Tofu: An Experience with 2C-D (exp87491)". Jan 11, 2011.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20   repeated inhaled Cannabis  
(names understandably changed)

A friend of mine had given me two 25 mg doses of 2C-D as a going away present for the end of the summer, and advised me to do my research and find a good friend to try it with. I read Shulgin’s description of it as “tofu,” so I wasn’t expecting much, despite some reports online that described it as much more active. So come September, my friend Jon and I (both philosophy majors at Ithaca College) were itching to try it, especially after a great experience with LSD the previous weekend.

We took our respective doses while hanging out with some friends around quarter of 4 in the afternoon, and weren’t sure when to expect them to kick in. After ten minutes, we decide to go for a walk around South Hill, since I knew the trails really well, and the woods seemed like a great place to start our trip. Another ten minutes later, Jon says he’s able to see much clearer, and that he’s getting some slight visual effects. I was feeling nothing other than a little bit of the psychedelic mindset, but I attributed that to our last trip and anticipation.

I decide that some weed would help quicken the onset of the trip, so we fired up my portable vaporizer (Iolite) and left the trail, heading in a direction I knew would lead us to some wetlands. Another ten minutes later, Jon says that he’s full on tripping, whereas I still felt that slight twinge, although it wasn’t as slight anymore. We stumbled upon the remains of a fire pit and some animal skeletons, which would be slightly troubling in a normal state of mind, but we just let it pass.

At this point we could see the water tower at the head of the trail that the wetlands were on, and I was noticing some alterations on the leaves around us, and noticed some patterns crawling across the tower. All of a sudden, the psychedelic effects came on full force. It was nothing like I was expecting, so much more intense than the tofu that Shulgin experienced (perhaps due to my recent trip?). We got to the wetlands, and found a relatively soft spot to lie down and enjoy our trip with our iPods. The clouds that flew by overhead were beautiful in their complexity, with patterns running through them, and the trees seemed to be all in unison.

At this point, I was comparing this new drug to LSD. It seemed less organized, and was definitely at a different level of intensity, but was still very similar. I found later that on 2C-D I was more functional in social situations, and could think on levels closer to baseline, but still with a psychedelic aspect. After a few minutes of lying there, I noticed Jon sitting straight upright, breathing heavily, looking panicked. Apparently he had been listening to the Doors (who I turned him on to), and “Not to Touch the Earth” came on. For those of you who haven’t heard the song, take a quick break and listen to it. Obviously not the most positive song to listen to when tripping, and the very end of the song had thrown Jon for a turn. Luckily, knowing the power music has over any mind, especially a drugged one, I knew what to do. I put the Grateful Dead’s “Terrapin Station” on my own iPod, pulled Jon’s ear buds out, and put mine in. He immediately calmed down and was back to a happy trip (although he complained the rest of the day about Jim Morrison grabbing his calves, which he had clenched tightly during the experience).

After an unknown amount of time (after all time is rather irrelevant in the psychedelic mind) we decided to go to our regular hangout place, outside of East Tower. While walking back through the woods we saw numerous deer, and numerous potheads smoking bowls (IC is #1 cannabis college for a reason). When we got to the tower we realized we should’ve let our friends know we were outside, so they could enjoy the clouds and trees as much as we were! Some of them came down for a bit, and we talked about what had happened so far. They were headed out to meet some of their friends from home, so we decided to head up to Jon’s room on the 5th floor to enjoy the view of downtown and Cornell. We were originally going to take the elevator, but there was a group of people waiting already, and we didn’t want to risk anything in the elevator with strangers.

One of the strangers had seemed familiar to me at first, but I had attributed that to the drug. But when we went to go for the stairs, the girl heard us talking and looked over and said, “Ras?” It was a coworker of mine from a summer camp I worked at 2 years ago! After awkward social pleasantries Jon and I walked away and took the stairs, where he inquired as to whom that was. I told him, and he congratulated me for not “losing my shit,” as he would have. And he was right to do so; what a crazy thing to happen to someone who’s tripping! We got to his room, where we probably spent a good 2 hours just looking out his window, 1 hour of which was spent marveling at the RD and her dog, 6 flights down (even though he’s on the 5th floor, it’s 6 flights to the very bottom ground level). The dog was chasing around on the patterns we saw on the lawn, following them exactly. We decided that animals must constantly be in a tripping state of mind, and suddenly one of the hawks that lives on top of the tower flew right by the window, demonstrating to us how graceful and fierce existence can be. Eventually some friends came by, getting ready to go to a party. They invited us, but we declined; it seemed too chaotic, and we were enjoying ourselves there.

Eventually our friend Steve called us up, wondering if he could use my bong later that night with us and friends of his from home. We said sure, because we expected to completely done with tripping by then. At this point it was 8 at night, and the sun had completely set, casting the world outside into scattered darkness. We felt that we were on the way down from the drug, and wondered what to do in the mean time. We decided to head to my room in the lower quads, just for a change of scene. My room is kind of set up to be drug friendly: a tapestry from the 60’s, some interesting and trippy posters, and comfy furniture.

When we got there, we realized that even though we were coming down, it was happening veeeeery slowly. We could feel that drug subsiding, but the effects stayed just as strong and vivid. Come 9, when we had expected to be about back at baseline by, it was noticeably less intense, but we were still getting the visuals, out pupils were still the size of dinner plates, and our minds were nowhere near baseline. Then Steve called, telling us to come over. He was surprised that we were still tripping, but we decided to come down to his apartment anyway, with my bong of course.

We spent 3 hours there, smoking multiple bowls as more people came over, and watching people play Skate 2 (crazy as fuck!). Whether it was due to the smoking or not we can’t tell, but at the end of those 3 hours, Jon and I were still feeling the drug. We weren’t tripping, but we still had the visuals, and were still in the psychedelic mindset. We swore we could make out the features of the helicopters flying out of the airport across the lake. We decided that we should wrap up the night at this point; we both felt kind of fried by now, and were developing slight headaches (not due to dehydration, we had water with us the whole time). We decided to watch Yellow Submarine before going to bed, which was a perfect way to finish up an amazing day.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87491
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 11, 2011Views: 8,053
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2C-D (103) : Various (28), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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