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Animal Testing
by Fallout
Citation:   Fallout. "Animal Testing: An Experience with 2C-I (exp88419)". Feb 18, 2011.

8 mg oral 2C-I


I obtained a small amount of 2-CI from a questionable source (as most sources are). However, I did my best to verify the off-white clumpy powder using analytical methods and I was satisfied with the identity of the substance. I diluted about 50 mg of 2-CI in about 50 mL of 95% ethanol and at around 10 pm one nice Friday evening. decided to dose 8 mg. The following experience takes place in my home.

T + 0:45- I begin feeling the first subtle traces of a psychedelic experience.

T+ 1:30- I am laying quietly on my couch. I can feel the drug creeping up on me and I prepare myself for what is to come.

T+ 1:45- The first visuals appear. A shadow across the room is shifting and warping slightly. I am beginning to experience waves of energy running the length of my body.

T+2:30- The drug has really begun working now. The popcorn ceiling above is horizontally melting/shifting. This hallucination reminds of a lot of LSD. For the next two hours I simply lay on my couch relaxing. The hallucinations are quite mild and do not force themselves on me. This subtlety allows for some degree of control and I drift somewhere between dream and reality. During this time I almost fall asleep, I am so relaxed.

During this period I experience some erotic feelings which are most pleasant. Every once and a while I would have some rather powerful rushes of euphoria, almost MDMA like but with the intensity of a psychedelic experience. I would compare these euphoric rushes to a previous experience I have had while under the influence of Mozart and LSD, however the 2-CI rushes were less powerful (probably only because of the low dose) and less pleasant. That’s right- unpleasant euphoric rushes. Overwhelming, high-energy surges of lightning. Fortunately these were fleeting and I was able to sink back into my dream like state quickly. Some other negative side effects were also experienced during this time. Sweating, cold-flashes, uncontrollable shaking, and intense thirst are a few.

T+ 4:30- By this time the negative side-effects seem to have subsided and I am left in a pleasant and clean state of mind. I remember that I have taken only a small amount of this drug and am a bit curious to see what more would be like. However I do not want to redose since it would take another hour and a half for the effects and it is getting late. So instead of more 2-CI I figure I would smoke a little weed to intensify the hallucinations.

I broke one of my most important rules while tripping: I smoked marijuana. Weed ALWAYS clouds my mind and I am much more sensitive to succumbing to paranoia during a trip when I smoke it, but hey what’s the harm in a little weed right? So I pack a bowl of some medical grade shit and take one itsy bitsy hit. Immediately my hallucinations escalate. So I take two more big hits.

T+4:45- Oh shit this is cool. I turn on some music and enjoy the sounds and begin digging into suggested innuendos spoken in the song. This is the start of the problem.

T+5:00- I am finished with music for a while as I begin to think about the chemical structure of 2-CI. It is an interesting molecule with characteristics very different from other mind bending substances I have seen. I begin to imagine a single 2-CI molecule charging through my brain. It’s gigantic Iodine molecule is forcing its way into places it shouldn’t. Barreling through my brain, smashing. Iodine’s massive electron density is pulling every single nearby hydrogen molecule to it. It is a beacon for any positive charge in my brain. This visual greatly disturbs me. I begin to wonder- why iodine? Why such a large atom? To what purpose? Then I remember something about radioactive iodine and I start to worry about the possibility that I just ingested a radioactive substance and I would soon die of cancer. This is not a pleasant thought. I remember that most people die from cancer but this does not comfort me in the least and I begin digging around for some potassium iodate that I have been saving in case of nuclear fallout…

T+6:00 I finally find the potassium iodate and take an adult size dose in hopes of curbing the consequences of radioactive iodine. ( In hindsight I realize it is much too late for the potassium iodate to be any help, but at the time it was the only thing I could think of to ease my mind.) I never should have smoked that weed.

T+7:00 the effects have mostly worn off and I am able to get some sleep.


The next day I was a bit more irritable than usual. Also, when I relax fully I can still see the popcorn ceiling moving. Four days later I still detect the ceiling moving, granted each day the ceiling moves less and less and is nearly gone after the fourth day.

While parts of the trip were enjoyable, the last half sucked. The effects days after ingestion are a bit unsettling and the price of the drug is higher than LSD or mushrooms. I'd rather take those drugs because the visuals are stronger without some of the nasty side-effects of phenylethylamines. The visuals I experienced under the effects of this small dose of 2-ci are nearly comparable, but slightly less intense, than a hit of LSD. The long term effects of this drug are entirely unknown and I would not reccommend this substance to anyone.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88419
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Feb 18, 2011Views: 5,536
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2C-I (172) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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