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I Almost Killed Her but Created a Monster
Heroin (brown rock)
Citation:   DaddyOpiate. "I Almost Killed Her but Created a Monster: An Experience with Heroin (brown rock) (exp87578)". Apr 14, 2016.

0.5 g IV Heroin
I am submitting this report because I can't get over what happened last night. I am a 33 year old married father of two. I LOVE Drugs. I love doing Opiates (manly fent, or Heroin) combined with Crystal Meth.

Last night I purchased $25 in meth and did it all. I was high all day and decided to get some 'brown' to relax. I went to my dealers and was greeted with a fresh needle containing 1/2 gram of 'brown' for me to 'shoot' at her house. She new my tolerance but warned of it's strength. I shrugged and proceeded to hit a vein and set back to 'feel' how good it was. Instantly, my Meth high was gone. I bought a gram for $80 (normally in Spokane it's $60-$70 per gram). I was not happy about the price, and didn't 'think' that it was that GOOD. I WAS WRONG!!

When I got home I mixed up the whole Gram and put it in 3 needles. One with another 1/2 gram, two with 1/4 gram. My wife asked for a 'shot' as she wanted to get really HIGH. So, Knowing her 'tolerance' I thought about it. She had shot up only a few times with hardly any affects. I KNEW 1/2 gram would be perfect! I proceeded to shoot her up, putting 1/2 the needle, stopping, to asks her how she felt. She said she 'felt' nothing and I looked at her and she was normal, so I pushed in the rest. She looked at me and said, 'I don't see why Heroin is so greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt!!'. Just then it hit her. She fell back onto the toilet and went 'COMPLETELY OUT'. I called her name with no response. So I started slapping her and finally she opened her 'pinpointed' eyes
I called her name with no response. So I started slapping her and finally she opened her 'pinpointed' eyes
and said, 'I LOVE DRUGS'!! This went on for 20 min with me having to slap her a wake and reminding her to breath.

After 1 hour she woke up and felt really 'good' the rest of the night. The next morning she woke me up and asked me to 'go buy her another 1/2 gram', as I had done the rest with normal effects. I have created a MONSTER!! I said no, but she grabbed my phone and called my dealer herself (she had never met her).

My wife is back now with her $40 1/2 gram and is asking me to 'cook it up' for her. So I will, But.....Give her less this time, as I was the one that 'really' experienced her high.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87578
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Apr 14, 2016Views: 4,813
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