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Psychedelic, Intense and Incredible
JWH-018 ('K2 Blonde' bowl resin)
by Bean
Citation:   Bean. "Psychedelic, Intense and Incredible: An Experience with JWH-018 ('K2 Blonde' bowl resin) (exp88238)". Jul 30, 2015.

1 hit smoked JWH-018


I am currently 19 and live in Orlando, Florida and had experimented with a variety of the different types of 'Herbal Incenses'. No matter what type of ingredients listed on the packaging, the psychoactive ingredient is JWH-018.

This psychoactive ingredient is very different than some people think. It's most commonly referred to as a 'cannabinoid'. This is not fully the case. The initial onset of the substance mimics cannabis, as does the general high from it in low doses. In higher doses however this substance can become psychedelic, trippy, and cause hallucinations (for me: open eyed, and close eyed).

With mild use I had previously 'imagined things', but did not consider them hallucinations. They were. Once I had been vacuuming in me and my girlfriend's apartment and I imagined that the legs on the chairs I was moving were becoming noodle-like. But this subsided once I diverted my attention elsewhere. Shortly after I thought that the apartment was shaking, but it was only the projected shadows from the back-lit ceiling fan. I found this very strange, but what I experienced later on was crazy compared to this.


I owned a glass pipe (a peace) in which my friends, my girlfriend, and I all smoked out of. I had not cleaned the bowl in at least a month or two and we had all smoked out of it many times. Resin was definitely accumulating nicely in the bowl. I am not an avid smoker, but my girlfriend at the time told me I could use the resin if I ever ran out (kind of like pot).

One day I was bored and decided I had 3-4hrs to kill and since I had moved back in with my parents, I thought I shouldn't take that time for granted. I decided to scrape my bowl and smoke the resin. I scraped the bowl and came up with a very small little ball of resin (Around half of a pea, in size. I smoked it and it didn't hit me as quickly as usual so I continued to smoke it till it was all gone...

Everything went as usual: I felt very stoned within just 5-10 minutes, but could still walk around just fine. Nothing was too different. Very soon I did loose my perception of time and 1 minute would seem forever as I checked my clock, and upon doing something else and coming back 5 min would pass almost instantaneously. I was probably more stoned than I had ever been before.

Things felt really different. The back of my head and the tip of my nose were really numb and I felt somewhat very tingly with energy flowing from different parts of my body, both towards me and away from me. The energy always seemed to come from me, though. That was interesting. Again, like I said before... something was very, very different this time. For starters my 'high symptoms' had plateaued, but I would find myself experiencing new things and thinking I was higher than usual.

That was the case. I called my girlfriend to explain what was going on, because I was a bit frightened and probably would feel better talking to someone about it. As I walked down the hall as I talked to her I started to see things and feel things. My first feeling was as if the house was turning in on itself, like its energy was folding itself in towards me. It was not frightening but just interesting. Also: As i walked down the hall I would see shapes almost as if being thrown at me. Like triangles of puffs of air, not smoke, but air. These 'puffs' or 'blurs' would be in the shape of triangles and squares and circles. I decided to just speak with her later and just 'live it real quick'.

I had previously seen things that I would 'Imagine' when on this, but never quite like this. At this point anything that came to mind (anything I imagined)could become a reality. Sadly this substance usually made me very paranoid. Given the paranoia: I would constantly be checking through my blinds due to the fact I heard noises like a car parking, the shutting of a car door, or lights. This was not the case.... I was imagining all of it, until my parents really got home. I could barely tell the difference between reality and these hallucinations at this point.

As I saw them walking up to the front door to unlock it, I decided to jump in the shower and pretend to be taking a long shower till it subsided. I ran into the bathroom stripped down, and look at myself in the mirror. I couldn't make out if I looked stoned or not. Every time I thought about my pupils being dilated they were, and if I didn't they weren't. I didn't know the difference between my imagination and reality, and I couldn't control it.

Most of my hallucinations happened in the shower. Something I forgot to mention was throughout the beginning of the trippy-part of the high, I would hear a background noise: Whaaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaaaa.... a deep pulsating noise, and coming from a certain point in the house. This was one of my auditory hallucinations. Once I was in the shower I (assuming my parents were concerned with me due to the paranoia) kept hearing my parents slamming fists on the door, and screaming questions like 'are you ok?', ' Is everything alright?', 'How long are you going to be in there?', and my mother crying screaming my name. I decided to be quiet. I reasoned with myself: if they thought I was 'in danger' or 'unwell' they would barge right in. I stayed shut, not saying a word which was a good decision.

While in the shower thinking about the water I would close my eyes and be under a huge waterfall somewhere in the Amazon, and even when I opened my eyes it seemed I was still there although I could see I wasn't. Also listening to the background noise and attempting to figure it out I found myself on the roof looking at the sky as a large object passed over my house. I attributed the noise to aliens apparently and Hallucinated I was on top of my house watching a space craft hover over my neighborhood.

Being paranoid again about my parents over-thinking me being in the shower for so long, I decided to dry myself and run to my room in a towel. I did just that. I ran to my room and got straight into bed. They walked in and asked me how my day was... I would respond to questions they wouldn't even ask me. Thoughts would rush into my head to the point that I couldn't even hear my parents right beside me.

Had it not been dark in my room I'm sure they would have noticed, but luckily they just thought I was tired. As I lay in my bed worried as hell about how long this was going to last I would feel the energies again. This time I would feel I was floating through the bed towards the ground and away from the bed into mid-air.


The experience was more than I had bargained for. Definitely wasn't looking to be hallucinating for a good hour or two and be paranoid for most of that time. It was an incredible experience... and although I did not mention this earlier I also 'bargained with God' given I though I was going to go insane or die in a panic.

Although a bit scary, the experience was intense and incredible. I wouldn't say that I would want to do the substance again the way I did, but I would love to see what I saw again.

**** One more thing I forgot to mention*****

At the beginning of when I smoked it I actually had a hallucination while I was outside. This was within the first 10 min of smoking the substance. I was already experiencing my first onset of paranoia pretty early in the game. I heard someone walking across the street in front of my house and 'imagined' that they were running at me. This is when I quickly walked inside for the rest of the night. (Just throwing that in there so you know how quick the onset is for the high)

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88238
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 30, 2015Views: 4,599
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JWH-018 (483) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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