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A Blur of Dancers
bk-MDMA (Methylone), Ethylcathinone & Cannabis
Citation:   J. Spooky. "A Blur of Dancers: An Experience with bk-MDMA (Methylone), Ethylcathinone & Cannabis (exp88256)". Erowid.org. Dec 9, 2010. erowid.org/exp/88256

  smoked Cannabis
  100 mg oral Methylone
  1 line insufflated Ethylcathinone
  1 line insufflated Ethylcathinone
Earlier on in the evening, I had been planning to attend a friend's party. Overall, I had a decent time, but crashed pretty quickly near the end. I started off my night in good spirits, glad to be partying with some friends especially since there were a number of them I hadn't seen or partied with in a while, and I had been saving a night like this to do something that I haven't done in a while. This is my first experience with Methylone and Ethcathinone. Methylone has a more mild, open feeling to it, whereas Ethcathinone is a stimulant, and depending on sensitivity, I imagine it could take someone pretty far. I have done MDMA, MDA, press tabs and smoked a decent amount of pot before in my life. So this wasn't something entirely new to me. But anyway, we were all chillin' and having a good time, smoking a few bowls. My friend offered me the dancers and considering my friends were equally as interested I asked him a little more about them and we bought and ate them after a short while of deliberating.

I enjoy very much the onset of Methylone. It is very calming and almost has a slightly sedative effect. I have heard some people say they found it to be a shitty, unnoticeable dosage to take so little (100mg) but I personally enjoyed it and found myself opening up socially and making connections with several of my friends at the party. My ex, who has not spoken much with me for a few months, was on the dancers as well and we managed to remain peaceful the entire, which was something that made me quite nervous at the beginning of the party. I noticed that the increased heart rate I experienced after having taken the bong tokes soon dissipated, and I was quite relaxed. The only downside to the methylone, at least on own, was that I found myself a bit sloppy. I also noticed this characteristic in my friends, but allegedly the ethcathinone was supposed to have the opposite effect. I believe because I had worked for the majority of the morning and eaten very little that day, I crashed pretty hard about an hour after my two friends left for the night.

A general downside to the evening was when the cops strolled by on a noise compliant that we believe we know the origin of, ID'd a few of us and took everyone's weed. I found myself able to compose myself just fine in front of the cops. Thankfully, there were some other drugs going on and they were kind enough not to check everyone's bags. I would not recommend trying to eat on Methylone, particularly this combo and the other that I tried last night, which was Methylone and MDAI. I felt nausea both nights (likely because I hadn't had much in my stomach beforehand) and eating was not only incredibly difficult but left a disgusting, chalky taste in my mouth. Again, this is usually a problem that I need to make sure doesn't happen, mostly because it leads to me having a much lower energy level than I should have and generally feeling pretty shitty by the end of the night. I should've remembered from previous experiences, so make sure you know your body well before you take anything new!

So, after the methylone, shortly after my friends left, I took a small line of the ethcathinone. I felt pretty gross afterwards; it felt kind of chemically, although I have had much worse substances up my nose in the past. From then on I more or less began my crash. I felt the physical aspects of crashing later on, but my mood depleted pretty quickly after the first line. I checked my heart rate shortly before taking the second line, and I was at 115. I assume I probably came down to this again before bed time and I didn't feel it drop significantly after that. I was at the point shortly afterwards where I was cold, muggy, and had a general feeling of malaise. I tried to fall asleep, but found myself awake all night. Overall, I had a good night and managed to have fun despite my lack of energy, but I would say my empty stomach had a large effect on the overall high and especially how bad the crash was. A friend of mine also experienced insomnia for the larger part of the night, but everyone seemed to be okay by morning time. I like that the neurotoxicity levels are considered much lower than that of MDMA and FAR lower than that of ecstasy, which are two substances that I've dabbled in a little bit too much over the past year or so. [Erowid Note: While many ecstasy tablets are in fact not actually MDMA, 'ecstasy' as it refers to a drug is supposed to be MDMA, not a separate substance.] It's never been a problem with me, but it's something I would like to do less of in the future. My dealer claims that methylone is a much safer and cleaner alternative, and I'm pretty sure from my experiences I believe him. As for how others reacted to the ethcathinone, I believe my friend accidentally triple dosed that evening and although she is quite sensitive to stimulants, she was fine by the next day.

I don't recommend trying over 200mg of dancers in one night as they seemed to have affected everyone differently and the general consensus of the ethcathinone was that it left people feeling kind of emotionally strange. Also on the down-side I experienced some jaw clenching/chewing and felt occasional waves of nausea throughout the night that many of my friends noticed as well. It was difficult to drink water, so if you are concerned about keeping hydrated I would suggest something in a container that's not easy to spill and to use a straw. And if you are as sensitive as me, I would also recommend having a decent sized meal an hour or longer before you dose up! The highlights were probably mostly due to the methylone, as I didn't feel much of a boost after taking the ethcathinone. I enjoyed the relaxed and social aspects of the methylone as well as slight auditory enhancement. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite composed enough to dance and kept losing track of my things. Although there were those drinking beer and alcohol with said dancers, I would NOT suggest it because once again everyone's bodies are different and combining drug cocktails can do a decent amount of damage to the noggin' and the body. Cheers and safe trippin'!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88256
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Dec 9, 2010Views: 10,091
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Ethylcathinone (463), Methylone (255) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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