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I Kept Positive Thoughts in My Mind
by sebastian
Citation:   sebastian. "I Kept Positive Thoughts in My Mind: An Experience with 2C-P (exp88571)". Apr 2, 2020.

  repeated oral MDMA
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
    oral Tobacco - Cigarettes
  1 capsl   2C-P


After a night of taking ecstasy tabs and dancing my legs to jello, at a electro house and dubstep techno indoor rave, I went outside to enjoy the sensational burn that a menthol cigarette gives. As I'm standing outside mingling amongst a small group of ravers a kid that I started talking to about hallucinogens asked me if Iíve ever experienced any of the 2c drugs. I said I didnít however I had heard about them. I personally have taken a significant amount of acid a few bags of shrooms in my life so far. Anyway, the kid that I was talking to seem to know what he was talking about when he started explaining 2cp to me. The main thing that made me want experiment with this drug was him telling me it feel and seem as if my mind has separated from existence. The kid then gave me a full capsule of crystallized 2c-p, without hesitation, and with eagerness to embark on a mysterious metal journey I basically inhaled the entire capsule.

The party was ending as I met up with 3 friends that brought me to this party I noticed I was starting to feel somewhat anxious, my perception of time was starting to become hazey and my vision was becoming a blurred and it seemed as if I were starting to have an LSD trip, I became excited yet nervous, we were walking back to the car to drive to our hotel, the kid that gave me the 2cp was walking with us. I remember feeling as if I had butterflies in my stomach. In that moment I knew I was going to be sick at a certain point so I just waited patiently in front seat of my friend Luís car. I was then offered cocaine which I turned down, I could feel my body getting trying to brace itself for something it was unsure about. It was about six o clock in the morning and I knew I had all day and all night at a hotel to experience this drug in comfort and I had three friends that have all experienced LSD and other hallucinogens before so my mind was at ease and I kept positive thoughts in my mind. My friends proceeded to use cocaine as I began looking around at the light that was extremely bright and very florescent! It was beautiful, I've never seen such strong visuals while on any drugs before, I embraced it. Now we were about to leave and head to the hotel, the car was started and the heat was flowing. I then felt sick so I casually got out of the car and vomited, my puke consisted of water and a small amount of beer. The visuals started getting stronger and I still felt as if I might be sick again so I slowly drank more water and prepared myself for it.

Now we were all loaded up and ready to get to the hotel. We started driving and I was in a trance state of mind to which my motor skills were basically gone. Strangely I liked it. Once we were getting closer to our destination I asked my friend to just keep driving for little bit and she did. We came upon a bridge drove over it, parked and got out to walk out and look over the city. I was amazed at how every single detail or object I looked at was moving or growing or melting. It was as if I could make certain objects move they way I wanted to see them move. Trees and and they sky were my favorite visual stimulations. We then went back to the car and started driving to the hotel. On the way there I threw up more water and then I felt great. We then arrived to the hotel, as we were going inside we smoked cigs and as we were standing outside I was in amazement at how incredibly intense the visuals were. It was beautiful. My mind felt fragile and timid however my subconscious felt powerful, I told my friend at one point that I felt like a god which was interesting to me.

I began toying with things such as a giant teddy bear that felt very nice to my now very sensitive touch. Even the smallest detail or stitch on the tiniest piece of fabric or other material stood out to me. At one point I closed my eyes and in pure amazement I noticed I was having closed eye visuals as well. I was seeing colors and lights that would sway and blink and flash in beautiful patterns, it almost scared me at one point only because it was as if my mind stopped. It was as if I was in a deep meditation, it was very peaceful, and somewhat rejuvenating. That feeling and those visuals lasted several hours. I was hungry and my stomach was empty yet the thought of the act of eating was too intense for my mind to handle. I knew that if I were to try to stomach food not only would it feel weird it would look weird as well so I just continued to ignore my hunger. After about six or 7 hours of really intense visuals and mind trips the drug started to wear off.
After about six or 7 hours of really intense visuals and mind trips the drug started to wear off.
I was still much disoriented and my motor skills were still a little off. I started feeling a bit uneasy, my body started feeling a little sore, I think that was mainly from dancing all night though. Resting started to become easy so I laid on one of the beds with my friend who was comforting me with small talk and toying with my visuals by making faces and such. It was nice having people around that to an extent understood how intense hallucinogens can be.

After my visuals started going away completely and most of my motor skills were back I noticed I became somewhat irritable and I didnít like conversation too much. Even the next day I felt very groggy and quite a bit out of it. Iíve experimented with several substances and 2cp is by far the most intense drug Iíve ever consumed.It seemed as if anything were to go wrong at all my mind would go to a deep dark feeling and it could get stuck there. However, with the right surroundings and good people around it was definitely a mind blowing experience.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88571
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 2, 2020Views: 584
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2C-P (305) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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