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A Very Fun but Controllable High
Citation:   g-licious. "A Very Fun but Controllable High: An Experience with MDMA & 2C-B (exp88587)". Apr 30, 2019.

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100 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 1:00 1 tablet oral 2C-B
Awesome First Time

I did 2-cb for the first time at a two day electronic music concert/festival in the mountains of colorado, and it was incredible. I had been instructed to take one MDMA dose and then the 2-cb about an hour later, and so that's what my boyfriend and I both did.

The one thing I will say about the 2-cb is that it did mess with my stomach some, worse than MDMA or mushrooms have in the past. I felt good, rolly, with mild visuals and nausea within about an hour, and had to leave the concert to sit outside and cool off for a bit, at which point I became very nauseous, even having a 'dry-heave' sensation at one point, but no actual vomiting. After that happened, I felt slightly more comfortable because I was pretty sure at that point that I wasn’t actually going to puke. At the point I felt the most sick, I still was having a good time, as weird as that sounds. I felt very happy and relaxed and the music from inside the venue sounded amazing. I just kept telling myself it would pass and it did, we went back inside the concert and started dancing and I started to feel amazing pretty quickly.

If I were to do this again I would make sure I did it before going into the show – this particular venue had a “lounge” area where you could go sit down and chill, but if I knew I was going to a venue where that wasn’t possible, I would definitely take it before going so the sick feeling would pass before I went in. I also kinda wonder if the dancing makes it pass faster, it seemed that about fifteen minutes after I went back into the venue and started dancing I felt great, though I am not sure if that’s because the nausea passed on its own or if the exercise helped. I would estimate that the nausea lasted from beginning to end about an hour, with the worse being about thirty to forty-five minutes after taking the pill and passing within fifteen to twenty minutes.

This drug makes music and lights amazing. The visuals are similar to mushrooms in my opinion, with patterns moving and warping, and trees/plants seem to grow and swirl as I looked at them, also I noticed rock formations where I was (like rock tiles in the floor/walls, an inlaid rock pattern in a table I was sitting near) also seem to swirl, warp and shimmer, but in a fun way, almost like they are dancing. People still looked normal, though I did notice at one point I looked down at my boyfriend’s leg next to me on the couch with his hand resting on it and the pattern in his jeans started to warp and make his leg/hand look very weird. I panicked a little at that point, thinking that if all of the people at this venue started warping I might freak out, but when I looked around all of the other people looked normal, so I guess it was just his leg that was doing it haha.

The good thing about the visuals is that they were very manageable, i.e. I never felt like the experience was frightening or out of my control.
I never felt like the experience was frightening or out of my control.
With a lot of focus I could generally make things stop moving if I really wanted to, though believe me I didn’t really want it to stop! The concert was incredible, as this artist has an awesome light show, and after the nausea passed and we went back in we were dancing and I had a great sense of community and fun and happiness in the room, just a really great vibe. I also felt when I looked at the screen with the light show up front like the music and lights were there just for me, almost like there was nothing or no one else in the room, and like I couldn’t hear any of the crowd noise or see the crowd in my peripheral vision, even though I knew that wasn’t true, it still felt really cool.

I felt like the drug enhanced intimacy and community, i.e. it made me feel very close to the people around me and want to be close to them, and made being in a crowd feel actually really good, and like we were all having some kind of great shared experience. It really brought the music/lights/crowd experience together for me in a way that other drugs have not. I also felt very close to and happy to be with my boyfriend, even more so than usual, and so appreciative of the good vibe in the crowd. The other thing I really noticed is I really, really loved the lights and blinky toys and glowsticks that everyone had at the show. I mean, I’ve done MDMA in the past and yes those glowsticks and lights look cool, but it was really like I suddenly understood truly why people bring those things to shows, they were just so fascinating. The show ended a little before midnight and my boyfriend and I walked to our hotel, which was about ten minutes away, and everything looked amazing. As we were walking down the path the shadows from the streetlights and trees made the snow and sidewalk and trees around us look like they were “playing,” swirling and beckoning to us, but we still felt fine to walk and knew where we were, etc.

It was a very fun but controllable high. I never felt like I couldn’t control my faculties, like walking, going to the bathroom by myself, getting water from the water fountain, dancing, etc. The Christmas lights in the village where the concert took place were especially beautiful, and I found myself stereotypically standing and staring at the biggest main tree, with a goofy smile on my face. It was just so beautiful, with the lights sparkling and the tree branches swirling and growing and waving to me!! The snow was also very pretty, sparkly and shimmery. We really enjoyed our walk back to our hotel, that was honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend was just walking back through the trees while I was on this drug. Would probably be great to take and go out into nature and hike around, though I’m not sure how great it would be without music...

I did notice once we got back to the hotel that I felt kinda speedy, not sure if it was from the MDMA or the 2-cb, but I almost felt like I had done coke, without the crashy feeling, just the high feeling. MDMA doesn’t usually do that to me so I felt like it was probably the 2-cb, though I know MDMA can do it too, so who really knows. I definitely felt like I wanted to continue to socialize and party, and there was no way I could have gone to bed at this point. I also had some teeth-clenching type feelings, which was what reminded me of coke. I also wanted to play with my blinky toys compulsively, like I couldn’t stop spinning them around and trying to make patterns with them. I mostly just wanted to keep moving. We ate some fruit and then wandered around our hotel, meeting friends and walking into various afterparties, and were really enjoying the vibe and sense of community with everyone. It’s a very chill and friendly drug. All during this time the carpet and tile in our hotel room and in the hallways was moving and swirling. I honestly expected the visuals to be stronger and kind of wished they had been stronger – I have only in the past done mushrooms as far as hallucinogens, and was hoping it would be stronger than that – but it really wasn’t.

I would say that within 3 or 4 hours the visuals started to decrease dramatically, with the really intense ones only lasting a couple of hours. However, I will say that the visuals during the peak, when I was feeling very nauseous, were pretty intense – almost to the point where I was thinking if they got worse, I might not be able to handle it. But like I said earlier, they were very controllable, and though I kept thinking “if this gets worse I might freak out,” they never got to where I actually did freak out. I was very easily able to soothe myself re: the nausea and the visuals when they started to feel overwhelming, so keep that in mind – a positive attitude helps immensely with stuff like this. Anyway, so the visuals were starting to wear off, and I kept going out in the hall to see if I could get them back by looking at the crazy hotel carpet. That was kind of my measuring point for the drug experience, how strong the visuals were and how much control I had over them.

After a while we just wanted to go back to our room with some friends and play with glowsticks, so that’s what we did. Five of us literally sat in a completely dark hotel room with glowsticks and blinky toys everywhere, I mean, we decorated the entire room with glowsticks and then just sat around and listened to music and played with them. For two to three hours LOL. I know it sounds crazy but it makes lights and patterns look amazing and really pulls lights and music together well. During this time I was still seeing some mild visuals, like the t-shirt of a guy in our room started to warp a little bit from time to time, but the people all looked fine and for the most part, unless I was TRYING to see visuals (i.e. staring at a Christmas tree or staring at the patterned carpet in the hallway) I wasn’t really seeing any. Oh, I also had some minor auditory hallucinations I think. When I was sitting around feeling nauseous, it was like I could hear someone telling me I wasn’t going to get sick, just FEEL sick. Very odd, but reassuring. I also mentioned before I sometimes couldn’t really hear other people in the room, I felt like it was just me and the music. Also, when we got back to the hotel, sometimes I would like, “tune out” of other people’s conversations. I would be standing there and I could see their mouth moving but I couldn’t hear what the person was saying, almost like it was muted or blocked from me. It was weird but not scary, just odd that I had to ask people to repeat themselves a lot. It almost felt like if there was music on, I could only hear that, and nothing else that was happening.

We played with the glowsticks for a while and everyone started coming down (which was really mild, not crashy, just more like slowly relaxing and getting tired of waving glowsticks around haha) everyone left but my boyfriend and we filled up the tub with hot water and glowsticks and toys and sat in there for a while and watched the tiles on the wall of the shower, they were stone and definitely still moving a little, though I was having very very very mild effects at this point. We cleaned up and decided to make love, which felt amazing but I will say I am generally easily multi-orgasmic and it just wasn’t happening this time. It felt very intimate and pleasureable but it was really hard to have an orgasm
it was really hard to have an orgasm
. I finally had one but it was difficult to achieve, which isn’t normal for me, but I have experienced this with other drugs before (MDMA alone and coke) so I wasn’t entirely surprised. Warmth feels really good, hugging feels really good, dancing feels really good, and I can’t say it enough – lights look amazing, especially with music. After we made love we showered again and got into bed, and fell right asleep.

I would say the effects generally lasted about 6-8 hours, with the peak being about 1-2 hours after taking the pill and slowly decreasing from that point. We both had a mild headache when we woke up in the morning but otherwise felt pretty good. To put that into perspective, we had taken some MDMA and mushrooms the night before and were going on about five hours of sleep per night for the last four nights at this point, so the mild headache could have had more to do with that than with the drug. We were able to get up, go to breakfast, and make the 7 hour drive back home, no problem. I did feel like I had some minor visual effects the following day, as we were driving back I kinda felt like the scenery (I wasn’t driving btw) was from a movie or something, kinda panning weirdly or moving at weird speeds, and then when we got home my boyfriend and I took a hot shower and I could see the tiles warping and moving a little bit in my peripheral vision, though when I got out of the shower and cooled off the visuals were gone, so it may have just been the heat.

Overall, I can’t wait to do this drug again at the next show I go to that has awesome lights, and think it would be a great experience for someone who wanted an “intro” hallucinogen, or especially people who have tried MDMA and/or mushrooms and enjoyed it. It felt very similar to me to taking MDMA and mushrooms, though more “rolly” if that makes sense and more intimate and with a good body high, I think.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88587
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Apr 30, 2019Views: 1,293
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