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by John
Citation:   John. "John: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp88642)". Jun 16, 2020.

Repeated hits smoked JWH-018


My first experience with JWH was with 018, and actually my first time getting 'high.' As I hear is normal for the first time getting high, I had a mild panic attack and was overwhelmed by the euphoric state I was in (not unpleasant, just too unfamiliar for comfort)

This was actually a fairly heavy amount, I was told afterwards. The first hit seemed to do nothing, but the second one hit me like a brick.The very first thing I noticed was a hollow feeling directly in the center of my chest. I first confused it with a feeling of implosion, but when I relaxed, it became more enjoyable
first thing I noticed was a hollow feeling directly in the center of my chest. I first confused it with a feeling of implosion, but when I relaxed, it became more enjoyable
. Immediately after this hollow feeling, I noticed my legs become numb, not in a 'pins-and-needles' way, but simply as if they weren't there. It didn't pose as much of a problem, as I still had full control over them.

After about a minute, I felt a pleasant, but strong tingling in the center of my forhead. (In later uses, this point became my cue to stop taking hits)

I began to see a purple hue over everything, mixed with a fractal-like red and blue mesh overlay across my vision. This was accompanied by very low framerate (maybe 3-4 fps) which gave it a sort of slow-motion feeling.

This high lasted for what seemed like two or three hours, but really took place over the course of 35 minutes. (Severe time dilation was then apparant.) Framerate returned at a fairly rapid pace after about 45 minutes, and was finally back to normal after about 3 hours.

After curiosity overcame my uneasiness of this new drug, I tried it another time. The effects were the same, only this time, my toes began to curl and twitch, shortly followed by a twitching of the legs. Leg jolts weren't severe or hindering in any way, and were still curiously enjoyable. Coming down from the high was faster than last time.

I then began to smoke very regularly, but never had a method of measuring dosage other than guess-and-check. (This is when I adopted the forhead-tingle alarm)

Things would generally be the same each time, with very minute differences each time, but never much.

Until one time, however. It may have been my 30-40th time smoking, and I don't specifically remember taking much more than normal (tolerance was very slow to buildup) but one night, I remember having a very severe panic attack.

At first, I didn't realize what was happening, and I was absolutely certain I was dying. My heart rate shot up to 180 (as apposed to the normal 80-120) and my chest would hurt. It felt like a stabbing pain right where my heart is located. Breathing felt shallow, and I thought I had somehow collapsed a lung because of a very unusual shrinking, wet feeling in my left lung (or at least where it is located)

After about a half hour of the panic attack, the very follicles in my scalp felt like they were on fire, or as if my scalp was shrinking onto my head. It gave off almost a burning/freezing sensation, and I was then certain that my brain was swelling.
Fortunately, this feeling lasted only a terrifyingly-long five minutes.

This panic attack lasted almost 3 horrifying hours, but the main fear left after about 1.5-2 hours.

The next day, I swore I would not touch it again, but I did not throw it away. About 3-4 weeks later, I tried it again, and experienced the same feelings as the beginning of the panic attack, but was able to calm myself down from it because I was with a friend (who also smokes this very regularly) This started up my smoking habits once more.

But as one could easily guess, it wasn't more than 3 or 4 more times before a very serious attack hit me again, this time seeming far worse than the last. One more daring attempt later (after realizing these effects were all in my head, as I was able to control them) I tried one more time, but wasn't able to control it, and this panic attack was accompanied by a short duration of dry heaving.

Finally, I had read enough about this drug to completely reassure myself that these horrid effects were all in my head, and I tried one more time (the last time I have smoked--about a week ago) and I smoked much less than usual. This seemed to get me about as high as when I had first started--before the panic attacks.

I am very--very uncertain how harmful this drug is to my body, or what its long-term effects are, but so far, I have noticed nothing long-term. I would definitely reccommend using a high rate of caution with this drug, as the line between a perfect high and overdose is so thin, I don't feel that I can stress it enough.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88642
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jun 16, 2020Views: 2,103
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