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E-aster Sunday
Bad/Suspect Ecstasy
Citation:   copperkid. "E-aster Sunday: An Experience with Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (exp87927)". Nov 1, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
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I bought this roll from a kid at school. It was an 'orange lady,' it was mostly yellow-orange with white and bright yellow spots and an imprint of a reclining woman. I held on to it for a while, waiting for a day I had all to myself. Easter Sunday rolls around, and I wake up with no one in my house. I figure that they'll be gone all day, so I pop it in at around 9:00. I had no other drugs in my house, but I did have several pipes coated in resin. An hour later, I decide to scrape all my pipes. I do, and get about a .5 gram ball of tar. I smoke it and relax. I feel the familiar rush you get from smoking resin or hash, and so I put on my 'tripping' music. 20 minutes of Primus later, I'm aware of a different feeling. The resin high is far from over, but I started to get minor visuals and lots of energy. I went to the bathroom, and when I looked in the mirror, I realized I was smiling, sweating, and clenching my jaw without realizing it. I realize that I'm starting to feel the roll come on, so I go to my room and blast the music. It was like being in a wave pool. I could literally feel the music hit my body, collide with the walls, and dissipate into the world. I actually start rolling on the floor laughing and crying.

My dad sticks his head in the door. 'We're going to [your grandparents' house] for Easter Lunch. Get in the car.'
'uhh, dad...'
'I don't really... want to come today'
'Well that sucks, cause you're going. Get downstairs, you have 2 minutes.'

A little background. I actually bought two of these rolls, and gave one to my partner in psycho-nautical exploration. At this point he had rolled once before (different type) and had more experience with psychedelics than me. He took his two weeks before, and almost completely lost it. We both have anxiety issues, and he was completely tweaking out 2 hours into his roll. He got in a car and almost started screaming he was so scared. Needless to say, I was worried as to how I was going to handle myself, since this was my first roll. Thanks to trusted and reputable websites, I was able to do extensive research and learn about the risk I was taking. Anyway, back to the story.

I got dressed (somehow my pants and shirt disappeared) and filled a water bottle. I also brought a journal and my iPod (so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone). Of course, I couldn't just ignore my family all day, and I was only getting higher, so I tried to figure out a strategy. In the 40 minute ride to the house, I watched the colors get more and more intense and the car felt like it was going 1000+ miles per hour. Anyway, we get there and decide to sit on the lawn while the meal is prepared. Now I'm sitting in the blaring sun with no more water, two shirts on, sweating my balls off while staring at the grass and *trying* not to space out. My dad, two brothers, four cousins, and my grandfather are sitting out, too. I was pretty sure my brain was going to pop if I didn't try to change my situation. I picked up my chair, and quite gracefully floated to the opposite end of the green, thirty feet away from everybody, but at least now I'm in the shade. My grandfather remarks to my dad and says that I'm acting spacy. My dad kind of chuckles, but doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. I tell my grandfather that I'm just overtired because of a concert I played last night. He believes me.

About an hour later, after I've drank more water, I'm sitting on the couch when something unexpected happens. Basically everything up to this point has been more or less in tune with the research I did beforehand. But as I'm sitting, I see everything take on a purplish hue. The purplishness gets more intense, and it seems like I'm completely enveloped in a swirling mist of purple. I can't hear anybody talk. I cant feel my own body, and I definitely can't move it. But, it was dinnertime, so I pulled myself together, starting to move by relaxing, letting my body move on its own first, and then just guiding its momentum from there. Another interesting thing I wasn't expecting: Time slowed down, just like in a movie, but less consistently and completely random. I made it to the table. Since I couldn't tell If anyone had said anything, I studied each face and checked if anyone was trying to get my attention. I was handed a full plate of nasty looking food that was obviously bought at K-mart. I am in absolutely no mood to eat, but do not want to cause suspicion, so I very mechanically eat the food. To my surprise and fortune, the food is amazing! It is extremely salty, though, so I drink 4 more glasses of water. Even though I was in the middle of this terribly awesome drug, I am able to keep my mouth shut. I am amazed that I have kept my head this whole time, and I go into the bathroom.

Luckily, most of family has really crappy eyesight (but I'm adopted, so not me). My dad doesn't, but he was next to me, so he didn't see what I saw in the mirror. The whites of my eyes are blisteringly red. My pupils are gargantuan, there is about a 4:1 ratio of pupil to iris. (The reason the colors were so intense was partly due to my eyes letting in so much more light than usual) My whole face is red, and my jaw is so tight, my face looks like there is rope under the skin. I piss, and chug water out of the faucet for about 5 minutes. The hydration cleared up the color in my face and eye whites, but my pupils are still huge and my jaw is still clenched. I piss again, and leave the bathroom. To my surprise, my family says goodbye to me as soon as I step out of the bathroom. My dad and brothers are already in the car, so sprint out, nearly breaking my neck on the staircase.

I thought that I would be coming down around now, but to my dismay, I kept getting higher and higher, even faster now. We get home, and I am alone once again. I get drunk, trying to kill the energy so I'll sleep (I had school the next morning). I wander out of my house and walk through some empty parking lots. I finish my bottle of whiskey, and make my way to the railroad tracks. I walk steadily for about an hour, trying to ignore the increasingly visual factor of the drug. I stop. I look up in the sky. Blackness starts at the edges and swirls in like new water in a toilet. In what felt like a few seconds, there is nothing left. But I haven't blacked out. This is different. I'm not asleep, more like senseless, but conscious. My life, past, present, and future, 'flashes before my eyes.' I didn't actually see anything, but I was simultaneously recalling every experience of life at once. Of course, I thought I was dead, hit by a train while drunk and rolling. Then a pain started in my head. It got worse and worse, like there was a hot object in my head that wasn't there before. It got so bad I started screaming. Then I opened my eyes. The pain subsided almost immediately, seemingly imagined. I got up and walked home, substantially less coordinated than I was before. I tell my dad that I am too tired for dinner. The reality was that I was wired. Didn't sleep that night and skipped school the next day.


The alcohol achieved nothing but giving me a worse hangover.

Drinking water saved my ass.

I was a total zombie for a few days, I had literally no emotions. This effect was still observable for a few weeks afterward.

I found out later that the specific pill I took included MDMA, MDA, ketamine, cocaine, and speed. Had I known this beforehand, I would have not taken the pill and opted for molly instead.

From this experience, I have found that I have almost boundless control over my actions on drugs. I have yet to hear anything from anybody regarding my behavior that day.

I should not have taken ecstasy around your family.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87927
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Nov 1, 2017Views: 1,379
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Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : What Was in That? (26), Large Group (10+) (19)

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