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To the Moon
by Teknoshaman
Citation:   Teknoshaman. "To the Moon: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp87644)". Feb 8, 2011.

4.5 mg smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


This is my experience report for first time use of JWH-018.

I am not a regular user of marijuana or any other drugs. I have experimented with many psychotropics in the past however havenít done anything in 4-5 years. I explain this because readers may need to understand that I havenít built up a tolerance for any substance prior to JWH-018 experiment.

T:0:00 (9:25pm)

I smoked 4 to 5 milligrams by placing the substance on aluminum foil and using a lighter to heat it. I used a small straw to inhale the smoke. Taste was not as bad as otherís had reported. Actually I didnít really notice much of a taste at all.

T: 0:04

About four minutes after smoking the material, I noticed my heart starting to pound and a mild shortness of breath. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and noticed the reflection buzzing slightly as if I was shaking Ė but I was not. I also noticed when I took a deep breath that the room breathed with me. Realizing that I was not off base-line I smiled, turned off the light and went into my bedroom and laid down on my bed.


Around eleven minutes into the experience, I realized I was tripping quite well. I should state here that every time I have smoked marijuana my experience has been more akin to tripping than others report. I see hallucinations, lights produce tracers, body buzz, etc. After realizing that I was tripping pretty good, I decided a little Trance music was in order. I put Pandora radio on the Tiesto station, donned the headphones, and was promptly escorted into a whole new world. I can barely explain the complexity of the Trance music. It was almost as if the music contained millions of individual sounds all collaborating to produce the most beautiful music I had ever heard. It was very easy to get completely lost in the music. I had to take the headphones off several times and look around my room just to remember that I was sitting in my room tripping and that I was not a being of unknown origin blasting through the vast void on an electronic wave of pleasure. I should also mention here that the cotton-mouth was fairly intense by now, so I wandered into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.


Forty-five minutes or so into the experience, I was still going higher. I was tripping balls at this point. I began to get a little paranoid that my roommate would figure out that something was going on. I poked my head out of my room and my fears were put aside as the house was quiet as a mouse. I then remembered that my blinky lights (small LED lights that I used to play with during my MDMA trials) were in a small box in my room. I fumbled around trying to find them, and to remember from one moment to the next what the heck I was doing. I was thoroughly confused at this point. Thoughts were coming and going in my head about 200mph. With the lights off in my room and nearly pitch black, I turned on my 4 blinky lights and immediately I was AMAZED at how they looked. As I began to move them around, the tracers and lights themselves were pulsing with the music. I cannot really explain how freaking awesome this experience was. Probably about 80% as good as the best MDMA trip Iíve experienced. Also I should mention that the body buzz was very pleasurable.


After playing with the LEDs for about 45 minutes, I crawled back onto the bed and, noticing that every touch of my skin was immensely pleasurable, I began to run my fingers around my arms and legs, sort of tickling my skin. It felt amazing.


A good 3 hours into this trip, I was still tripping very well. I spent most of the remaining time getting lost in the wonderful world of Trance music.


Still tripping fairly well although I can tell that Iíve passed the peak and slowly beginning to sober.


Mostly back to baseline but still a little cloudy (mentally) and very tired as I havenít been able to sleep at all.

In summary, I would like to say that the overall experience was amazing and I will try this again. I never got the nausea like others reported. I did have a slight headache for a few hours after I was mostly down, but this was treated successfully with some Aleve. 4-5 milligrams put me on the moon although it was controllable. I believe that another milligram or 2 would have made the experience much less pleasurable. Some have spoken about the paranoia associated with JWH-018 as compared to Marijuana. I am not an expert, but I can say personally that both substances produced about the same level of paranoia. Mostly paranoia that my roommate would catch on that I was high.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Feb 8, 2011Views: 14,622
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JWH-018 (483) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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