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Energy Sprites and our Ancestral Halls
Ketamine & LSD
by Tekk
Citation:   Tekk. "Energy Sprites and our Ancestral Halls: An Experience with Ketamine & LSD (exp88221)". Mar 7, 2018.

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


**THIS IS A VERY INTENSE EXPERIENCE** I will likely not repeat this experience, and do K only in small quantities at festivals from now on. I'm pretty sure I've seen everything I ever want drugs to show me, although I suspect I may still smoke DMT sometimes. This report may read confusingly, that's intentional. It really belies the experience I feel...

Also dubstep is a style of music that just sounds... like a bunch of robots. If you're not familiar with it I recommended it at least in the context of understanding the k-hole experience.

So I decided abruptly to go into a k-hole to escape thinking about life problems. I'd just lost control of my thoughts for about 20 minutes or so and said fuck it because I was only saving the K until this afternoon anyway. For the record it was that same old catch 22 'drugs cause all my problems but they conveniently help me forget' etc. I was already planning on quitting after this weekend anyway, so I figure go hard or go home. That's how I'd always done it anyway. So I (stupidly/awesomely?) put a k-hole and a half on a key and snapped it all once. Each additional K dose was roughly the same size for the duration of this trip. I was standing near the bed, I layed down and then OCEANS OF PURPLE. I was being crushed underneath miles of liquid currents with white music notes floating all around me. My girlfriend said something to me and I rolled over and hugged her. I saw a partial silhouette of her in the ocean but then it turned black and green (Sort of like a Van Goh) and very turbulent, I 'lost her' and yelled out. At this point I figured I shouldn't stay in the room and keep her awake as she had to work, so I went to the apartment downstairs to see my friends.

So this is when I dosed. My best friend just picked up a vial and was setting us all up on the house. I was jibbbering a bit of nonsense about my earlier experience and they were apprehensive about dosing me because they were already tripping, but they eventually conceded knowing I'd be fine. Nothing extraordinary happened while I was down here. We watched Tim Burton's Alice and it was less good than tripping in the theatre, whoo. But when I did come up on the acid I got really really tired. The more visually I came up, the more tired I became. By the time I left the holes in the ceiling panels were rainbow colored and had highlighter outlines tracing patterns in them.

And this is when blast off happened. (I was listening to dupstep the week before this, and composed dubstep in my head for the whole trip. Each additional keybump will be notated by BLAST) I went upstairs and took another huge keysnap and went to lie down. I felt all of my limbs spaghettify and myself and the bed grown about 1.5 times. But then the whole room shrank to half it's original size and we shrank with it. I saw the room move into a tesserract pattern of moving mechanical rooms/dimentional space. I visited the realm of energy sprites and semi-mechanical golems for who knows or cares how long.BLAST

One of the energy sprites noticed my marijuana pipe. As I smoke it he flows into the ember, into my lungs, back out again and into the head of his original owner: My new kitten Spooky Kitty. The memory I have of this next part runs backwards. I appear to be charming the cat from it's state of prone to upright on two legs. Because the way my brain processed this was backwards, it gave me the illusion of making the cat twist and eventually levitate by moving three fingers in the air of lightly across his face. After this I saw several things at once: that happening magnified to the most complex and reduced to the least complex of dimensions. Instantly I realized that atoms/stars probably naturally produce something similar to 'dubstep' at another level of consciousness because once while smoking DMT I heard those same sounds before I had ever heard of that genre. Is that all the universe is? Some cosmic DJ's nastiest mashup, with a definite end for all of us? BLAST

After this there are no words. Only awe. I saw other worlds, universes defy even the basest of explanations. I know now of the madness that H.P. Lovecraft speaks. Aldous Huxley's Heaven and Hell postulates that they are the same place/experience and colored by the observer. I experienced both of these worlds, seperately at first, then together. After a few periods of fuzzyness and connection errors I'm in the actual land of spirits. BLAST The great ancestral halls of the human race are perhaps the most hauntingly beautiful things I've ever seen. Mile high organic/technologic spires containing every soul who's ever lived, an ephemeral mist is ever-present and I am soothed by feelings of warmth and love. After this I only remember Jungian archetypes, lots of colors and brights geometric explosions. I woke up this morning with colored blobs dripping on me.

So there's the best high of my life. Better than 10 hits of acid, better than candyflipping. DMT on acid? No chance. I think you get the idea. A good strong k-hole in low light can do alot of this, but to really spend time wherever I get sent and be able to remember what I was shown, the L does more than miracles.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88221
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Mar 7, 2018Views: 1,187
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Ketamine (31), LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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