Low Dose a True Writers Supplement
by Anon
Citation:   Anon. "Low Dose a True Writers Supplement: An Experience with 2C-P (exp87992)". Erowid.org. Nov 4, 2010. erowid.org/exp/87992

2 mg oral 2C-P (powder / crystals)
2mg +or- 1mg

T+0.00 4:30pm: Took 2mg of Powdered 2C-P orally.

T+1.00 5:30pm: Effect onset, first signs of anything ‘different.‘ Started feeling heavy, no visuals yet

T+1.10 5:40pm: Effects intensifying, slight short bursts of nausea can be felt, although not troublesome or debilitating.

T+1.22 5:52pm: Effects intensifying at a constant rate, decided to start a Trip report. Still feeling coherent and clear-minded if not sluggish. Still no visuals, although a slight haze and film grain is present. Body feels constantly heavier than onset. Decided to open the window on my fourth floor apartment.

T+1.30 6:00: Effects still intensifying at a constant rate. Very fascinated at the wind on the lake behind my apartment, not expecting any visuals any time soon, besides the haze and film grain. I am starting to feel head pressure very faintly, I am going to walk outside soon with my room mate. I am feeling very passionate about the things I love, I am very loving and very, if this sounds odd ‘cute’ right now. I’m not sure of any other way to explain it.

T+1.40 6:10pm : Effects STILL intensifying, As of right now, I am feeling more body sensations and fuzzy visuals, but at least my mind is still very clear and coherent. This is a very inspirational drug, I feel very emotional and aware. Not very paranoid, but sort of just “acceptance” of anything that could and can happen. Loud Noises SCARE me, but if I reflect on them I get over being scared. My thought patterns can’t really be pin-pointed yet, although I am feeling rather on-the-fly or random. I feel as if the big problems in my life are gone, and I can look at things I want really badly, and be alright with not having them right now…

T+2.00 6:30pm: Getting distracted doing the trip report, feeling a huge urge to write and express my feelings as fast as I can because I am getting so distracted with some things. After reading my last entry, I can say that I am more open to expressing my deepest secret thoughts, but only on a word document. (Later note: I am going to keep the things I wrote out of this report but I want it known that I wrote almost 2 pages of some of my deepest thoughts that are troubling me. This is a writers drug.)

T+4.00 8:30pm. I walked around with my room mate for awhile, having some smokes. He took a lot more than me, but I want to focus on myself. I was amazed that the ‘peak’ is this stable for so long. Its literally been the same, no matter what. Its fantastic. I love the feeling like this is never going to go away. I re-read the things I wrote earlier. I have to say that it still makes sense. Although tomorrow, I might not be able to read it. I thought psychedelics were going to be a disaster for me, with my deep thoughts such as that. But it isn’t, I’m almost really insightful. Focusing on things physically is hard, things blur in and out. While we were walking, I became almost tired. I’m worried this trip report isn’t going to be useful, but I’ll try my best as I’m technically ‘trip-sitting’ my room mate, who did 10mg instead of my 1-2mg. All in all, this is fantastic. I’ll try to do another check-up later. Anyways, I’m out.

T+5.00 9:30pm. The effects have almost totally worn off. I don’t have much to say, I have low drive for writing.

Conclusions: Notice my increased drive to write during the peak,. An interesting note is how I wasn’t very aware of the comedown, which was probably because of my small dose. Looking back, I have almost no memory loss. The entire time my mind remained clear even with the distractions of body sensations. All in all, it was a very uplifting experience, and very positive.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87992
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 4, 2010Views: 25,547
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2C-P (305) : Performance Enhancement (50), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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