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Very Dreamlike
by Thisisme
Citation:   Thisisme. "Very Dreamlike: An Experience with DMT (exp87759)". Erowid.org. Apr 4, 2018. erowid.org/exp/87759

1 hit smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


First DMT Trip

I have never done any psychedelic drugs before this experience, except mushrooms, which I wouldnt really consider at all. At least what I had. However, I smoke weed on a daily basis.

I was once offered what I was told was some of the most purest acid there was, by a person that blew glass for a living. Not just bowls but beautiful glass sculptures. I refused, due to that fact I wasn't very comfortable with the new people I was around, but my two friends I was there with did it.

Anyhow, what makes this interesting is I just did DMT for the first time tonight, roughly 3 to 3 1/2 hours ago, at the time of this sentence. My room mate had done it before and had talked about how he would like to get some if he could again. Well tonight we talked with a good friend who brought up that he knew where some was and had tried it. I listen to his experience which I will briefly relate. He said there was a lot of colors and like a colidescope type effect. He referenced a few visuals as seeing geometric shapes, and how a person's face he was around was patterned as such. He went into other details that I wont relate mainly due to the fact that I want to relate my experience, however he stressed its intensity.

You know it! Me and my room mate picked up a '1 dose bag' and went home and split it. It was in a very small plastic bag that people commonly get with shirts that have buttons in them. You may know them better as nickel sized baggies people sometimes but a blunt of weed or so in. It was faint yellow in color, a powder, which stuck the the bag in a semi-unusual way. Not like coke, this still was formed in almost bubbles. I didnt decide to do it until I got home, i.e. at the place of purchase I said I wouldnt take it. However, as we got back home I realized I was presented with something special and that I should take this gift.

Due to some events that would make this annoying report more annoying that I wont say; we did not have any of our weed pieces. We concocked a makeshift gravity from a 1 1/2 gallon Hi-C bottle. We split the DMT what at the time I thought was 40/60. Me doing 40% of the bag while my roommate did the other 60%. However my roommate later recalled that he would put it closer to 30/70. We also based it with a tiny amount of heady quality weed.

I decided to go first, partially so that my roommate could watch over me. Keep in mind I had no idea what I was getting myself into besides other peoples stories. AND LET ME STRESS OTHER PEOPLES STORIES DONT DO JUSTICE AND COULD NEVER RELATE TO YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH DMT. The only thing consistant with all the accounts is the colors.

He fills the gravity I hit it, then sit back into the couch and wait. I held in the smoke for what my roommate said was 15 seconds, I could have held longer but I did on purpose to curb my dose. This I should never have done, besides 10 seconds of tingle and a weird feeling I got nothing. SHIT. NADA. I was upset, mainly with myself for not holding in longer. Oh well fuck. My roommate goes, and holds it in much longer. He sits back is very quiet, said a few statements such as 'oh yea' , and 'floatinnnggg'. For the most part he was very quiet for 4 minutes or so. He had his eyes closed for about 90% of this 'trip'. He then confirms its legit but said he had a smaller dose than he has ever gotten and said he just saw 'smoke', and the room faded out a bit. This was hardly a good trip.

I was frustrated so we went back. The guy had just '1 dose' left and my roommate offered to let me have it. I quickly said yes, and vowed to do the whole dose and would hold it in as long as possible. We re-scored, and this time we decided to put it all in a 1-hitter weed pipe, which was our only other piece at the time. My roommate packs it up I hit it and hold it in for approximately 50 seconds (this is what my roommate said). The rest of this will be my actual account of description of my FIRST DMT experience.

Before I released the smoke, my living room had turned to a shade of orange. Similar to looking through Orange sunglasses lenses, however the orange was more like the color of an orange crayon, not a light tint as if I really were looking through Orange glasses. This last approximately 5-10 seconds then the room turned into a shade of neon green. This color was much more intense and abundant than the weaker, meager orange that paled in comparison. I then began looking at the tv which we had intentionally put on some music which was coupled by a still picture. I then released the smoke and laid down longways on a love seat-type couch that I was sitting on. I closed my eyes and for about 90% of the remaining time my eyes were closed.

I didnt go to another world, I did not have a deeply spiritual experience, and I actually knew where I was
I didnt go to another world, I did not have a deeply spiritual experience, and I actually knew where I was
and began rubbing my face and holding my palms over each eye. This position and reaction I did nearly the whole time of my 'trip'. Constantly rubbing my face, hair, and constantly covering my eyes with my palms as if I were crying. I was utterly silent for most of the 'trip'. When I closed my eyes I saw an explosion of colors but the most prominent color was green, now which was much less neon than it had been before. About 1 minute in I told my roommate 'to turn the fucking tv off' and he did.

I saw many colors and were 3Dish and some patterns. I also felt something. Something. Something that was so deep and intense it is very hard to describe. This was not an emotion, not fear, not love, not acceptance, not excitement or anticipation. None of that bullshit that I have heard other people say about their DMT trips. To be honest I felt no emotion at all, but this feeling was strong and overwhelming and ever present. This coupled with the colors and an extreme intensity would be the best way to describe my experience. I also felt/remember fragments of my experience that are so fleeting I cannot say if they really happened. I felt a type of presence but not of a human or god or anything like that. I experienced an overwhelming neutral feelings coupled with a presence of something I couldnt adequately explain if I was given the rest of my life to elaborate.

There was a brief dialogue between me and my roommate during the trip and some of me talking after I was coming down some. I will also recall this to you. A few minutes in I asked my roommate while my my eyes were closed how long had it been. He said 2 minutes. I then recessed into my 'trip' for another few minutes and again asked my roommate how long had past. He said 5 minutes. This was just a familiar voice coming from my left throughout this experience that I knew was my roommate. These were the only words spoken besides the TV comment until roughly 6 minutes when I began rubbing and covering my eyes more intensely to the point where my roommate asked if I was alright. I responsed yes, I was alright, seemingly more right than I ever had been, but in the same instance not.

As I began to come down I opened my eyes and began stammering out my experience. I could only get out a few broken sentences that involved the word unexplainable a few times. I purposely dropped to the floor and put my face, which was in my hands, into the carpet as if I were a muslim praying. I then had an overwhelming emotion of not sadness but something different. More like a broken understanding of life. I spoke the words ' I think I am going to cry'. My roommate responded go ahead man its ok. I then sat up and put my back against the love seat and deeply exhaled. I mainly sat semi-silent, half in shock at what had just happened to me. The next 2 minutes I spoke often but made little sense. Mostly broken statements and exclamations that would not and could not be put into words. I sat dumbfounded and said aloud 'I wish I had that on camera. You are the only one scott (my roommate). The only one that knows, the only one that will ever know'. This concluded my 'trip'.

Lastly I want to explain something that I would say is the most important part of this whole VERY LONG encounter. The most important thing is this experience was very dreamlike in the sense that once it is over the experience is so fleeting, so distant it becomes harder and harder by the second to remember exact elements of the experience. This angered me but also allured me. This beautiful thing. This beautiful experience. This gift, would become harder to remember and harder to cherish. I read 2 testimonials before I wrote my own and one thing another person said about there experience with DMT rang very very true with me. The fact that the more you try to articulate and recall the experience the more it diminishes the trueness and unexplainableness of the experience. It truly is something that cannot be successfully articulated. It just cant.

'The experience cannot be shared, and as I read over what I have typed, I understand that I have only served to diminish the experience, and turn it into an absurdly inadequate written version ' -quote from him [experience report 16314] that explains it all. I thank you for reading but not as much as I thank myself for writing this.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87759
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Apr 4, 2018Views: 7,883
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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