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Endless Falling
Spice-Like Smoking Blend ('Mr. Nice Guy')
by barney
Citation:   barney. "Endless Falling: An Experience with Spice-Like Smoking Blend ('Mr. Nice Guy') (exp88666)". Aug 9, 2018.

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Ok so I've been smoking pretty heavily for the past 5 years almost. I like to consider myself a functional stoner. Yea I get high, but I'm pretty responsible and get all of my shit done. Just recently graduated college and just taking a year off working while applying to grad school. So I went out one night with a coworker to see a movie and go to some hookha lounge and chill. She had never tried weed before so I offered to let her try some and she said sure. I had a small one-hitter and a packet of some herbal spice blend that imitates cannabis. I would of gotten the real thing but I didnt know the area well at all.

So we both take a few hits before going to the movie. She said she didnt feel anything after a couple hits. We went to go buy our tickets. We used on of those electronic ticket dispensers. I let her pick the movie and she picked 'love and other Drugs'. I went ahead and got my ticket and waited for her to get hers. Now she told me she didnt feel anything from the smoke, but she was acting funny on the ticket machine
she told me she didnt feel anything from the smoke, but she was acting funny on the ticket machine
. It was a touch screen and she kept moving her finger around watching the arrow follow. She did this for about 3 minutes. She wasnt really sure which buttons to press so I went ahead and did it for her. When it came time to swipe her credit card it wouldnt work. There must of been something wrong with the card or something. So I offered to buy the tickets if she gets the hookha later.

So we got our tickets and go to the concession stand. I buy a bottled water and she gets nachos. We go to the movie, it lasted about 2 hours. Basically about some sales dude who reps for viagra and zoloft falls in love with some nympho parkinsons chick. She was really hot. The movie was alrite, I'd give it a 6/10.

So after the movie we smoke a little more in the car and then drive over to the hookha place and take a few more hits. We're parked behind the hookha bar and we can hear the loud techno music pretty well. So far we've had a pretty good time, just being our goofy selves. Shes like dancing in her own world and we're cracking jokes.

So this is where the night turns. Out of no where, as if a switch was flipped she starts freaking out. That song 'black and yellow' was on and it kept going 'black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow...' and some graffitti on the wall in front of us kept freaking her out. She kept saying that she was really scared and felt like she was falling. At this point I was 'what the fuck is going on'. I did not expect something like this to happen. I tried comforting her and kept trying to get her to calm down and breathe regularly. At this point she basically curled up into a ball and kept talking about how scared of her parents she was. Then soon after she totally lost me when she started speaking her native language, Arabic. I'm trying to tell her to calm down in English and shes freaking out and praising Allah in Arabic. What the fuck am I suppose to do here?!.

So by now I've decided its prob not best to take her inside to the hookha lounge cuz she's too fucked up. She's not evening being herself at this point, her entire demeanor and tone of voice has changed. Its like she was possessed or something, I cant even put it into words. She stepped outside of the car and started walking away. She got to the grass and started lying on the ground praying to Allah. There are ppl walking by us asking if everything is alright. I'm just like 'everything's cool'. She finally gets up talks to me a bit, she says shes not feeling well and that she wants to go home. I said I'd gladly take her back, but she's gonna have to get a hold of herself and cooperate with me on the drive back.

So I finally get her into the car and she immediatly passed out on the passenger seat. While driving I forget to make a turn and end up in a really crowded downtown area where everyone is partying and the traffic is jammed and I'm going like 5 mph. I finally get out of the traffic and the moment I get on the highway she starts to vomit. I just got this new car yesterday...luckily I had a plastic bag up front and she threw up directly into that instead of all over my interior. I stopped at the next exit and threw the vomit bag away and cleaned her up a bit. After that we got back on the highway and I took her back to the parking lot where her car was. I knew I couldnt just leave her to drive so I just sat in my car with her and waited until she woke up or started to feel better. I must of waited about 45 minutes in my car with her until she finally felt the need to vomit again. I managed to open her sides car door and she vomited outside of the car. I stepped outside and held her hair as she did this. This is all happening with another car full of passengers right next to us watching. They ask if shes alright and I said she'll be fine she just needs to vomit it up. They say 'oh alright just take care of her and take her home' and I said 'I'm already on it'.

So now she feels like going for walk and she asks me to walk with her. We walk around the parking lot for awhile then to her car. She has been totally unresponsive to anything I've been saying since her initial freak out. She lies down on the back seat and I sit up front just chillin till feels better. I must of sat there like another 30 minutes until she finally said she felt good enough to go home. So I took her in my car and drove her home, we were like 50 ft away from her house when she had the urge to vomit again. So I opened the door (again) in the nick of time and waited for her to be done. Finally, I dropped her off home and told her to get a good nights rest and that she'll feel back to normal to tomorrow morning.

Hooooly shit, after all that the night was finally over. Out of all the smoke sessions I've ever had in my life this was probably THE WORST. I've NEVER seen anyone freak out like she did. The entire time I felt like god was testing me to see how I would respond to such an unexpected situation. No matter how bad she got I always managed to keep my head above the water and take care of her the best way possible while keeping my brand new car from getting damaged. I've had some bad trips before too, but this was straight out of like some movie. I couldn't beleive how badly she freaked out.

I do take some responsibility for this. Regardless if she kept wanting to try more, I shoulda realized that it was a lot for a person of her size. She didnt feel anything at all then randomly she felt it all at once and it overwhelmed her.

Lesson learned... Tho it is gonna be kinda funny when I look back on this later I know lol.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88666
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Aug 9, 2018Views: 2,716
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