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First Time For Experienced K Lover
Citation:   Phatboy303. "First Time For Experienced K Lover: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp88687)". Jan 23, 2011.

T+ 0:00
50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00 50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
Methoxetamine (MXE) retrospective trip report for last night (from the perspective a K lover):

First off, I have been sniffing K on/off for well over 10 years now, I'm a fairly big guy and have a reasonable tolerance (I don't do it every day though). I can't be bothered with any of this under the tongue or up the arse business, call me old fashioned but my nose has always been good for the job so I ain't changing now. I've stayed away from needles so far so I ain't gonna be trying this one injected either.

7:30pm: I decided to be sensible at first and sniffed 50mg in one line as that seemed to be the recommended from what I've been reading, sat round and gave it about an hour and a half, got some opiate like effects but no dissociation to speak off.

9:00pm: Decided to rack up another 50mg line, see what happens, over the next hour I started drifting a bit, some mild dissociation, kinda like K but different, warm opiate effects becoming quite pronounced. Colours seemed to get stronger and fuller in an opium way. Hands and feet became quite sweaty which was odd.

10:00pm (roughly): Not keeping up with time properly now but it was at least an hour after the last line. Racked up another 50mg in one up the nose, over the next hour or so I was definitely well on my way with the whole thing, some proper dissociation going and more of the opiate effects, but still nowhere near a hole.

11:00pm/12:00am (somewhere between the two, at a guess): I've really stopped paying attention to the time. Not sure if I'm feeling a bit let down by this stuff not being as strong as I was expecting or that I was starting to realise that my K tolerance is actually greater than I thought. Weighed up 100mg and split that into 2 lines. Whacked the first one up my nose, followed by the second maybe 20 mins later (I really am guessing with times now). Fuck knows what happened after that, I was absolutely twatted for a good hour or 2. Not quite the deepest hole I've ever been in but definitely passed the hole threshold. A lot like K but really quite different at the same time.

At some point after that second line, the Mrs decided (knowing what I'm like) to hide the rest of the bag from me so I didn't keep sniffing it, which for what its worth was a good call on her part but did mean that I spent most of the next hour looking for it and repeatedly asking her where it was and if it was safe. I was actually more concerned I'd lost it but inevitably if it was there I'd most likely have done more. I've since been told that it was like I had a 2 second memory, fair play to the Mrs for her patience and humour!

1:00/2:00am: (maybe, time had sorta become irrelevant by now): Out of the hole, dissociation wearing off, Lying in bed with the Mrs trying to watch a film, returning to a semi-normal state, opioid effects still lingering. Hands and feet still sweaty.

4:00am: K after-effects often keep me awake for a couple of hours but these are different, I can still feel some of the opiate stuff, I'm really quite awake and actually feel like I've had some sort of stimulant, albeit a mild one.

8:00am: Still fucking awake!!! Can tell the stuffs doing something although not much.

10:00/11:00 am: Got woken up the Mrs (I'm asleep on the sofa) getting up and getting ready to go out. Still got a sense of the MXE in my system, however off to bed and quite able to sleep but really fucking tired.

3:00 Woken up by the phone, feel pretty much normal now.

Comparisons to K

This stuff is definitely comparable to K, its quite similar in many ways but also quite different in ways that are kinda hard to describe. I didn't feel like I was on any other kind of astral plane or anything however there were points where I wasn't really in the room either, the main difference is the opiate effects which brought a real warmth and glow to whole experience. I've tended to stay away from opiates through my life although I've tried most things but I would say a mix of good K and good opium might be a fair comparison.

In terms of strength, its definitely in the same ballpark as really strong K, maybe a little stronger. 50mg looks to my eyes like a decent, although by no means large, sized line (I'm personally a fan more of lots of little lines with K rather than doing one big fatty).

Duration of effects are a bit longer and the onset is a bit slower although not by a great deal. Duration of after effects however are a hell of a lot longer.

No particular feelings of movement that I find with good K, and as mentioned before it didn't seem quite as other-worldly or spiritual as a good K-hole can be (not that I'm the most spiritual person).

The sweaty palms and sweaty feet thing was quite unusual and quite noticeable, a little annoying even but not particularly unpleasant.

Serious issues for concern:

My main concern lies with the opioid effects, most obviously the possibility of serious addiction and physical withdrawal symptoms, definitely one to be careful not to do every day.

More seriously, the Mrs reckons I seemed to be short of breath at times while in the hole. She herself has breathing problems and she did 2 50mg lines over the course of the night (and a little bit of good old-fashioned K in between) following a bit of Mephedrone over the course of the day leading up to it. Having breathing issues herself she is very aware of her respiratory system and said that she felt like the MXE could be acting as a serious respiratory depressant, unlike ketamine.

Giving that this stuff is more-ish in much the same way as K and is easy to get carried away with, we both feel concerned that there is a genuine danger in this and a risk that fatal overdose from some sort of respiratory failure is possible.

I don't want to end this report on a downer but its something that needs to be considered.

Final verdict

A really fun drug, one that I will definitely want to do again. K lovers will almost certainly get a great deal of enjoyment from this and I would happily recommend the experience to my friends (complete with warnings). If they treat this with care and respect and approach it as if they were going to do some really strong K they will probably be fine. Go easy on it though, seriously don't do any more than quarter gram in a night if you're like me (maybe less). Of course you know your own tolerance levels better than I do. Don't do big fat lines until you know what you are doing and seriously be careful about doing it too often or every day!!!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Jan 23, 2011Views: 37,452
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