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Conscious Sedation
Propofol & Ketamine
Citation:   Convoluted Blasphemy. "Conscious Sedation: An Experience with Propofol & Ketamine (exp88003)". Sep 16, 2017.

75 mg IV Pharms - Propofol
  75 mg IV Ketamine
It was a warm summer day, the perfect day for a bike ride. The sun kept from searing us as it was tucked behind the broken cloud cover. That is when I shattered my wrist.

Off to the hospital I went. The standard routine of examination and x-ray ensued. The hospital staff explained to me that I would need to be sedated to set my arm. Curious as to the drug they were going to use, I was surprised to hear that it would be Ketamine.

“That is used recreationally, is it not?” I said with slight intrigue.
“It is not recommended.” was the response from the nurse.

Because of my interest, experience and fascination with hallucinogens and psychedelics, I was almost giddy to be subjected to a psychedelic in a relatively safe and controlled environment. Albeit sterile and cold, I knew that if they had an issue, then they would look after me. Bring it on.

“How much are you going to give me?”
“We will write it all down for you so you can look it all up later, if you like. But, we are going to give you 75mg of Propofol and 75 mg of Ketamine. That will keep you awake, but incoherent while we set your arm in place.”

I am pretty sure I irritated the anesthesiologist with my questions as he was preparing to administer the drugs and being that I had been put under a few times prior for surgeries, etc I asked if I needed to “count down from 100” as is typically asked during the administration of anesthetics.

“Please count in your head then.” was his response.

There was no need. Within a few seconds I was incoherent. Then, what felt like a few seconds was actually an hour or so of nothing. Absolutely no recollection of what occurred during that time
Absolutely no recollection of what occurred during that time
and I was completely oblivious to pain and reality.

After this hour or so elapsed is when I started to gain some thought process and started observing. My arm was supported by some blankets and cushions as it had been adjusted and wrapped during this time. My first glance back in the real world was my arm seemingly hovering in front of me and the world assembling in the periphery of my stationary arm. Like time lapsed video the world assembled in the background with my arm fixed motionless in the foreground. It appeared as if I was in a tunnel with liquid walls, like the edges of the water would look if the sea were parted before you. These edges appeared undulating, blurry and chaotic.

I tried to focus and gain some clarity from it all. I had no recollection of time. Could have been minutes or hours. Slowly the psychedelic visionary aspect started to fade and I was left with my newly found head space trying to quantify and rationalize the experience. My mind was racing and the poor nurse had to endure me describing everything I knew about MAOIs, blood-brain barrier, trace elements in steam and water chemistry, reagents and chemical chromatography and other dense and technical related topics. A million miles an hour I raced through thoughts and vocalized most of them. I soon realized that I was talking so fast that it was probably incomprehensible. I intentionally and consciously tried to slow down all thought and speech, only to discover that I had now gone to the other extreme and slurred all my words into a slow drawl. Then as fast as it seemed to have come on, I was back to reality. “Reality is a bitch, eh?” was my proclamation. The nurse mentioned that my actions were pretty typical for how other patients react.

Absolutely mind blowing and aside from breaking my arm, I was quite happy to trip out. The following days filled with morphine, oxycodone and codeine paled in comparison. I had to spend a couple nights in the hospital but I couldn't wait to get home and smoke a bowl of some of BC's finest.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88003
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Sep 16, 2017Views: 3,433
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Pharms - Propofol (490), Ketamine (31) : Combinations (3), Hospital (36)

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