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A Gentle Push of the Mind
2-Fluoroamphetamine & DMT
by Solipsis
Citation:   Solipsis. "A Gentle Push of the Mind: An Experience with 2-Fluoroamphetamine & DMT (exp88087)". Nov 12, 2010.

T+ 0:00
5 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 30 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 25 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 25 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 27.5 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 37.5 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:10 35 mg insufflated 2-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:20 40 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 9:30 3 hits smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


General set: I am a male of 25 years old, 125 lbs, my experience with psychoactives is extensive: most of the common 2C-X, about 5 different substituted tryptamines, AMT, nitrous, cannabis, GHB, benzo’s, MDMA, mescaline, LSD, DMT, DPT, 5-MeO-DMT, DOB, cannabis, amphetamine, 4-FMC, 4-MMC, ethcathinone, MDPV, alpha-PPP, 4-FMP, bk-MBDB, bk-MDMA, beta-hydroxy stimulants, opium, oxycodone, codeine, tramadol, several nootropics, ketamine, DXM, Z-drugs, and more to complete a long list.

I love to think out-of-the-box, be creative (preferably absurdly and mind-fucking), tests confirm high mental potential, but unfortunately other types of tests show significant traits of OCD and narcissism.

Setting: at home in my room, lounging in sweatpants and surfing the internet, watching a movie, play a game or do other things on a lazy day.

This report is not too short and reading it can be shortened by skipping the thought tangents and you can stop where I describe the experience of DMT. Honestly there is not much you would miss: the combination was not very special at all although there was an adverse reaction that may have had something to do with the combination. OK on with the report!

I start off with 5 mg to test the waters. There is no significant effect, if anything it feels benign enough to convince me to proceed after a period of maybe 30 minutes.

11:55 AM / T+0:00 / 30 mg 2-FA insufflated

It has more burn than dextroamphetamine and initially there is less euphoria than amphetamine (either dex or racemic) but it is there also taste not all that different from 4-fluoroamphetamine though I have never insufflated that before. Something reminds of 4-FMC as well, a drug I could really appreciate when I sampled that when it became available.

The effects come up within 5 minutes, physically it produces the calming of dextroamphetamine without the stimulation that basically any amphetamine that I know of tends to give. What is very apparent is that smoothness that literally all fluoro-substituted stimulants I have tried have.

I am very clearheaded and mentally charged up to the point of not knowing what to do with myself. There are so many options that it begins to blur making a decision a little but I seem to be able to get used to it soon enough. The drip is quite unpleasant. I am playing a game online as if my life depended on it - but no stress at all! Just trying to get a job done, in a peacefully frantic way. Honestly this is the compound that has brought that motivation in me most of all substances, not even regular or dextro-amphetamine have done this to this extent. Those sure are more powerful in a way, but 2-FA is more efficient. Methylphenidate is mainly good to get me high, although it does give me a certain drive to do things. This compound right here though is perfect of focus. I could not imagine how beautiful it would work together with piracetam and some day I may try it out when there is a tedious task begging for that challenge, to prove its performance. How about a combination with 2C-D, I wonder?

It is now the 30 minute mark and I will see if it is true that the tendency to produce euphoria is not only limited but has a ceiling effect. Do I feel nice? Yes i feel quite fine indeed. But that's not the same as the overdone unrealistic awesomeness of most stimulants. There is a definite moodlift considering I am not preoccupied with some quite immediate problems in my professional life anymore. I feel risen above that, having rational oversight without feeling insensitive.

T+0:30 / 25 mg insufflated

Wow I would not give this chemical as a birthday gift to my sinuses, although some chewing gum seems to help with smoothening the beginning soreness of the back of my throat. I fear the burny drip will still come though. Hmm no, it soon enough appears I am wrong about that: the stimulant effect seems to make me not feel that anymore. Against expectation I feel most wonderful in terms of actual euphoria, a clean peaceful feeling inside that reminds of the MDMA-esqua quality 4-FA can have.

Sidetracked thoughts:

Personally I have blown my mind with MDMA more than once (and paid for it afterwards), I have not used it as many times as a lot of other people I know and the far majority of the time I left an adequate period between uses. I learned that the hard way, because unlike alcohol hangovers MDMA-hangovers imprinted me with the unwillingness to go through that except for something special enough, an occasion that is worthy. Well, the magic faded faster than I wished it to and at some point I tried methylone. There is a lack of that unworldly magic with methylone, there is not the kind of love that makes you feel you could just die right then and there - but I liked that, the smooth laid-back feeling of euphoria that was very strong nonetheless trumps MDMA for me except for those very precious few moments in life that are special enough.

4-Fluoramphetamine is something I like because it too has euphoria that is strong enough to be quite content for a few hours followed by a social opening and sustained stimulation that keeps going and going all night long but all the while my feet stay on the ground... unlike MDMA with which I am lifted off and hovering through exquisite beauty.

Coming back to 2-Fluoramphetamine, I would say the cognitive enhancement and clarity are its main features as it would simply not work to try and party on. Then again, there is this euphoria that is so smooth up to the point of almost not being there, but that is definitely different than saying that it is like a compound that is virtually not euphoric. It is undoubtfully there! But there is an overlay of a rational direction, as if I feel welcomed to engage in heaps of mental work.

T+1:00 / 25 mg insufflated

Physical stimulation (side-effects) becomes apparent now, meaning heartrate becomes noticable but not too bad. So far I am having a hard time distinguishing this from dextroamphetamine, though at times there are differences I am trying to convey to you.
Perhaps dextroamphetamine is more clearly euphoric, especially when repeatedly redosing. It was not apparent at first but I am starting to detect a certain fiending quality although by far not as prominent as most short-acting stimulants. Right now I am especially intrigued to find out how a sort of ceiling may be reached.

If we look at 4-fluoroamphetamine again it starts with a few hours of methylone-like euphoria, empathogenesis and entactogenesis (though lacking entheogenesis even more than methylone compared to MDMA), then it settles into many hours of stimulation. That part is really not bad, but not great either. The timeline seems to make it so that none or very few redoses are needed or warranted to be satisfied. It is not even worthwhile to redose after a certain period of time because mostly the stimulation is extended without having another initial stage. It is my opinion (based on the experience of many compounds, including a lot of psychedelics) that once a certain point in time is crossed there is a virtually irreversible advancement to the next stage of the drug's effects. Redosing a drug rarely returns me to an earlier stage unless the dose is so high that a new peak is produced despite tolerance and progress of stadia.

I am not sure about the timeline of the different stages of 2-FA but a seeming beginning of a drop in the early stage after only 30 minutes makes me believe the overall timeline is significantly shorter than that of 4-FA. It would be quite interesting indeed if 3-FA would prove to produce a timeline that falls right in between those of the former two. As I understand it, 3-substituted amphetamines, especially halo-substituted ones, are most likely not the way to go from a (neuro)toxicological point of view. But I could be completely wrong so take this as a rumor so how much of this is substantiated by evidence, I don't know, but I would personally trust the suggested probabilities of theory.

Trying to compound the aforementioned with actual research I searched the web at T+2:40 and found a marked focus and speed of global reading. This would not surprise a lot of people considering we are dealing with an amphetamine but I must emphasize how fluently this felt. As I understand it mental stimulation pertains to a fine line between over-stimulation and under-stimulation which both have their consequences, ADHD-symptoms and the efficacy of appropriate medicines are related to this. People with that so-called disorder are naturally over-stimulated but drugs that stimulate them even more in the right way cause a whole other optimum allowing proper functioning (as if there are two peaks instead of one). Don't take my word for this though. It is my impression that 2-FA actually approaches a sort of optimum for clarity and mental stimulation, although it has to be kept in mind that this holds true for me personally in this setting at this time.

I am typing a lot but do not have a feeling of wanting to ramble to random people i.e. there have been times I have felt more like I was ranting because I could not help myself. These were some thoughts I was strongly motivated to express. But I remember my earlier plans which are to first explore the effects of meditation on the experience this compound and secondly to explore the sexual effects. As I stood up to turn on a light and wanted to turn on some music I could feel a rise in heart rate that prompted me to count it, it seemed to immediately go slower although not extremely - I count 94 BPM. I do feel like I have an amphetamine in my body now but a benign one like - again - dextro-amphetamine.

T+1:30 25-30 mg

Right now I am going to meditate - music sounds quite nice but not very deeply touching, at least not more than normal.

(Notes after trying) It was hard to get into a completely relaxed state due to the stimulation and at first it seemed like about 10 different thoughts or thought processes were trying to fight for my focus and I could make nothing of it. Not long after I selected one that clearly deserves emphasis, namely my work problems. I analysed the situation and formulated a course of action that seemed like the only thing to do. I am really unhappy with what has already happened but found a level plane ground where I can see it is just the way it is and I will just have to accept what happens next and make the best of it I can. Rationality was feeling more matter-of-fact than normal.

When I was lying meditating a little later I felt feather-light even though I awoke with horrible heaviness this morning. It seemed to me like lying down was not the best position though, so I sat up in half lotus position and felt centred and balanced right away. This compound is not especially great for meditation in my opinion, probably because it promotes a wakeful acuity that is much more fit for concentration on the specific and not the unspecific.

(Real-time notes)
I feel like vaporizing some synthetic N,N-DMT later on, even though I know it's not very wise to do this on a stimulant and when trying a compound for the first time. I have experience vaporizing DMT on 4-fluoramphetamine though and it went very well. That particular experience was quite different from other DMT trips in that I envisioned a very fast sequence of random unrelated concepts, objects, people I don’t know, etc; like flipping through a deck of cards or a Rolodex and thinking little of it. I believe it felt like about 50 images per second flashed before my eyes and it was interesting but not enlightening at all.

T+2:00 35-40 mg

Sexually it was stimulating, I had more of a sex-drive, one that was sustainable although less than pretty much most other stimulants I have tried. It was easier to keep going for a longer period of time during which lust slowly increased more and more. When distracted keeping an erection was harder (no pun intended) but with the proper stimuli there was that much trouble to bring it back. Unlike many other stimulants it did not take a huge amount of time to reach climax, it was interesting to experience a compound that went only half way in this respect - worthwhile indeed.
I feel that when I take a stimulant that keeps me going on and on time goes out the windows and my feeling of self does as well. It becomes animalistic and hedonism seems to become me. Pleasure for the flesh but empty fun for the rest.

I feel somewhat disappointed to be so down to earth, but I realize that it has its own potential that way.

In a minute I will take a booster dose and consider DMT at some point, although I may decide against it. I will also have to start thinking about if that redose will be the last. It has the acute addictive qualities (fiending) of short-acting stimulants, like I said, but it seems to have this less than dextro-amphetamine and actually the least of all (meth)amphetamine and (meth)cathinone analogues I have tried. Something else I have to note is that I have little resistance to go and tidy my room (it is in dire need) so that my environment is as pure and consistently flowing as are my thoughts. Like with many other stimulants I never actually arrive at this because there are so so much other things to do as well.

T+3:10 35 mg

Feeling slightly tweaky already before insufflating, I decide this is the last for this session, but I later override this decision and go for a little more. Again not painful, it was only painful the first time, it is discomforting after having cleaned out my nose well though. Somehow I have grown a liking to the albeit chemical taste/smell of all fluorinated stimulants I have had. 4-FMC takes the cake though. Another interesting phenomenon is that some stimulants (some more than others) apparently produce metabolites that are excreted in my sweat that are not easily missed. And some make my sweat smell in a way that I can really appreciate, probably because I associate it with the effect of the compound, but there almost must be something else involved that seems similar to a pheromone mechanism. Something like vaporizing the metabolite to induce some sort of euphoric effect. 4-FMC does this best for me but 2-FA is also not bad.

T+4:20 around 40 mg DMT

My preparation was most careful this time in terms of health safety: I burned the noxious chemicals out of the piece of choreboy (that fumed away and left a residue) and constructed a way to keep that on top of a tiny bowl of aluminium hanging above the hole that leads to the bong I use. I tried to infuse the choreboy with about 35 mg of DMT by throwing it in and heating both on a spoon. Part of it melted through and I had to scrape it off the spoon. By accident I spilled some DMT that was still
powder. I decided to add the rest of the DMT that was in a 50 mg total initial packed dose. I estimate there was now 40 mg in there.

A playlist was selected with some care and my room was superficially tidied up (I was motivated to do it right earlier but much more interesting things came up, as it often goes). I stalled some volcanic rocks out that I found climbing the Etna on Sicily, hoping that some identity of the experience and the objects from it would permeate into the trip. Stones in my aquarium have turned into self-transforming elves a while ago although this was with reddish extracted DMT and I have seen very few elves since I started using synthetic DMT. I laid out a glass to dispose of nasty tastes in my mouth (primarily for pyrolysis and burned DMT residue) and a bottle of water. I put a blanket on my couch and some cushions for meditation and laying down. On my screen I set a very trippy video from Rick Robin with morphing images ready to play.

Three hits were taken, although the first one was not very thorough. What was a pleasant success was that the preparation was absolutely not being hard on my throat or lungs: the principle from “the machine” was applied to the bong and it worked.
Secondly, there was an uncomfortable phenomenon regarding my breathing. After holding the hits in for 15-20 seconds I started tripping and gasped for air from the somewhat overwhelming effects. Things like my painting spinning on the wall and everything was basically moving around a lot. The gasping for air became something reminding of hyperventilation: I was preoccupied with getting enough air because my automatic breathing felt like it was broken and I could not rely on it. My breaths were very irregular and I alternated between calming myself and taking slow breaths and taking a deeper breath to be sure that I would not suffocate. The feeling was panicky and alarming, there didn’t really seem anything to worry about but it was hard to shake nonetheless. The experience spontaneously made me long for techniques like meditation, yoga or t'ai chi and I looked up basic yoga techniques online to practice and started right away. It was not immediately rewarding but probably will be on the longer term.

T+9:30 – If I remember correctly 35 mg DMT

Again three hits, but this time the second one was inadequate. In all it felt like less than 35 mg but it was just as clean on the lungs as before. And it was not the 2-fluoroamphetamine either, I was not sore after the effects of that wore off. There was just even more irregular breathing and basically more chaos. The experience was not worthwhile. I would say it agitated me and I think the 2-FA was a good part of the reason. Still, there was a clear message shining through the discomfort and chaos which was that I should not worry so much but importantly at the same time (and this next bit was also a lesson from first trip) be more responsible by having a conscious towards self. Having a conscious towards others has probably never been that much of a problem. Self-worth is more key here. Why fall in self-destructive patterns and think nihilistically about it?


I would not take DMT with a stimulant except maybe a modest dose of (bk-)MDMA.
The 2-FA reminded me of dextro-amphetamine and of 4-FA and 4-FMC regarding the feeling of a soft blanket over the euphoria. I tried a little to find a purpose for taking 2-FA and found the mental clarity helpful but the experience as a high short-lived. It was interesting to have tried this but given the opportunity I don’t know if it is really worth risking possible adverse effects if dextro-amphetamine is available.

The hangover or after-effects were also very much like that of dextro-amphetamine or 4-FA. Probably not very different from taking enough of these compounds to produce an experience of equal duration. Residual stimulation and side-effects like mild cramping of the hands or wrists or a feeling of risen heart rate were duly noted but not excessive considering the number of redoses I took. Actually I really think that if one would limit this much more the compound could be felt to be forgiving and stay as clean as I initially described it to be.

Ideas about the possible purposes for 2-FA:

One thing I have emphasized is the similarity to dextro-amphetamine. As a recreational drug or euphoriant I don't see much worth in it even if it is quite nice, there are better options. But I would encourage exploration of the effects of 2-FA for
people with AD(H)D and - who knows - OCD and somewhat bordering disorders. It might be worthwhile to compare 2-FA with 3-FA and 4-FA and better even: take their dextrorotatory forms and consider trials. Perhaps the wheels are already set in motion, or there are reasons already known why this is not the way to go.


I was not happy to see myself redose a little-known drug like that even if I did not go full-on right away. Some effects can definitely be cumulative and something could have gone wrong. Like other times I have to admit I made a mistake here and not let it come this far the next time, never mind the apparently safe course of events. Some compounds are more prone to redose more times than one really should (certain cathinones come to mind) and some people are more sensitive than others as well. To be clear: I am primarily a psychedelic enthusiast and never appreciated stimulants until later on. However I have an addictive tendency and show traits of 'low latent inhibition' that seem linked with tendencies of disinhibited behaviour. Drugs that are disinhibiting themselves can impair my judgement and do things I regret although by far not as bad as I have read other peoples escalations. GABAergic disinhibiting drugs can also act as a gateway to decide to use other drugs I would otherwise not take.

In conclusion I hope you found this information worthwhile and interpret my findings the way I meant them and not as propaganda or mere recommendation.

Please think about the way you experiment with drugs or use them recreationally and don't allow yourself to lie to yourself or look the other way, I've been there and don't pretend to be out of the woods. But I have already seen that some things are risks and some things are inevitable and it can save yourself some real pain to not let it come to a crisis or an accident.

Be safe, still enjoy all the things we are in the very end free to enjoy and explore.
I can't of course say anything about the laws that may hold you back.

[Erowid Note: the reported dose was given as 'repeated 2-FA 275 mg total in session', which is a different total than the time-stamped doses mentioned in the body of the report.]

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88087
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Nov 12, 2010Views: 28,947
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2-Fluoroamphetamine (519) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), General (1)

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