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Variable Body Load
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Variable Body Load: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp87548)". Feb 18, 2011.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 2C-T-2 (capsule)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Cannabis  
Substance: 2C-T-2
Dosage: 25 milligrams

Subjects: Myself and my partner. I am a 25 year old male weighing 125 pounds. I take no prescription or over-the-counter medications, but tend to use yerba mate and marijuana on a daily basis. My partner is a 20 year old female, weighing around 125 pounds. She takes no prescription or over-the-counter medications, but currently consumes caffeine on a regular (though not daily) basis. This was our first experience with 2C-T-2. Both of us have extensive experience with other psychedelic substances, including mushrooms, LSD, Trichocereus cacti, 2C-I, 2C-B, 2C-E, MDMA, hawaiian baby woodrose, syrian rue and caapi, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, AMT, DOB etcetera.

Setting: Camping in the woods on a beautifully sunny summer day.

Mindset: I was curious and excited to be trying out a new, unknown compound. 2C-T-2 is a substance that has always interested me, having heard other people’s descriptions of the effects. I felt good in my mind and body, going into this trip. My partner was also curious about trying out a new, unknown compound, but felt some apprehension going into the trip. She felt not 100% well in her body. Not sick, but that feeling of needing to take care of herself in order to stay healthy.

The experience: We took the capsules of creamy-white powder about an hour and a half after eating a good breakfast. It was mid-morning, sunny but before the real heat of the day had hit. I felt good about it, but my partner's intuition had been telling her not to do it. When we were laying out our intentions, an insect came and bit her on the shoulder, and after that she said she almost didn't take it. The capsule stuck in her throat a bit on the way down. Although she didn't mention it to me at the time, she felt her body was already saying 'no' to this substance. Despite this, she wanted to try it out anyway to see what it was like.

PIHKAL wasn't on hand going into this trip, being packed away in a box an hour and a half drive away. Which was too bad, because I would have liked to brush up on what the Shulgin's had to say about this one. All I had to go on was what I remembered friends telling me. One friend loved to tell the story about how visually intense of a trip he had on 20 milligrams, seeing Buddha walk up to the moon and kiss it, among other hallucinations. Another friend said that he had found 2C-T-2 so strong that he was hesitant about ever taking it again. Other than these comments, all I could recall from PIHKAL is that 2C-T-2 was supposed to be similar to 2C-T-7, but lasting about half as long and having a more intense body load. I had never tried 2C-T-7 either, but we figured we were in for about an eight or nine hour ride.

After dosing we started walking out into the woods, staying under cover of the coniferous trees as much as possible due to the heat. The forest was full of mushrooms after such a moist summer season, all kinds of weird fungi! This one in particular that I dubbed 'raspberry jam' because the white cap was oozing drops of bright red, sticky liquid. Scary looking! Our destination was this little stream that comes down out of the mountains, a favourite spot. Within twenty minutes we felt an alert sensation. Both of us felt a little bit dizzy and there was a lazy, dream-like lethargic feeling. The come-up was similar to other 2C compounds we have tried (eg 2C-I and 2C-B), especially the lazy, dream-like quality.

By the time we reached the stream, perhaps 45 minutes in, the come-up was getting stronger. Both of us felt some tightness and tension in the stomach, moving towards nausea. The mental effect at this point was mild, just a + on the Shulgin scale. I smoked a little pot which helped calm my stomach a bit. My partner seemed to be experiencing more nausea than I was, and she complained that the substance was causing her body to heat up, similar to but more intense than on a recent experience with AMT. We decided to start walking back to camp, where we would be more comfortable. I got her to sip water slowly, and every once in a while we would rub water on her back to help her cool down.

As we walked back, the substance kept coming on stronger in waves. My partner was experiencing pretty severe nausea and dizziness, and we had to stop frequently for her to sit and rest until she felt well enough to go on. I definitely felt some tension and nausea, but nowhere near as bad as hers. The mental effects were becoming more prominent. Most of the time we felt pretty lucid and clear-headed, at a controllable ++. The clear-headed feeling of this psychedelic was similar to other 2C compounds we have tried. I knew I was tripping, but it didn’t interfere with my mental processes to the same extent as mushrooms or LSD would. Occasionally the mental effect would jump up to a Shulgin +++, and overwhelm us. I felt the trip a lot in my upper chakras, the third eye and especially crown areas. There was a high-frequency buzzing sensation, and during the peak of a wave I felt it was a lot to handle. I felt kind of disoriented, loosing my sense of direction easily. Had I not been very familiar with the forest we were hiking through, I could have gotten turned around or lost.

I would compare the disorienting mental effects at this stage to a low dose of smoked 5-MeO-DMT. Not enough to be totally incapacitating, but was somewhat dissociative, and my mind felt very fuzzy. It was a little like the feeling I get in the morning, before I have fully woken up. Grasping concepts is hard, even the simple mechanics of walking was challenging as I staggered through the woods. Both of us felt we were being pulled in two different directions by this substance. On the one hand, we were very much in our upper chakras and mental processes, but on the other hand we were very much aware of our bodies. It was hard to relax into the mental effects due to the nagging body load, and at the same time it was hard to relax into the body load due to the sometimes disorienting mental effects.

The waves were becoming closer as we got closer to the peak of the substance. It wasn't a long walk back to camp, but it was taking us a long time! I did not have a time piece with me, but would guess we were around two hours into the experience. My partner's nausea became too much to walk once again, and we sat on the mossy ground for awhile. She excused herself, and walked off into the bushes where she vomitted up her breakfast. She said it wasn't a pleasant experience, and this was her first time purging on any psychedelic! I was a little surprised she’d never had a psychedelic purge before, since I have puked on almost every substance at one time or another. She's generally got a stronger stomach than me.

Hearing her purge made me feel pretty nauseous too. There was a churning tightness in my stomach, and I felt almost like I would vomit, but instead I breathed through it and smoked a little more pot, which helped ease the nausea. When she was done, I brought her some water to wash her mouth out. We lay flat in the moss for awhile, gazing up at the tree tops, since my partner was so dizzy she couldn't walk on. The sky was a piercing blue, with little fluffy clouds, and the spruce and pine trees vividly green, their tops pointed towards the heavens. Colours seemed more saturated than normal. I felt pretty good actually, lying down like this there was little body load for me. For a little while after puking, my partner felt a bit better, and after resting we got up and managed to finish the walk back to camp.

Our experiences continued to diverge from this point. When we got back to camp, my partner needed to lie down in the shade and not move much. Feeling almost chilled now despite the heat of the day, she wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket for comfort. Anytime she stood up or moved suddenly she would get intensely dizzy and nauseous, but when lying down and staying still she found the body load more manageable, and could actually enjoy the psychedelic effects a little. To the contrary, I couldn't sit still! I felt like my nervous system was overstimulated, a keyed-up sensation I have experienced before on a high dose of 2C-B. Really jumpy and twitchy, my nervous system over responsive to every little sensory input. All my senses were amplified, especially touch almost to the point of annoyance. The lightest of breezes playing over my skin would make me restless and shivery. I occupied myself by making a strong decoction of labrador tea (Ledum groenlandicum) for my partner to sip, since labrador tea is well known for its stomach settling properties.

I sat next to my partner, strangely almost hungry (maybe the pot?). I snacked a bit on superfoods (inca berries and goji berries went down fine), drank some labrador tea, and smoked some more pot... we lay back and discussed what we were experiencing. The psychedelic effects were now peaking, about three hours into the experience. I noticed a lot of colour enhancement, being aware of the subtle nuances of shades of green, blue and brown in the trees, the sky, the earth around me. The colour enhancement reminded me a lot of cactus. The gut-rot in the tummy was a little like cactus too, though unlike cactus it didn't seem to be going away after two or three hours. Everything was dripping, melting and drooping in my vision, like the world was made of wax that was softening in the sunshine.

For me, the tone of the experience was shifting. I felt my body load mellowing out a bit, and a warm, giddy elation took over me. For my partner, the body load and the psychedelic effects were now about equal, whereas before it had been mostly body load. When lying down she felt okay enough to explore the effects a little, and said she 'might' try 2C-T-2 out again, at a lower dose. Both of us felt the psychedelic effects were similar to, but stronger than, an equal dose of either 2C-I or 2C-B. We also agreed that adjusting to a lower dose, say 15 milligrams, would likely decrease the psychedelic effects enough to make it not worth our while. Personally I felt pretty comfortable at 25 milligrams, but would not push the dose much higher as the body load might become too much. I found the body load for me to be less than an 18-23 mg dose of 2C-E, whereas my partner found the body load much stronger than 21 mg of 2C-E. Her body seems to handle 2C-E better, and mine handles 2C-T-2 better. Interesting.

I felt I was over the peak and into the plateau now, and wanted to go exploring. After checking in to see if she felt comfortable being by herself for awhile, I went for a walk down to the river while my partner remained lying down at camp. The river water had been heating up in the sun all day, and I found a deep spot where I could dive into the river and swim downstream with the current. I jumped in a few times, naked, enjoying the feeling of cool water on my skin and swimming underwater with my eyes open. It was a beautiful moment. Usually I am pretty wimpy about cold water, but with the 2C-T-2 on board I felt much more comfortable and was able to be in the water for long periods of time. I felt that maybe my body temperature was elevated slightly, and that the water cooled me down in a pleasant way. Also, I think that psychedelics generally make it easier for me to handle being in cold water. I have jumped into many mountain streams while under the influence of LSD or mushrooms. Perhaps it is a mental thing, I can accept the cold more calmly and without chickening out while under the influence of a psychedelic. Or perhaps it is simply that my blood is already drawn more to my core due to the central nervous system activation psychedelics bring.

About five or six hours into the experience, the psychedelic effects started to drop off for both of us. For my partner, the body load continued to be strong, once again becoming the dominant aspect of her experience. For the whole day she was only able to eat a few inca berries, a few bites of soup broth I made (with lots of ginger, tumeric root, onion and a little elk meat), and sips of water and tea. She was still unable to stand or even sit up for minutes at a time without becoming too dizzy.

We discussed whether this compound felt more like a medicine or a toxin in our bodies. My partner said the closest thing she would compare the experience to is the effect one gets after having a few too many drinks. She felt pretty intoxicated, and it seemed her body was reacting to the 2C-T-2 more as a poison than a medicine. For myself, the compound felt pretty innocuous in my body, despite carrying its share of body load. I didn’t feel intoxicated or poisoned, but likened the body load to a medicinal cleansing process similar to cactus. I was able to eat a good meal of soup and elk meat that night, and overall felt pretty good. I did get a really nasty headache towards the tail end of the trip, but put this down mainly to dehydration. I sipped a liter of water slowly, until the headache went away. She went to bed early, while I stayed up around the campfire, smoking a little pot and drinking a beer. The beer started to bring back my headache, so I would have a sip of water for every sip of beer and this kept me properly hydrated.

The next day I felt a little residual trippiness and some light lethargy, similar to the aftereffects of 2C-I for me. It was a very mild feeling, not in any way unpleasant. Mostly I just felt like relaxing. I enjoyed my 2C-T-2 trip, the body load was strong but manageable for me, and I would happily repeat it at a similar dose. My partner felt hung over, still pretty sick and unable to do a lot the next day. By late afternoon she felt well enough to walk down to the river, but the day was mostly wasted on her. The feeling of being hung over that my partner experienced fit in with the idea that her body reacted to 2C-T-2 as an intoxicating poison. She said that felt no desire to take 2C-T-2 again, it wasn’t an experience worth repeating for her. We concluded that:

1) She had taken too high of a dose of 2C-T-2 for her body, crossing the threshold from “medicine” to “poison”.
2) Her intuition not to take the 2C-T-2 could have predisposed her to a harsher experience, but also it would be best to listen to such intuitions.
3) Not feeling 100% in her body, going into this trip, may have amplified her body load by reacting to or triggering that slight feeling of sickness. In future it would be advisable to only engage in psychedelics when feeling good in mind, body and spirit.
4) A lighter dose of 2C-T-2 might decrease her body load, but both of us felt a lighter dose would be so mildly psychedelic as to not interest us.

It was so interesting to see how differently the two of us reacted to this substance. A good reminder that every individual reacts differently, each time and to every different substance that they take. Research chemicals, always an adventure. You never really know what you are getting yourself into. The Shulgin’s methodology, starting out with very small doses and working up to get a feeling for how each compound reacts to our bodies, would be a good way to avoid the kind of unpleasant effects that can occur from taking too high of a dose.

Thanks for reading!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87548
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 18, 2011Views: 14,111
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2C-T-2 (53) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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