Friendly and Comfortable in a Party Setting
by Hypersphere
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Friendly and Comfortable in a Party Setting: An Experience with AMT (exp87604)". Oct 8, 2010.

  oral Cannabis (cookie / food)
  28 mg oral AMT (capsule)


Substance: Alpha-methyltryptamine (AMT)
Dosage: 25-30 milligrams

Background of Subjects: Myself and my partner, our first experience with AMT. I am male, 25 years old and weighing 125 pounds. I take no prescription or over-the-counter medications, but use marijuana and yerba mate on a daily basis. My partner is female, 20 years old, weighing around 125 pounds. She drinks caffeinated beverages often (but not always) daily. She takes no prescription or over-the-counter medications. Both of us are well experienced with a variety of psychedelic substances including mushrooms, LSD, hawaiian baby woodrose, syrian rue and caapi, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, Trichocereus cacti, 2C-I, 2C-B, 2C-E, DOB and others.

Setting: A large (5 days and ~12,000 people) outdoor electronic music festival.

Set: I've always had a good feeling about AMT, but never thought I'd run across it. I have this theory, that drugs come to me when I am ready for them. I've had a 'to-do' list of synthetic research chemicals for many, many years now, and honestly expected most of them would never come my way. This year, the RC's came knocking at my door. First it was 2C-T-2, a substance I've heard glowing reports of visuals and an often intense body load. So I was at this music festival, and 2C-T-2 just fell into my lap. Wonderful! 'Now, what I'd really like to run across, some day, is AMT...' I said.

The very next day, AMT came to me. I ran into a really cool couple who had all kinds of different research chemicals, a pharmacopoeia to make any psychonaut drool. Even better, they were into trades! I traded them a bunch of obscure psychedelic plants, peruvian torch cactus, woodrose seeds, blue lotus, red lotus, dream herb, and several herbal tinctures for some of their AMT, 2C-T-7, 2C-D and 4-AcO-DiPT.

The AMT was dosed at 25-30 mg per capsule, a clumpy white powder smelling sharply like mothballs even through the capsule. The smell was vaguely reminiscent of DMT. From what I remembered reading in PIHKAL and on the internet, AMT sounded like it was halfway between ecstasy and 'shrooms, and lasting 12-16 hours. I thought that 25-30 mg wouldn't be that strong of a dose. Although I do not know anyone in person who had taken AMT, some internet friends I knew had run the dose up as high as 80-100 milligrams, comfortably tripping for most of a day. We decided to play it safe though, and just take one capsule each to start out with. After all, RC's are such a crap shoot. Double dosing on 2C-I would be a cakewalk compared to double dosing on 2C-E, for instance. I didn't want to go overboard, so we did the reasonable and responsible thing, taking just one dose to get a good feeling for what the substance does at this level. This would be our first foray into synthetic tryptamines (other than having experimented with synthetic 5-MeO-DMT, which is also a naturally occuring substance).

It was Friday night, and was to be our first trip at the festival. It is my fifth and her fourth year coming to this particular festival, but unlike previous years this time we weren’t just here to party. This year, we were part of a group bringing awareness to the waters of the earth. We had spent the previous few days setting up our water temple, a 23 foot geodesic dome, with a blue cover, and inside a nice altar space, spring water for people to fill their bottles up from, just generally a nice space for people to relax and chill out. We had both finished our responsibilities for the night, and didn’t have responsibilities early in the morning either, so it was a good opportunity for us to let loose and have a long anticipated psychedelic trip.

Going into this experience I felt good in both mind and body. We were both well rested and nourished. My partner was menstruating, so her energy levels were a little bit low and she was feeling quiet and internal, but still good in mind and body. Also, a few hours before this experience she had eaten a chocolate containing a fair-sized glob of high potency hash oil. During her middle teenage years she smoked a lot of pot, but these days she does not smoke at all. On rare occasions like today she will enjoy an oral dose of marijuana, and since she has no tolerance she was very stoned already before we took the AMT. Our intention for the experience was to enjoy the music, dance, and have fun hanging out with each other.

The experience: The onset was slow, although I felt an early alert sensation within 20 minutes of taking the AMT. By an hour we were both tripping in a mild and controllable manner, a ++ on the Shulgin scale. We thought maybe this was as intense as it would get. Inexperienced psychonauts might have redosed at this point, but we knew to give it some more time, as many compounds can take a few hours to feel the full effects. I noticed I was yawning frequently, just like the yawns I often get while coming up on mushrooms.

Three hours in, we felt the substance had built up to full steam. It was an interesting one, a creeper for sure, subtly ramping up and ramping up over time. We were happy we had taken only one dose, in this environment, and were pleased the substance had reached a comfortable +++ experience. I noticed quite a bit of visual activity, we were at a stage surrounded by trees dancing to some psychedelic goop-step music, and all the lights flashing around me would leave long tracers and after images. I would call this substance energizing, but not in any way overstimulating. It was a pleasant substance to dance on, I would get into the flow of the music nicely, but I also got tired frequently and need to take breaks from dancing to chill out. Definitely AMT was not an agressive stimulant like MDMA can be, and also I did not find it strongly dehydrating like MDMA.

There was a kind of intoxicated, floating sensation that would come over me in waves. Everything about this substance came in waves, actually. I don't really know what to compare it to. Probably the closest thing would be MDA, as I found the visuals to be similar to MDA but stronger. Lots of coloured dots and squiggly lines, and the aforementioned after images and tracers. Other than that, it felt like a really mellowed out version of MDA. A much gentler stimulant, not pushy, and with a much greater duration. I enjoyed the long, slow ramp up that was followed by hours of plateau, unlike the quick up and down of MDxx substances.

AMT wasn't a euphoric substance, but I did feel very warm inside. Like having a little piece of sunshine glowing in my heart. It was very friendly feeling and not at all like the cold, harshly analytical experiences I have had on DOB. I felt pretty content and comfortable with this substance.

There were some effects on the body we noticed at this dose level. For myself, some very mild tension in my stomach that would come and go in waves, and a hint of muscle tension and tightness in the jaw, although I did not experience jaw clenching like can happen with MDMA. My partner felt more intense body load, waves of tension and nausea in her stomach making her feel like puking from time to time, though she never did puke. She was on her moon cycle at the time and thought that dancing so much while bleeding might have made the body load worse for her. Also, the oral dose of hash oil she had taken earlier was at full steam now, perhaps a little stronger than she was comfortable with. She said she was near the “green out” point for most of our AMT trip, and that this might have added to her nausea. She also experienced a little more muscle tension than I did, with some light jaw clenching. Both of us noticed an elevation in body temperature, shedding outer layers in the chill night air, and warming up even more from dancing.

Mentally we were both at a very lucid, controllable level. It was a good party level because we were both very functional, able to interact and talk with others easily and never feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. At this dose level we found it to be psychedelic, but in a gentle way. These days, I tend not to take LSD or mushrooms in chaotic party settings, because the mental effects can become too much to handle, but the AMT was comfortable and subtle enough that we were okay being in a party setting. We both noticed some talkativeness and other characteristics of stimulating drugs, but it was much gentler and very friendly feeling compared to other stimulants. We talked a little about how the alpha methyl group on the tryptamine is analagous to making a phenethylamine alpha-methyl to become an amphetamine.

Overall, AMT was a very simple and reasonably pleasant feeling substance. I can see now how it could be compared to a cross between MDMA and mushrooms, but it is not really like either. Personally I felt it was closest to MDA, but less stimulating and REALLY REALLY stretched out. The plateau continued smooth and unabated for many hours The long duration was nice, since we were staying up all night.

If I tried this substance again, I would probably take a higher dose. I think I could comfortably double the dose, and would expect it to get much more psychedelic at higher doses. The one thing I would watch for would be an increase in body load. I feel at twice the dose the stomach tension and nausea could get much worse, and the muscle tension might become more bothersome as well.

Around ten hours after taking the AMT we were able to fall asleep. When we woke up in the morning, we both felt still altered in a subtle but noticeable way. It didn't interfere with our day at all, but we both agreed that at higher doses this might be an unrelentingly lengthy ride. I did not feel particularly drained, mentally or physically, and felt the substance had been well tolerated by my body.

At a dose of 25-30 mg, this was an excellent 'party level' that for me had many of the aspects I enjoy from taking substances like MDA or MDMA, but lacked a lot of the effects I don't like about those substances, such as dehydration, strong muscle tension and jaw clenching, or a sharp comedown and emotional crash. The long hours of plateau effect were enjoyable and I found AMT very mellow and gentle, never harsh or overwhelming. I wouldn't hesitate to stock up on this substance if it ever crosses my path again.

Two thumbs up. It's been a while since I’ve tried something new and unknown, and AMT was a worthwile excursion into new territory. Thanks for reading!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Oct 8, 2010Views: 15,191
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