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The Way K Creeps
Citation:   Dopey Mcgee. "The Way K Creeps: An Experience with Ketamine (exp87839)". Feb 1, 2011.

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
Note: Throughout my entire experience with ketamine, I never shot it up, and only snorted the cooked powder. Once or twice I ate the powder, but didn't really get much effect from it, so I stuck to snorting it.

I was first introduced to ketamine in the late summer of 2009. I had been going to raves on the east coast for the past year or so, and had heard of it often and seen it sporadically, but had never done it. Someone I met had it at an afterparty and offered me a bump or two, which I accepted. I had heard many different descriptions of what ketamine does, everything from that it felt like a cross between speed and dxm, to that it made you psychotic – none of which turned out to be true. My first time with it felt almost like my limbs were disembodied from my body, which was kinda cool but no more than a novelty. The thing that struck me the most was that there was no noticeable comedown, instantly attracting me to it since I often stayed away from “party” drugs in apprehension of the comedown.

My next couple experiences with K were much more outrageous than the first – the second I did way more than I intended at a club and ended up wandering around in a stupor overwhelmed by everything around me. The third would turn out to be where I met my first real K connection, but at the time, I had no idea how significant that meeting would be. I was at a field party in the middle of nowhere, and after doing some K with the girl I came with and passing out cause we were too drunk, I woke up and hung out with one of the guys I got it from. At this point I had never taken any more than a few bumps at a time, and as he poured out the rest of the bag and cut up three huge lines for us, I was a little apprehensive but went for it anyway. He gave me two of the lines, and I spent the next couple hours in my tent lying down trying to ride it out, slightly freaking out but occasionally enjoying myself. I left the field party with a number and a promise of bottles of liquid in my future.

Fast forward a few months down the road, and I was buying a few bottles of the liquid at a time, cooking them up, and selling bags at raves while doing K on the weekends. I had become comfortable taking lines of it, and had noticed a tolerance creeping up on me. As I began doing it more and more (2-4 days out of the week), it became apparent that facing a 20 bag (1/6 of a gram) at once wouldn't get me high anymore, and I had to up the dosage. What had started as something I would do on mainly on Fridays, became something that would encompass the entire weekend, and would inevitably creep into my partying when I went out to the bar on Wednesdays.

During this period of escalating K use (January-May), I also began experimenting with tweak with one individual, “Sarah”. Sarah was older than me and had been doing tweak for years, and the first time I ever really got high off of it was with her. For about three months, most weekends I would get high on Friday nights on tweak with her, and stay up the rest of the weekend, doing K and drinking, until Sunday night when I would eventually pass out. One of the most amazing and wholly ridiculous highs I attained was when I would combine K and tweak with one another, the most notable experience being when I did so at a party with Sarah at an abandoned department store. I had never felt so on top of the world but so relaxed at the same time – fortunately I did not make a habit of combining the two.

While this was all going on, I had expanded my business to include a plethora of other drugs, including acid, mushrooms, molly, e pills, and pot. However, I continued to mainly only do K, and stopped the weekend tweak habit altogether around June. By the time the summer started, I had quit selling bags of powder at raves and now only sold the liquid bottles, which I would cook up only for my personal use. A bottle could last me anywhere from a few hours to a few days, as at this point I had begun doing K everyday. The strangest thing was is that it didn't feel like an addiction at all, or even a problem, as there was no depressing comedown, I could sleep on it fine, anytime I did it, I would be fully functional within an hour or two. Sex, which had been difficult to perform (while high on K) the first few times I did it, had been back to normal for a long time when I was on K, and was even better. I was making more than enough money with everything else I was selling, so really, there was nothing stopping me from doing as much as possible. When I began doing it everyday, I even stopped drinking as much (because the combination could get unpleasant), so K became pretty much the only drug I did.

Throughout the summer of 2010, I spent my time working at/going to festivals and raves, and had begun combining the K with molly when I was at those sorts of parties. I was making more money off of selling pot than I ever thought possible, and it didn't really seem like anything could get in my way. However, by mid-July, it became almost impossible to get high off of K without doing absolutely ridiculous amounts of it. Snorting close to half a bottle's worth of powder in one line, something that seemed unfathomable when I first started, now became the norm. I began to notice that my nose would often produce these flat lumps of white snot, which I immediately recognized as cartilage. Still, I didn't stop doing K everyday, and at this point, I began to feel as though I might have a problem. The final straw came about in August, when one day, it began to hurt intensely when I pissed, in addition to it being hard to do so at all, which I initially thought was the clap or something like it, a theory that was put down after a visit to the clinic. Having read about bladder/kidney problems that come about as a result of K use, I determined that the K had to be the cause of it, and stopped doing it immediately. The next time my dealer came over, I told him that I had to stop picking up bottles of K from him, and got rid of every bottle/bag I had in my possession. Within a week or two it stopped hurting at all when I pissed, though I continued to find what I believe were pieces of cartilage from my nose for about a month afterwards.

The weird thing about my long episode with K was that while I did it for about 12 months, 6 months of that being very heavy usage, it never felt like I had a problem, nor did I feel any withdrawal symptoms when I stopped doing it, psychological or otherwise. My brain feels pretty much the same as when I started, minus a lesser ability to concentrate on thing as well, and in fact, depression problems that I had before I began heavy K usage have disappeared entirely (though that could easily be due to other factors). The entire episode was admittedly fun as shit and I don't really regret it at all, but I knew I had to stop when it began affecting my health. Coincidentally, about two weeks after I told my dealer I was quitting, his source for bottles of liquid went under, largely wrecking the K supply for the area, at least for awhile. This made it much easier to stay away from it, though I have done it between 5-10 times since then. The instances have all been casual and light use, though.

Shortly after I quit doing K, I stopped selling all other drugs too, and have been focusing on school and doing much better with life in general. I guess the point of the story is that I found the drug ketamine has a particular way of sucking you in without you realizing it, since the adverse effects are so unnoticable when compared with those of other drugs, and especially if you have a cheap, constant source like I did.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 1, 2011Views: 25,909
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