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A First Look
by Dr No
Citation:   Dr No. "A First Look: An Experience with JWH-200 (exp87550)". Dec 18, 2012.

T+ 0:00
25 mg smoked JWH-200
  T+ 0:20   inhaled Nicotine


Hi and welcome to this rather obsure report on a little known but so often sold cannibinoid.

Well a bit of background i have been blazing real chron for last 7 years although a break has led me on to the cannibinoids. easy to obtain and a lot cheaper than regular chron. Plus the legality factor. I have tried various smoking blends and jwh 18, Jwh 73, 250 and now 200, in that order as well.

I have used all typical substances excluding heroin and cocaine. just never available. Oh i also have used perscription drugs various, RCs including 4mmc methylone 2c series mdpv etc. A wide hidtory of substance use alot of chems and natural plants so i can cleary evaluate this report to people descriptively.

At the present mindstate: Well excited as package arrived today. new chem and cannibinoid no info online. Only myself at home i live with girlsdfriend and her parents. everyone out. Calm and relaxed in room.

Filled a bowl 120mg dried kitchen herbs as filler and weighed out 20-30 mg alot i know but i think this will do for a good report as 73 is 10-15mg for me and 18 being 5 mg a dose. I tested a 10mg dose with little effect this morning, now the main report.

1.25pm Sat

T-00.00 - bowl taste like the stuffing of chicken. No chemical taste. Does melt to a liquid and has a much higher melting temp than the others in series.

T+5 mins - Immediate head change fast come on. alot like in 250 speed but gradual and stoney. very much like real indica, slowly coming up now ears are tingling body enveloped in warm. Mind goes at ease. Body humming. no negatives so far, feels like im getting higher slowly climbing, would not be able to tell this was weed if it was mixed in i can imagine this would highly potentiate the effects of ganja so be warned.

T+10 mins - dosage felt right. I am at a familiar mind clouded place. head has a weight in it and ears still buzzing. little paranoia. senses really open. eyelids heavy. this feels like 73 but with a really defined high. not scattered brained but very comfortable in my own skin. very much like an opiate. maybe thats where the 3x anagelsic effect compared to thc comes in.

T+ 15 mins - I feel very opiated with out nausea. Lots of painkilling properties. This should be patented. It relaxs the mind and body. As for euphoria not as much as other jwh but present a mood uplifting. Very content scalp feels awesome. very stoned in the body, Like thc in the high and duration so far.

T+ 20 mins - Had some nicotine inhaled from a electronic cigarette. Feels like a good synergy head buzzing a bit more. Nice euphoric relaxed state of mind.

T+ 30 mins - Effect is same pleasant like a milder 73 less cerebreal and can feel it more in my neck face and body, opiate like. Fading down a notch now. no racing thoughts. a clarity felt. not hallucinogenic. no visual disturbances noted, Uplifted mood still. remind me of a lot of smoking blends i have tried.

T+ 45 mins - effect is winding down but feels like a thc buzz now as it is fading.

T+ 1 hr - nearly back to where i smoked at the start i can still feel the high this def last the longest or is the most persistent jwh i have tried, Duration is good for amount. still uplifted and mood is relaxed. Eyes feel heavy but im not sedated. Not edgy i like this one. Very much like real indica and 73 in a way. A lot more relaxing and couch locked. Like good but without the cerebral mind punch. after about another half hour im pretty much back to baseline. This stuff comes up gradually and leaves the same. It comes on quick though.


Well a very relaxed comfortable opiated high with less euphoria. I like this alot put mixed with pot or 18 73 would be great it would round it off and im sure creat a longer duration. It didnt have the cerebral mind effects or visuals i was looking for. But all the other effects of good indica were present. It was never overwhelming nor was i bored of the high but it was just as moreish than cannabis. A perfect one to replace my fav smoking herb.

I would say a great synthetic to begin with. Good for come downs or for combination like potentiating other substances without adding an unexpected twist to the experience. Very much anagelsic and comfortable. For the cost it is the same as 18 or 73 but if you have those and just want something more laid back and longer duration i reccomeend this. I can imagine with opiates this would be phenominal.


Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87550
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Dec 18, 2012Views: 3,741
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JWH-200 (528) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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