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Synergy - The Word of the Day
2C-I & Amanita muscaria
Citation:   Ghetto Psychonaut . "Synergy - The Word of the Day: An Experience with 2C-I & Amanita muscaria (exp88278)". Erowid.org. Nov 11, 2012. erowid.org/exp/88278

T+ 0:00
22.5 mg oral 2C-I  
  T+ 0:30 11 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (tea)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea  
First off, I must say that I am a writer so this may be longer and more detailed than the average trip report. It is also my first write up of this kind, so please forgive if it lacks entertainment value.

I wouldnít consider myself a psychonaut as of yet, but Iím well on my way. Over the last 10 years, I have had numerous experiences with MDMA, indulging in hundreds of pills during that time span. Iím also quite fond of cannabis, dishing out record-breaking performances over a 15-plus year tenor that has pretty much been an everyday thing up until recently. Mary will always be my favorite for her gentle touch simply canít be matched. But even I know there is much more to explore.

Though always content with MDMA, a horrible drought forced me to drop out of that game abruptly. After doing a bit of research, I learned that adulterated pills had overtaken my hood, even finding their way to the dealer I had trusted to deliver the goods on a consistent basis. Not quite ready to give up the wonder of molly, I turned to the my trusty friend the internet to seek out a viable alternative.

What did I find? Mephedrone of course, followed by methylone, both of which I found to be excellent and very satisfying in terms of what I was looking for. Mind open to RCs, I began to research other options while eventually finding my way to herbal/natural treats. I experimented with a few herbs, most of which were subtle, en route to what the psychonauts call the PF Tek - a mushroom cultivation method that appeared to be perfectly suited for numbskulls like myself.

So I order all the necessary supplies and put the tek in effect, still waiting for what I hope to be my first successful harvest. Meanwhile, my curiosity led me to invest in 100 mg of 2C-I, more than likely the only RC Iíll ever purchase again. Once it and the drone are gone - Iím done. Frustrated by some things going on in my life and the fact that I actually have to wait for the mushrooms to grow, I jump the gun and decide to purchase an ounce of Amanita muscaria from a well known online vendor.

My first experience with 2C-I was something I would chalk up as 'eh'. Foolishly I consumed a cap of about 10-12 mg on a full stomach of double cheeseburgers thinking that if it was MDMA or similar, it wouldíve have worked either way. I felt something, but it only ended up being mild stimulation, subtle audio distortion, and traces of visuals that required tons of focus to even notice. Aside from realizing my mistake in regard to the full stomach, I also concluded that I needed to go higher with this substance on the second time around.

I was very hopeful for the lovely Fly Agaric despite hearing all the horror stories and failed experiences. Unfortunately, my first attempt didnít produce much. About 7 grams of the mushies were consumed in a tea with honey and sugar that actually tasted quite delicious. All I got from this adventure was sedation that just made me wanna sleep after a few hours. Having served in community service earlier that day and only obtaining about three hours of sleep, I wasnít really disappointed and figured that Iíd give it another shot in the near future - tomorrow to be exact, but this time, in a brave pairing that that may be the first of its kind.

Now on to the experience ...

12:00 AM - The next day at 12:00 am, I promptly consumed approximately 20-25 mgs of 2C-I and put a pot of water on the stove for about 10-12 grams of Amanita. Tea was ready for consumption at 12:30 and by about 12:45, Iím already on my second cup.

1:00 AM - I promised my girl that I would come out on the couch and watch some TV with her so we treat ourselves to Animation Domination on DVR, now a Sunday ritual for this couple. At this time, I guess Iím coming up, feeling sort of numb and just high, yet nothing spectacular. I make it through The Cleveland Show with some laughs, and mid-way through Family Guy, half way into my second cup of shroom tea, my perception begins to shift dramatically. It wouldnít be fair to omit the mentioning of the five or so puffs I took of a cigarello containing a blend of Amanita and Blue Lotus at the tail end of The Cleveland Show, which may have been responsible for kicking things in full gear. Canít enjoy Mary for now because of probation and all the bullshit that comes along with it, so these are the alternatives I have to make do with. Excellent combination by the way, and very effective on this mind boggling evening.

Sound is noticeably altered and all the characters have an aura that intensifies the deeper I hold my gaze. I take a look over at the fish tank and suddenly realize, IíM TRIPPINí. I see black smoke seeping from underneath green rocks, rising and falling like a deadly mist. The fish - well, theyíre doing some crazy shit, coming in at perhaps three times their normal size, continually morphing and teasing with demonic faces and huge razor sharp teeth to match. I inform my girl about what Iím seeing and she admits to being jealous. She doesnít do much but weed these days, but has experimented with LSD, mushrooms, and E back in her day. Though not necessarily a fan of my RC/internet drug trials, sheís cool about everything and actually looks forward to indulging in what my B+ spores produce.

By the time American Dad airs, Iím experiencing jolts of energy that can be described as nothing but pure euphoria, unadulterated bliss that seems to sweep over my body at a rate of 100 wonderful rushes per minute. This, coupled with American Dad was pleasantly maddening, so trippy with Roger and all his antics that it had me thinking Seth McFarlane purposely made this episode for the altered mind, particularly one dancing on this insane combo of 2C-I and Amanita muscaria. Around this time, I tell my girl how these two substances have such an excellent ďsynergyĒ, which she doesnít even believe is a real word despite all my explanations.

2:00 AM - Still experiencing these magnificent rushes that are hella intense and a bit overwhelming at times, yet never unpleasant. After struggling to figure out what I want to do next, I decide to rinse the dayís filth from my body and hop in the shower. Most intriguing bathing experience ever. Everything from the sea creatures on the shower curtain (my girlís artwork) to the small pool of water swirling around the shower drain was an absolute pleasure to watch, blossoming and dying, only to experience a rebirth over and over. Those rushes I mentioned early were magnified by the sensation of water dripping over my skin, to the point where I was damn near standing there like I fool hugging myself it felt so euphoric. This lasted about 10-15 minutes, though I could have stayed an hour. Just didnít want my girl to have to keep checking on me, which she had already done once.

Out of the shower, I slip into some clothes, stare at the fish for about a minute or so, and then retreat into my office for some entertainment. Music is what I need at this point, so I turn on my desktop and the PS2 to sooth my crave for intense visuals while I wait for this old thing to boot up. Iím almost certain that there is no way I can play this video game with success (TNA Impact), but give it a try, first sitting there watching Samoa Joe on the character select screen, which starts to get a bit freaky after awhile cause heís already an intense looking dude.

Desktop is finally ready, so I turn on iTunes, fire up the visualizer and put the virtual needle on part one of a Jimi Hendrix mix I made. This shit here is right on time, finally allowing my ears to experience a sample of what my body has been feeling all this time. The iTunes visualizer is spectacular on E/drone/M1 and even weed, but not so much on this combo, leading me to believe that maybe Iím not tripping as hard as I first assumed. Back to the PS2 - I try to have a match, but about a minute in, I realize that Iím just feeling too damn good to inflict punishment upon my opponent. Knowing this would be my first and only bout of the evening, I finish it out, only to be pummeled into defeat in the end. No worries. I fire up the laptop to discover what people like to do while tripping.

In what I found to be welcoming irony, my first search leads me right to the Shroomery board, which I have grown to love over these last couple of weeks. The first page I land on has some nice eye candy as well as links to other cool visual goodies.

3:00 AM - Now fully engulfed in the internet experience, Iím all over the place, but mainly on a mission to find out if anyone has ever attempted this crazy combo. Doesnít seem like it, as I got one guy who had a magical experience with 2C-I and psilocybin, in addition to journeys with either alone. Officially tripping balls, I decide to look up some 2C-I experiences, most of which I had already read, but were still entertaining nevertheless. I love reading trip reports, but they were even more delightful on this night as I was really able to relate to the authors and their experiences like never before, though I felt like I was on an entirely different level than what was being advertised at the same time, which I attribute entirely to the mushies. No need to try to figure out why, so itís cool. The visuals continue to flow, everything I see is just tripped the fuck out. My favorite part of this point in the trip were the avatars and crazy banners people post with their comments, all of which appeared to be designed to satisfy the altered mind.

4:00 AM - The constant of jolts of energy are gone, and now Iím just feeling good and still tripping pretty hard. My Hendrix mix has shifted to an upbeat tone, and since Iím on a more mellow plateau, I decide to switch to part one of my Pink Floyd mix. Ahhh ... much better. In between reading trip reports, I visit my preferred internet porn site, and forward my way through a few anal scenes. Intriguing, but I donít keep my eyes on this stuff for too long at a time. Itís making me a bit horny, no doubt, but I canít really get into it while my girl is still woke so I continue to comb the web for trip reports.

At about 4:30, my girl is ready for bed. She asks me what Iím experiencing, I tell her itís crazy and hard to describe, yet mainly visual and just flat out fantastic. I bring up synergy again and she laughs, again questioning whether or not itís a word I made up. I kiss her night-night, retreat to my office and close the door. Now I decide to whip it out and partake in some masturbation. This is normally my thing on the tail end of a molly/meph/M1 experience. My girl doesnít let me get in it when Iím rolling - says Iím too aggressive. Plus sheís often a sensitive pussy anyway, so a manís gotta do what a manís gotta do. However, masturbation was different on this occasion. No problem establishing an erection, and the porn bitches were just as hot as usual. Itís just that upon going to stroke it, I knew it wouldnít be a three-hour plus jerk session, which was sort of disappointing for a perv like me, yet okay as I understood that this wasnít the focus of the experience. I got off for a good 20 minutes then exploded, not on par with an MDMA-like climax, but stellar nevertheless.

5:00 AM - Back to surfing the web, I take a few more hits of my blunt concoction and start to wonder when Iíll get to sleep. Figuring I just need to chill and ride it out, I do exactly that and read a few more reports. About 20 minutes later, Iím feeling horny again and head back to the porn, this time doubling my pleasure with some internet anal and a nice flick of the same theme I got stored on my hard drive. I was able to focus a bit more on the screen this time, but it was over even faster. Perhaps in about 10 minutes I exploded messily, failing to catch all of it with my trusty towel. Frigginí iTunes is skipping my Floyd mix for some reason, which starts to piss me off and leads me to conclude that I just need to go lay down on the couch to listen to some music in an attempt to get some shuteye.

Itís about 5:30 when I turn on some Floyd at a low volume and stretch out on the couch in darkness. Iíve read about closed eyed visuals before, but never really understood the rave behind them - until now! Laying there on the couch was so mind blowing and intense that itís difficult to put what I experienced into words. Mainly what I remember is a myriad of sensual images of porn bitches turned sex goddesses with cocks exploring their orifices in slithering fashion. This synergized with the serpent/vine like elements wrapping around my body at the same time and making me feel oh so good.

6:00 AM - Around this time, I come to the realization that sleep is going to be difficult, so I figure I might as well try to learn something from this experience and leverage the CEVs as my guiding light. Strange stuff here. For some reason I saw images of African tribes, donít know if that had to do with my heritage or what, more sexual treats, and stuff that was so crazy I canít even remember what it was - just that it was entertaining and made me smile like a goof. All the while, I find myself struggling to hear what Floyd tracks are playing, yet failed miserably. I accepted that when the synergy was right with the moment, Iíd be able to identify a given song and feel it, which was exactly what happened. During my attempt to take something away from this experience, I realized that I shouldnít try too hard as there will plenty of time for learning once my cultivation project comes to fruition. So I just laid there and embraced all the fun I was having.

7:00 AM - I remember taking my last of what seemed to be about six trips to the piss station around this time and then nothing. I guess this is when I crashed and finally went to sleep.

I woke to take another piss at around noon and finally got up for good at around 1:30, feeling a bit sluggish, but okay for the most part. I go see my girl in bed, recap the experience, pop a few aspirin-like substances to calm a mild headache, then head to the office to check my email and begin my day. As I finish this up, Iím basking in an afterglow of contentment and hoping I can actually get some writing done today. If not, I wonít sweat it, as Monday is usually a light work day for me anyway. If I can get my damn blog up and running, Iíll be happy with that.


So there you have it: the 2C-I/Amanita combo in a nutshell. I felt compelled to write this experience because failing to do so would just be too selfish on my part. If it wasnít for you guys, Iíd probably be fucking around with these dangerous pills on the street or pissed that I stopped altogether, which probably wouldnít have been a good thing with me being forced to quit cannabis for what could be an unbearably long time. I attribute this experience to the numerous trip reports that piqued my interest in the first place, so I had to share my story.

I would say my most difficult point of the trip was on the couch when I took my first piss, and returned to what at first appeared to be a smokey room. This was somewhat alarming, causing me to quickly flip on the light switch to make sure I hadnít dropped my Black and Mild on the carpet and set the place ablaze. Of course it was just me tripping out so I calmed myself down and stretched back out. I also had to conduct a few breathing exercises every time I returned from the bathroom to settle myself and prevent the mild anxiety that tried to creep in. Think I did a fine job of combating it once I got settled back underneath the covers and returned to the visuals.

Would I recommend? Hells yeah. Would I do it again? That I donít know. Donít get me wrong - the euphoria I experienced blew what I once believed to be the uncontested pleasure of MDMA out of the proverbial waters. I feel as if the 2C-I just wouldnít have been the same without the Fly Agaric and vice versa. On the other hand, I also want to experience these two substances at optimal doses on their own to truly discover their potential. Not to mention I got the conventional mushies coming up, and who knows what the future holds for those in terms of experiences.

Again, sorry if this was brutally long and uninteresting, but I hope you were able to enjoy and take something from it - mainly that 2C-I and Amanita have a synergy that warrants exploration by the seasoned tripper.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88278
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Nov 11, 2012Views: 8,442
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70), 2C-I (172) : Combinations (3), General (1), Sex Discussion (14), Alone (16)

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