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A Fresh Perception
Citation:   Iskalla. "A Fresh Perception: An Experience with DOI (exp87771)". Sep 14, 2011.

1 hit oral DOI (blotter / tab)
Dropped one tab of DOI around 7pm, expecting nothing too heavy visually, just a long stretch of amphetamine like energy. I left the blotter on and under my tongue for a few minutes before swallowing it and went to the shops to buy a bottle of vodka. I understood it would take a couple of hours at least to come up, but after an hour I felt as though the chemical had a very slight grip around my brain, giving me a little more energy than would be usual. After the second hour the grip had tightened, I couldn't describe the feeling, too subtle to be euphoric and not lucid enough to be like speed. Not being able to understand where the chemical was taking me made me uneasy initially, but then a wave came over me and I felt as though the DOI was some kind of puppet master with good intentions and I just had to go along for the ride not questioning too much.

My friend was playing music on the laptop and drinking, alternating between psytrance and hardcore and lighting incense and seeming pretty mellow. I didn't feel like vodka, the taste was far too powerful, I started to drink water and felt fascinated by the cool sensation and the shape of the cup on my lips. I was dancing, waiting for some other people to show up, my friend had started drinking heavier and had become slightly disoriented over the course of the third hour. The grip tightened, I would be moving, pacing and dancing frantically, then I'd feel as though I had been thrown to the floor unable to find any energy to move. It went on like this through out, up and down, in and out.

My other friend text to say he couldn't make it, my phone shimmered and the lights on the buttons were crisp and vivid, I sat down and noticed a decrease in energy and a sudden intense increase in visuals. This is where it got interesting. My friend was too drunk too sit, I knew I was on my own, I stared a fabric we'd thrown over the TV with Ying Yang symbols all over it mesmerised by the lines between each circle, it became three dimensional like a magic eye picture. I recall feeling comforted by this, conventional, familiar visuals. I was content to watch the trails and pictures on the wall melting into themselves in new patterns, until my friend started fucking up and blew the entire thing for me for around an hour.

He'd started raving about people being at the door and talking about people being in the house, he'd drank around 35cl of vodka and had become totally incoherent, making me panic and wonder why I couldn't understand him. I'd close my eyes and focus on the visuals, relaxing, until my friend split his drink or knocked some shit over or started talking more shit. In the end I made enough sense of the situation to know I had to get out and be in my own room away from him, that probably took another hour and a lot of panicking and trying to persuade him to sober up.

The move to my own room helped things immensely, I meditated, listened to my own music and took control of my thoughs again, feeling safe in the hands of DOI. The change in atmosphere downstairs had sent me into a state that bordered on delirious.

I switched out the lights and lay down on my bed, I could see formulas, patterns, movement in my mind. I was playing some ambient track and began to imagine myself on some kind of hospital bed, as though I was examining myself. Uneasy about how deep the scenario was going to go I got up and began to type. Again, I was comforted by the familiar traits of the trip, my cursor dragged slowly across the screen, swirls and colour, black and white dancing behind my text. I watched some stand up comedy, feeling directly connected to the jokes, as though I was being specifically targeted. This worked on contrast to what I felt when I closed my eyes.

The world around me shut down as I lowered my eyelids, I felt totally separated from everything, how an ostrich must when it buries its head in the sand. I became a stream of thoughts, no body or place in the physical world. Then when I opened my eyes I absorbed all the detail, it seemed too much for my brain to compute, lines and details and colours and sounds, I felt physically connected to everything. I alternated between open and closed eye visuals, intense connection and dissasociation until I got a phonecall from another friend.

I was surprised at how well I could communicate, I could casually describe the wall turning three dimensional before me and the tastes and smells that would come and go without warning, he offered to come round so we could go for a drive, feeling well enough to leave my room I took him up on the offer. With the exception of seeing a police car at the petrol station the drive was mellow and nothing much happened. The visuals had begun to ease up, and I was comfortable in my own mind.

When my friend came round with the car we chilled out for around another hour or two before leaving. I recall closing my eyes, exploring thoughts and visuals and opening them for fear of becoming lost or going too deep. In hindsight I wish I had been bigger and just went with it. The TV was on, the audience laughter on some comedy show turned to screams for a split second, I opened my eyes and I saw blood on the face of the presenter, again, for a second. My mind seemed to the connect the sound and create something to balance it out visually. I remained fascinated by how I was perceiving the world around me, describing my visuals and thoughts as I drifted in and out to my friend.

I avoided mirrors throughout the course of the trip, I'd get drawn into watching my face shift and melt and contort into something sinister and unfamiliar, just to regret it afterwards.

The visuals and energy were awesome, the entire thing lasted from around 7pm to 7am the following morning. I ended the night mesmerised by the movement in a painting on my friends wall. The only thing that let the experience down was the cramp and nausea I was feeling, my thumbs felt tense and I kept getting chills. Again, with hindsight I'd dismiss all this as harmless side effect, but at the time I was too concerned about my physical wellbeing to let myself go.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87771
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 14, 2011Views: 16,658
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DOI (259) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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