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Never Ever Worth It
bk-MBDB (labeled as bk-MDBD)
Citation:   happyshroom. "Never Ever Worth It: An Experience with bk-MBDB (labeled as bk-MDBD) (exp87664)". May 27, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  oral bk-MBDB
  T+ 1:30   oral bk-MBDB
  T+ 3:00   oral bk-MBDB
I've had a very uncomfortable experience with bk-MDBD that affected me for more than 2 full days. I did some irresponsible things but yet I think the chemical can be made responsible for the majority of shit I went through.

Starting conditions that may and probably have made dosing a bad idea:

-Tuesday I was drinking until 5am, went home and got up at midday with a slight hangover. Did some things of no relevance in this matter. Hangover slowly disappeared towards the evening.
-During the 24 hours before the first dosing, I only ate 2 bananas. I just completely forgot to eat something that day, wasn't hungry either. Strange and big mistake.
-I am relatively new to the realm of RCs.
-No scale. I've got one, but unfortunately its not at the place where I currently live. Really need to get it soon. Yet I think it is very probable that the total dose (3 dosings over the course of ~3 hours) is somewhere around 300mg and most certainly below 500mg. I base this estimation on the assumtion that I really did recieve 1g of the compound (yes I know this isn't the best idea) and the fact that I found the experienced effects relatively weak.

Compound is pure white, very fine powder, labeled as bk-MDBD. Some of the times are estimated values because I didn't exactly keep track of things.

T-1:00 While the remaining hangover completely subsides I am getting keen on trying out that new substance. Nothing really important to do and free tomorrow. Did not have too much sleep but don't feel tired so no problem. Not a thought on my empty stomach.

8:00 PM
T+0:00 Small amount of the powder is poured onto a small piece of paper, wrapped up and swallowed. Doing some random computer stuff, and watching a movie.

T+1:30 Unsure if I am feeling anything. Feel relaxed and in a good mood and decide it won't hurt to increase the dose. This time I use maybe 1,5 times the amount I did when I started.

T+2:00 Definitely elevated mood, talkative, overall feeling good. Besides that I still feel mentally sober. I chat with various people and continue watching movies.

T+3:00 Feeling well, but still very much connected to baseline, so I decide to redose one last time. Roughly same amount as the second dose.

T+3:30 Movie waching is getting way to passive, but I still want to finish it. So I find myself constantly pausing, tabbing out and chatting, doing various things. I find the experience very much enjoyable at this point. Want to do lots of things.

T+4:00 Megavideo tells me to buy premium acc to continue waching so I turn it off to do other things. Talking to friends is very much fun.

T+4:30 I want to do something productive, so I deciede to do some work on a website project I do for a friend. Working is suprisingly fun and productive. I would even say that the quality of the results is significantly higher. Time passes ultra fast.

T+9:00 Need a break and finally finish the movie where megaupload threw me out.

T+9:30 Feeling of physical discomfort, resulting from sitting all the time on a not too comfortable chair. Various body parts aching.

6:00 AM
T+10:00 Deside to take some sleep because I feel somewhat bored.

T+10:15 Sleeping impossible.
T+10:15 Sleeping impossible.
I get back and notice increased physical discomfort and for the first time a stinging pain inside my chest. The pain is intensified by breathing < swallowing < walking < coughing whereas coughing is by far the worst. I am quite glad that I have no cold.

T+10:30 Don't know what to do so I continue the web project. Interestingly this kind of work is still going easily and is productive. Time rushes again.

T+15:00 Now I realise for the first time that my stomach feels pretty fucked. Thinking back I conclude that I must have a serious lack of nutrition, so I eat the last thing I have at home, plain bread without something. After finishing I feel better at least, pain in chest still very present, maybe even increased a bit.

12:00 PM
T+16:00 Enough of webdesign for today, feel somewhat drained.

T+17:30 Taking a shower, somewhat refreshing but doesn't help a bit for the chest problem.

T+18:30 As I am out of food I head to the supermarket. As soon as I leave I realise that I am more bushed than expected. Walking is painful. I get some things to eat and head back. Still I am not tired at all, just done.

T+21:00 Eating is uncomfortable. No real apetite, but no nausea either. I'll leave it at an apple and a banana for now. My chest hurts just like all day, I'm exhausted but not tired at all, aching muscles on various body parts and no interest in any activity of any kind.

T+23:00 Regained appetite, got somewhat tired, pain decreased. Seems to come to an end.

T+24:00 I finally feel tired and lie down. Although everything seems to ache and moving is as uncomfortable as staying in the same position I fall asleep soon.

T+39:00 I got a fair amount of sleep tonight although I often lied awake. Some crazy and interesting dreams, I.e. I had something similar to a lucid dream where I was at the place I currently am. From that 'lucid' dream I woke up (still dreaming which I didn't realise) at my old home and was totally convinced that I only dreamed to be at the place where I actually am all the time. Got a bit confusing but was overall funny. Chest pain still present at around 50% the intensity from yesterday. Throat feels damaged.

T+41:00 Had to do some university stuff and ate a good meal at the cafeteria there. Was a good idea, I start feeling better.

T+53:00 Not much happened this day. Too drained to go out partying so I stayed home and killed time. Pain subsided very slowly over the day but still present. Bored and decide to sleep which is no problem.

T+62:00 I get up and notice that the chest pain isn't fully gone but only noticable when triggered by heavy breathing and such. Throat feels much better. I plan on going to a goa this night and are in good mood and energetic throughout the day.

Although I liked the initial experience and found it a bit weak yet very enjoyable it never ever made up for the following aftereffects. I seem to have a especially bad reaction to this compound, compared to the other reports, plus the side effects may have been increased by the negative factors I mentioned at the beginning. Beside being painful this substance felt very unhealthy on my body and I consider it potentially dangerous, especially if abused. However I am no expert in medics or chemistry. I would obviously not recommend this substance.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87664
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: May 27, 2018Views: 1,754
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bk-MBDB (348) : What Was in That? (26), Hangover / Days After (46), Health Problems (27), Alone (16)

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