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A Guided Step Into the Unknown
Citation:   Keenan. "A Guided Step Into the Unknown: An Experience with LSD (exp87507)". Oct 31, 2012.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  2 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
It was a cool, windy day in the green mountains of southern California. It was September of 2010. Me and 3 friends drove up the hill loaded with snacks, object manipulation toys, and acid. We parked off the side of the road 10 minutes worth of dirt roads away from the town/lake. There was a campground nearby but no one staying there. As soon as we got out of the car, we ate some food, smoked a bowl of some Sour O.G. , and dropped 2 of the little purple squares printed with alex grey known as 'Purple Nebula' I have to say that this acid is some of the best i've ever had. Ive taken a 7-strip of equal strength and quality acid and did not go nearly as far as I did the other day. I had one of the most intense experiences of my life. Through the continual use of psychedelics and meditation, my mind has become capable of much more than I ever thought possible. I am becoming increasingly effective at utilizing and integrating the substances that will help us find the answers to all our questions. Every person is capable of doing what i did and more- even without the aid of psychedelics. However they provide a much faster route.

We took the acid and hiked up to the highest peak around. We stood atop a giant boulder and enjoyed the view of the creek running along the base of the powerful pine trees that inhabited the land. We meditated in the breeze until it was time to walk back and post up by the car. By the time we got back, the landscape was starting to glow. The purple bushes that lined the ground appeared to form clouds of purple mist. We smoked another bowl and I leaned back against the car to enjoy the ride. Little did I know i was about to embark on the JOurney of a lifetime

The giant pine in front of me started to take on the appearance of a tall woman looking down on us. Or should I say THE woman that seems to almost always appear when the hallucinogens are in me. I have been told that this is my spirit guardian. I believe this because her presence is comforting. It felt like she was watching over us. I received some reassuring information about my spiritual path in the form of extremely pleasurable chills down my spine. Basically I was shown that there is no going back, and that once you believe its true (ascension) then you are on the fast track to freedom. It was very comforting and let me know that I will succeed in the end, if i choose to do so, which i do. I accepted and aknowledged the fact that its going to be very difficult and painful, and stuck with my decision to continue.

This all happened within a matter of seconds, and afterwards i was extremely thankful. I felt very enlightened and satisfied. For the second time in my life I found myself on my knees saying 'I get it all makes sense....thank you' I cant explain any further what i was thinking about, but at that moment there was not an ounce of confusion in me.

I walked back to the car and silently enjoyed the view. One particular tree displayed a double-helix shape. A waving, shimmering net was displayed across my entire field of vision. I had never seen such elaborate detail in my scope of view.. Im comparing it to the Net of Being picture , by Alex Grey, no coincidently the same artist whose picture was on the tabs. I did not see the same faces in the picture(during this trip), but instead the same style net that Alex did such a good job at printing. I later read that the person who discovered that DNA was in the shape of a double helix was on LSD.

Within a few minutes I could see the same web of rainbow light connecting the plants that I have seen on mushrooms. It was visible in only certain areas. Before long the trees and bushes came to life and were staring back at me with dozens of tiny eyeballs scattered throughout the forest. The tree tops began pointing upwards. Judging by the way the visuals were unfolding, my attention was quite clearly being directed towards the sky, one sign at a time. I had an overwhelming occurance that told me that not only do i need to start letting things go more often, but in fact I needed to start practicing letting go right now. Whenever I tried doing or thinking of anything but NOTHING, i was confronted with physical feelings and emotions that were both undescribable and unenjoyable. I knew full well what I needed to do. I turned my gaze up and surrendered to the power. The physical sensations increased VERY quickly along with my heartbeat and the visuals. As my eyes started to tear i witnessed the most beautiful display of colors I have ever seen. The image was kalidascoping into infinity while the layers of the universe were peeled back one by one. No words will ever do it any justice. I slowly and naturally lifted my sight higher and higher into the sky, using every effort not to blink, move, or think.

The only thing that I can say is that I was being progressively tunneled into the sky, out of my body and away from the scene that was left to the far outskirts of my vision. The PREVIOUSLY INVISIBLE stars and planets in the day-lit sky were closer than the forest floor I had left behind. My state of consciousness was totally transformed as I refused to accept this physical body as my own. My own heartbeat raced faster and faster until the beats were overlapping, and the noise it made turned into the noise we hear on DMT. The electronic/metallic buzzing/ humming sound. The pulse of the universe. I had reached a new high. I had everything there was, is, and will be in my grasp. Complete free will in my arsenal. I knew that anything I wanted to know or do, anywhere i wanted to go or see, was just an intention away. I was completely and utterly connected. Submerged in the vast pool of knowledge. The soup of consciousness. The entire multiverse at my fingertips. And what did I do? I headed straight back to earth

When I broke the trance I was in, it felt like i had traveled light years. I was utterly exhausted and out of breath. My journey had drained my energy. It was urgent that I passed along the information I had just received to my friends and my own rational mind. It felt as if I had just rocketed up into space, and was now slowly descending. I was seeing through my eyeballs, although it still felt as if i was high in the sky. Over the next 3 hours my mind was completely blown as I tried to make sense of what just happened. I knew one thing for sure, and I immediately told my girl friend that 'its up there whenever we are brave enough to go.' I had heard of shamans doing what I just did, but never expected to get there so soon! and with only 2 tabs! Set and Setting seem to matter more than dose. I had been there a few times before on mushrooms on DMT, but this was the first time i was able to comprehend and aknowledge what exactly had just happened to me. In the future i hope to more effectively navigate and utilize the realm I discovered.

We all began manipulating our objects. I started the long, arduous task of wrapping my brain around what just happened. My integration was visually represented with symmetrical patterns that encompassed my entire view- breaking down and replicating each time I took a step towards releasing the pressure I had built up in me, by explaining or teaching what I had brought back with me. Along with the shift in patterns, I was returning to earth little by little. I still felt very detatched from my body.

During this process, I can only tell you a few things that happened. It was very odd and I was a little frightened when I consciously did the splits, painlessly stretching my legs farther apart than they have ever been. We all reached new levels of performance with our objects. I witnessed my girlfriend successfully do a trick that she has never come close to accomplishing. When all 4 of us focused our attention on her contact ball, she was able to execute it with perfect form. Out there i knew that with my flower sticks, I could have done ANY trick I wanted to. However i chose to focus my energy towards more important things, such as rethinking my life. I felt very COLD, not only my body but my soul. I yearned for the warmth of friendship and compassion. I decided to make up with 2 of my friends that had been completely removed from my life. I realized how much love I had to give, and how much the world needs it. When it was time, we left feeling very accomplished and enlightened. As soon as I got home I made a huge pile in the backyard of uneccessary clothing, papers, and linens (including my old military uniforms), and set it ablaze. It was time to clear up the physical, mental, and emotional clutter that had been plaguing us. My girlfriend and I had a long, structured, intellectual conversation until 5 A.M. when we finally crashed.

By now I have relived the moment long enough to explain what I learned while I was up there. Again, the main theme of this trip was Letting GO. I realized that letting go is a matter of comfort and preference. If we hold on too tightly to our drama, life will get uncomfortable, because we will be carrying around un-needed grief, guilt, and anger. We will be upset if we refuse to forgive and forget. However, we don't always want to let go of everything, do we? I already knew, and was shown again that we are here on this earth by choice. I needed a reminder that we have complete power to leave ANY time we want. I know that if I would have kept going on my voyage, and continued to 'let go', that I would have never come back. I would have gone so far and become so overwhelmed that when I turned around to come back, I would have completely forgotten about this reality and moved on- never to return. I didn't completely let go because I chose to be here- just like you. I knew I had to come back because it was my responsibility to bring back the knowledge I was given to be shared with as many people as possible.

So here it is folks: the choice is in your hands. You are here because you want to be. No one is stopping you from walking out the door right now. We will have to leave this world eventually and let it ALL go. It is inevitable. Why not make the most of it while your here? We obviously live in a very exciting situation, and the world is about to go through intense changes, whether you like it or not. It is your decision if you want to stay around for the aftermath.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87507
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 31, 2012Views: 13,881
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Performance Enhancement (50), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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