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A Self-Help Adventure
Citation:   justin. "A Self-Help Adventure: An Experience with DXM (exp8763)". Nov 1, 2020.

708 mg oral DXM (liquid)

Note: This is just my recollection of the events that transpired.

Set and Setting: Friday night, my night off. Feeling care free and relaxed. My room at night. At the coming up of the trip I turn the lights off, bring up my blinds, and put up a fan in my window to keep the room cool. A big bucket of ice water with wash clothss sits next to my bed in the event of 'robo-itch,' if I get too hot, to play with the water to amuse myself, or if I just plain feel like experimenting with my sense of touch. Tool's latest album, 'Lateralus,' is the soundtrack for my little 5 hour vacation, on the onset I have it looped to Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up,' and some of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon.' Over the past two days I have drank one gallon of grapefruit juice (which is rumored to intensify DXM trips), and I had smoked a little marijuana earlier.

8:15 PM: Ingested the bile syrup on a mostly empty stomach. It takes about five minutes to get all of the syrup down. I take a huge gulp, rinse out my mouth, and eat some crackers dry to wash down all the syrup, I do this five times. I get into the shower to cool down and wash the sweat off from the long walk back from the store. I go back into my room, put on some music, and relax. Light nausea for a few minutes and then it goes away for the rest of the night.

8:45 PM: Off baseline. I'm getting a heavy feeling in all of my limbs, but I still have desire to move around. I begin thinking about odd things. One of the more amusing things I remember was thinking that somehow my cat, whose had several operations with Ketamine (another dissociative), was somehow capable of higher thinking. I began thinking that he was my dead uncle David (whom I've never met) and I began reasoning out why my cat was such a coward. I came to the conclusion that he wasn't a coward, but that the Ketamine used in his previous surgeries has somehow given him enlightenment, he was just a pacifist.

9:00 PM: I'm calling a couple of my friends to see what they're doing (haven't heard from them in a few days/weeks). At this point speaking becomes more of a chore and incoherent babbling about my cat being Buddha ensues. I make my closing statements and resume my trip. I turn my lights off and switch it from Prodigy and Pink Floyd looped, to Tool looped. No one is home except for my cat and me, although I am expecting my mom to get home from work anytime. The room is dark, cool, with only the light of the night illuminating my room.

9:30 PM: Mom gets home, I get up to greet her. Walking becomes increasingly difficult, the world feels as if it's shifting vertically, similar to being drunk. She brought me home a sandwich, for a moment I had forgotten that I did not eat dinner. That's a good thing, I told her I wouldn't be eating the sandwich now and that I'm just going to rest in my room for a while.

10:00 PM: The music is becoming more and more lively. I'm enveloped into the music. It's becoming so real to me now. The music is emanating from all around me, it doesn't seem to be originating from my speakers. It's so loud and peaceful, yet at the same time relaxing and chaotic all at the same time. It's as if I've experienced the events and feelings that must have inspired the lyrics to the album. At this point I am no longer in my room. I am in a dark, blue water lit cave. The music fills the air. I'm dumbfounded by these all so familiar rhythms and lyrics yet they seem to have a whole new meaning to me.
The music fills the air. I'm dumbfounded by these all so familiar rhythms and lyrics yet they seem to have a whole new meaning to me.
There's no real way I can describe it, it's all so incredible to me.

11:00 PM: For the past hour I've been laying there on my soft bed marveling at the music. A veil has been pulled over my eyes. A filter loaded with geometric patterns and wild colors I've never seen before. It is in this state that I learn much about myself. Too much to even really begin to describe.

12:00 AM: At this point the album has looped three times. Still seeing incredible tracers and wild (mild) closed eye visuals, the music now takes on a new standing. To me, the music is now a self-help epic. The lyrics seem to change, the music seems to warp, this is something I've never heard before. The meanings have gotten more personal to me. I await eagerly for the next song so Tool can help me learn a new lesson. I keep getting up to check the time in the kitchen to see how many hours have passed since I've last checked. I keep coming back in 10 minute intervals expecting to see hours have passed by. A pleasant surprise to see that my perception of time has slowed dramatically.

1:30 AM: I believe I'm coming down, I can't really tell anymore, it's so subtle. The only real moment in which I'm really 'coming down' is when I get tired. It becomes hard to see in the dark. I can't focus on any one thing. My eyes don't adjust to the dark as quickly, it takes nearly 10 minutes of seeing pitch black (with the spectrum of colors, no less) for my eyes to adjust.

2:30 AM: I take a little rest, fully awake, listening to Tool still.

3:30 AM: Still off baseline I get up to check my messages and read some new messages on the message boards. Still can't quite see straight. Intoxication is now gone.

4:30 AM: Vision getting better. Getting tired.

Conclusion: I get some sleep and wake up feeling excellent. A very successful and educational trip, to say the least.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8763
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Nov 1, 2020Views: 8,954
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DXM (22) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Alone (16)

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