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Something Quite Different
Spice-Like Smoking Blends
by Amidst sobriety
Citation:   Amidst sobriety. "Something Quite Different: An Experience with Spice-Like Smoking Blends (exp88338)". Apr 28, 2021.

  smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends


I am 23, and have a very complex history of drug use. I have experimented with about everything. I am almost 24 and have done most of my drug use the past 4 years.

Around my 2nd year (20) at the university I started getting into pot. By 22 my use was definitely the heaviest at around 2-3 grams daily of various strength street and medicinal marijuana. At 22, trying to catch up with some of my classes, just like many students at competitive universities, I started getting into Adderall. A few months before I was 23 and well into the last year, I have been takin up two 40-60mg 3-4 times a week. During the last year in addition to adderall I started getting into painkillers as well. Taking adderall not everyday was a pain, the day after I felt like a zombie, and a handful of painkillers was a good way to deal with the effects of adderall on the next day. I was able to get norcos and percocets. Then in the absense of painkillers, I would get some benzos (xanax and valium) to help me sleep.

Eventually I was part of this weird drug cycle, and I couldn't help myself anymore. I would take adderall and oxycodone together and take some xanax to help me sleep at nighttime. During my worst times I would do 60mg adderall and 60mg of oxycodone and take close to a bar of xanax (2mg) at night time. I never took everything at once, and tried to consistently keep a medium strength buzz all day, so I can take care of my stuff and enjoy everything! Simultaneously I was smoking 1-2g of excellent medical marijuana to boost all the other drugs as well. This drug cycle was a disaster, as I was not working out. Was a person always indoors and falling behind on taking care of my problems.

Around july 2010 I graduated and move back home to my family. From july until october I would smoke 0.5g of weed daily and occasionally take some adderall and oxycodone. I would do it because the life simply didnt feel exciting enough. I started getting into running and working out, and the last two months (late september thru thanksgiving), I have embraced my problems with the help of my family and have been clean of weed, amphetamines and opiates entirely. It has not been easy, and the thought of getting high crossed my mind very often. Today is november 20th, my urine is clearly free of all substances checked on the regular and extended drug tests (hydrocodone and oxycodone). The opiates have been a struggle, but the desire to be free of that is overwhelming the need to take it. With amphetamines I never had a hard time quitting, so being free of adderall hasnt been too difficult, considering also that I have used it sparingly since july 2010 anyway. Weed was toughest for me to quit. Because I got used to smoking weed on the daily, and it was the last thing I had to get past, and one that helped me mask my other addictions.

So now that I have been entirely clean of everything, my still recovering mind convinced me to try to JWH-018, or Spice. I have had two experiences with it and both were entirely different.

First time I purchased some Grape Spice Incense for 15 a gram and it was enough to roll 4 joints. Within 6 hours I smoked all 4, 1 at a time, getting slightly hungrier in between and gettin a better kick of watching some TV shows online. The high reminded me of the weed high, about 1/4 as potent in the body euphoria and 1/3 potent in the head feeling. Hungriness was about 1/2 as strong as some good kush smoking. Remember this was after not smoking pot for close to 2 months. I considered that if I would have smoked all 4 joints togther I probably would have gotten a high similar to 0.3g for a daily user smoking 1-2 grams a day. The high was quick to leave.

Secong time I purchased some Ultra Cloud Ten Incense for 10 dollars for 1/2 a gram. It was a sample they were tryinna see if it would sell for 10. I rolled 2 joints. I came outside of my apartment thinking I could smoke them both, considering the 4 joints of last Spice product I smoked were not too strong. I lit up the first one, half-way thru it I was feeling veryyy high. Still at that time, I put the rest of the J out and had 1 and 1/3 of a joint left. I came inside and was having a conversation in my head, about how ridiculously high I was. I was remembering how weed felt. I was stupid, giggly, laughing, catching myself doing goofy stuff. At a point I started spacing out, and told myself 'dam this shit is like really strong weed'. Within a few more minutes, the high was getting too strong for me. I was contemplating 'what is this, this is way stronger like weed, good thing I didnt finish the whole joint, cuz I feel like I am kind of tripping out' I kept reminding myself what I was one. I felt waves of nausea, dizziness. I had an overwhelming desire to lie down. When I did overly strong feelings did not go away. When I would close my eyes, I would go so far away from reality in my thoughts. I was having a really hard time holding on to the reality. The high was immensely strong and overwhelming. I was surely NOT enjoying it. Being an experienced drug user in the past I tried to convince myself that everything was going to be alright, but the reality wasn't coming back fast enough.

At a point of such discomfort. I lied down again, wiht my dog on my stomach. Having the dog being next to me, kept me aware of my surroundings and helped me grasp a better hand on reality. After lying down for 30-40 minutes just petting the dog. I slowly started getting better, and within 2-3 hours it wound down and I felt like smoking a little bit more, to see whether I could find a comfortable level.

The next day after smoking just 1/3 of a joint. I felt really good, and the high was not overwhelming at all.

My take on this whole Spice thing is its complicated. There are definitely many various strengths of Spice, which prompts me to think that there different amounts of active JWH ingredients in them. Also I realized that I can definitely overdose on spice very quickly. It has a strength potential much higher than weed. For a rookie pot smoker, too much pot would likely result in just passing out. For an experienced pot smoker more pot would simply keep the high going to a certain extent. With JWH-018 results could vary depending on its strength. Some spice products would get me only a little bit high, similar to the marijuana feeling. Other spice products are so rich in the psychoactive material, that I could achieve a similar high like weed with just a little smoking. Simultaneously if I smoke too much of the stronger spice, I could end up with a very very uncomfortable dizzy nauseating high, way stronger than weed.

It can be much weaker and much stronger than pot, depending on what Spice I have. The range is very wide.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88338
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 28, 2021Views: 184
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