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Dangerous Combos
(2C-T-7 & Serzone) & (2C-T-7 & MDMA)
Citation:   equality 7-2521. "Dangerous Combos: An Experience with (2C-T-7 & Serzone) & (2C-T-7 & MDMA) (exp8767)". Aug 13, 2001.

  oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
    oral Nefazodone (pill / tablet)
    oral MDMA  
I know there are a ton of 2-CT-7 experiences on erowid already, but I hope that someone will still find occasion to read this, as it may spare someone a difficult reaction.

As an introduction, let me say that I have used MDMA close to 100 times, LSD over 100 times, injected a good ten vials or so of ketamine intramuscularly, done mushrooms on several occasions, and have had way too many run-ins with the usual 'bad guys' (coke, crank, smack, and GHB).

NOTHING else that I have seen gives me NEAR the level of concern that 2-CT-7 does. Out of the ten or so trips I have watched others have, I have seen two serious incidents which I hope will give the reader pause before ingesting this material. What's more, the effects do not seem to be anywhere close to being worth the risk.

The first difficult experience occurred high in the mountains of Colorado; I had given 2-CT-7 in VERY small quantities (I would doubt anyone ingested over 15 mg) to three others I was with (one male, two female). Everything seemed poised for a good trip, but approximately three hours into the evening something started to go horribly wrong.

One of the females was taking Serzone (sp) some sort of antidepressant that has definite contraindications with phenethylamines, as evidenced by people who have taken it in conjunction with MDMA as well. This resulted in this woman behaving like a mental patient in the worst possible sense. Babbling utter nonsense, trying to climb on the ceiling fan, acting hysterically, and screaming are NOT exactly the qualities you'd desire in an all-night trip partner.

2-CT-7 lasts a LONG time. Expect at least 12+ hours, but unfortunately, even if you're fortunate enough to get your dose at the exact right level where you get some good LSD type visuals, this really cool part only lasts a good 2-3 hours or so. The rest of the time is kind of spent in this nebulous phenethyalmine state, where you're not really 'tripping' but you can't sleep either. The visuals are nowhere near as deep as LSD - while they are 'interesting', and nice because they lack any sort of scariness, they're essentially superficial. This compound seems to exemplify the limitations of the phenethylamines in general; while you do get some kinda cool visuals out of 2CT7, you don't get the amphetamine rush that you do with MDMA. So despite its novelty, why would you even need to take it?

The second difficult experience involved my 'better half.' Well, of course the psychedelic True Believers are going to point out it was stupid not to use a scale to measure out the amount. This time, my girlfriend had decided to dose herself with most of my remaining stash of 2CT7, which she said was 50 milligrams. I couldn't believe that this was actually true, but am not disinclined to believe her considering she's something of a scientific genius.

She was unable to move or really see much of anything for several hours, but did seem 'normal'. I dosed myself with 10 mg myself, a small amount which nevertheless felt like broken glass in my stomach for the first couple of hours of the trip. We both dosed with MDMA and headed out to see Kevin Saunderson at a local nightclub.

The 2CT7 managed to effectively cancel out the effects of the MDMA, even though our doses were definitely strong. I believe this speaks to its power as a compound. I actually had a good trip once the two-plus hour period of nausea subsided, as did my girlfriend. However, things got even weirder once we got home and the trip supposedly ended.

She had not slept at all that night, and by the next day she began to act VERY strangely. She became obsessed with her cell phone, and began repeating the same statements over and over and over. She left an identical message for one of her friends three times over a period of ten minutes before I confiscated her cell phone and tried to get her to lay down.

In both of these cases, it appears as though the mind got stuck in a sort of loop. And in both cases, I am convinced that it was the interaction of drugs (either MDMA or Serzone) that helped facilitate this. This leads me to believe that 2CT7 is either some sort of an MAOI, or highly neurotoxic, or both. But the point is that you're putting an experimental compound in your body that lasts for a LONG time, and don't think 'Oh man, these were just a bunch of amateurs' because we aren't. If you're going to do this compound, please do it by itself and in LOW doses. It appears that even 10mg is more than enough for some people, and even a very small amount can cause serious problems. This ain't LSD.

When my girlfriend finally came out of her confused state, she had no idea what had transpired. The last several hours were a complete blank. This also seems to be the case in the first bad trip I experienced. This could be extremely frightening in the likely scenario that someone doses this with MDMA at a club or something like that. I am just relieved that no one ended up in the psych ward or with (extensive, at least) permanent neurological damage.

All I can say is that these warnings have been issued before, and people are still going to combine this in poly-drug combinations. My advice is to just stay away from this stuff altogether, and avoid problems.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8767
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 13, 2001Views: 16,328
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