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Dane to Done
by JayeBent
Citation:   JayeBent. "Dane to Done: An Experience with Methadone (exp88223)". Nov 15, 2022.

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5 mg oral Methadone
  T+ 3:00 5 mg oral Methadone


I received a 10 mg methadone tablet, from a friend of mine who is on chronic pain management treatment. I have had some previous experience with most of the prescription opiates, including the Fentanyl transdermal patch when you didnít have to trade the souls of your unborn to get it. I was slightly more hesitant about taking the methadone, because of the myriad of nasty experiences, reports and deaths I have heard associated with it. Like all smart bag heads (smart being the operative word here, folks) I did my research.

Cue to a dull Saturday afternoon, where my experience begins, as most of my drug experiences do, with me looking for a way to avoid doing the laundry. I broke my tablet in half, and took my first 5 mgs at 1 p.m. Effects could be felt approximately 1.5 hours later. The most accurate way for me to describe the feeling is a nice, pleasant glow. I in no way had the same euphoric rush that I receive when taking shorter-acting opiates. I had no nausea, paranoia or somnolence. (Well, other than what I normally feel, anyway.)

I decided it was safe to take my second half right around 4 p.m. On the advice of my opiate-yoda, (no, unfortunately he isnít green) I chewed the last 5 mgs and ate a bowl of cereal. Apparently, unlike most of the shorter acting opiates, methadone is more quickly activated if it is ingested with food. No major increases in euphoria or alterations in mood were noted after the second tablet half.

All in all, I had a pleasant first time experience with methadone. It isnít a drug that I would sell my mother to repeat, but on the flipside, I wouldnít turn down another free experience.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88223
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Nov 15, 2022Views: 303
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