The Godvision
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   soul7686963853403. "The Godvision: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp88724)". Nov 30, 2011.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
First off, I have had an “interesting” life of self-discovery and self-reflection and I still have a lifetime of years to wise up some more. I have been lucky enough to have grown up in the high rocky mountains of Colorado (there are a lot of cool places, but old CO is beautiful and with a spirit of free thinking). I have also been blessed by being introduced to so many wonderful things; good music, good food, good people, good places, and “good drugs”, not the bad ones; coke, heroin, meth, etc.…….Anyway I have dabbled with psychedelics for a few years now. I have also been using cannabis regularly for several years(who doesn’t). My first few experiences were with psilocybin mushrooms, they are intriguing earthy shape shifting fun as heck little spores of wonder. I will always have kinship with old psilocybin. The fact that a mushroom with those kinds of psyche changing capabilities can grow out of a pile of shit really changes the phrase “God works in mysterious ways”.

But I am here to explain as best as I can in words (which doesn’t really explain that well as no language can) this amazing LSD journey that I experienced on June 29 2010.
Life comes at you fast and that’s what happened.

It was June 28 2010. My Family and I were on our way to Denver to go see the art rock band TOOL. They were scheduled to play a two day show on the 28/29. This was to be an epic experience no matter what. I don’t want to get to much into it but just to let you know TOOL is one of the greatest things to come from humanity.

Anyways, so we got to Denver checked into the hotel, did the family thing for a while. Around six pm. Drove to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Went and watched to concert. They opened with their song “Third Eye” which has Timothy Leary speaking. An amazing experience (only smoked some pot). Except for the fact that I was being a nice guy by being the designated driver, so I could not take anything that night. All of my buddies had taken a bunch of LSD and were having a great time so I was a little bitter at first but then I was ok with that because my favorite band was cool enough to do a double show, and play the next night.

June 29,2010 I had wanted to obtain some LSD but was uncertain if it would happen. We were hanging out when my bro’s friend Brett said he could get some more LSD from someone who was headed over to where we were at. SCORE!!.......I bought 3 hits of LSD for $20. For the rest of the day until the show I was getting so antsy. Same deal at around 6pm we took a taxi (I wasn’t going to be the DD this time)and headed over to Red Rocks. As soon we got into the venue I went to the bathroom and opened up my sinister little flap of tin foil, pulled out my 3 little squares o’ paper and chomp. HERE WE GO (and what the hell do I mean by “We”, its only me. Or maybe “we” is me as in myself and my body as an external tool.??????) I went and sat down at my seat with my siblings and close friends, the opening band was playing. They were some sort of roots/hip-hop/rap group, not your typical band to open for TOOL. It was almost amusing like “is TOOL just fucking with their fans by having some random rappers play. I still am not sure. At this point the LSD was just now giving me some small effects, just felt I was stoned or something.

The opening band finished up their set. The next 30 minutes were just quietly anxiously waiting for TOOL. When that first bass line dropped, the lights dimmed, and then I heard Timothy Leary’s voice “think for yourself, question authority” it hit me. It was like I knew what amazing art was about to be shown and my mind wouldn’t let me trip until it was just right. I mean as soon as I heard Leary’s voice go on my brain let go and I descended down the rabbit hole. I had an amazing overwhelming feeling that washed over me that I was the most privileged person in existence ever. At that exact time and place, to combine being in America the leader of the free world (Which it is, there is much art and amazing things to come out of the USA not just war), being at the best concert TOOL has ever put on, and taking LSD a substance that could have been discovered and used at any point in history, but it happened to be discovered recent enough ( it was legal just a few decades ago) that it is available for anybody who wishes to take the journey.

By only the third song I was starting to really feel it. It was all good or so I thought. I lit up a joint to chill out, and passed it. When I hit that thing for the third time I got a head rush that punched me five layers deeper into this trip. I was listening to the song Stinkfist and observing the stunning visuals that go along with it when “the fear” hit me. I started fretting for what might happen.

Did I take too much? Is something bad going to end up happening? Am I going to hurt someone? So I sat down to talk myself out of this perpetual cycle of fear, it was a daunting task being surrounded by 9,000 people, it’s hard enough to maintain an intense trip at home but being around that many people was another story. I was so afraid of some asking me if I was ok, I knew I had to have a poker face. I finally got grip and stood up to face to music (literally). I looked at my family and out over the city and at the visual grenade of a stage. I had a feeling of total acceptance and love on a universal level, I feel like at this point I was no longer my body trying to reject this experience but now I was just me and enjoying everything this experience had do offer. I was unafraid and laughing, what was there to fret about. I am a bag of chemicals surrounded by the empty space of the Universe. We are all a consciousness coming from nothing, given a body to use as a tool to experience a life subjectively to die and be reborn and try to remember who you are, not who your body is and its surroundings, but who are you as an energy form.

After experiencing this revelation things were flowing downriver from here. The rest of the time was pure ecstasy. I was still in control of my body but totally disconnected from physical reality. At one point during the chaos and fun of the show a younger couple ascended up the bleacher style seats to go to the top of the venue where food and bathrooms were, as they were passing by me time completely stopped. It was to date the most amazing thing I have ever seen. To see time actually stop, all of the music turned into slow mumbling sounds. All of the show visuals and lights were totally still. All the people around me were in mid-moment, and that younger couple walking by me they stopped right in front of me and stood there, eyes half blinking, arms in stride but not moving an inch. Everything is a little bit blurry when time stops. It’s not like video on pause where you are viewing time stopped but your reality of time is still moving. TIME COMPLETELY STOPPED. My reality of time as I know it no longer existed. Then I started having intense auditory hallucinations. Sounds of a thousand voices sped up were occupying all of my sound space. Then time all of the sudden just started back up. I could now hear the music fine and that younger couple finally walked passed me and out. The show was rockin out again. Then the moon came up from the horizon looking mystical and with a rich red hue. It was all around amazing left and right. Then Looking out over the millions of acres of lights that makes up Denver, I felt once again like the most privileged human being to have been exposed to something so amazing. It was God. All these lights and people were energies of the divine, the bright white light of God. God being the divine power that makes up everything in the universe. I was closer to being God than any church could ever bring you. Not that I have anything against religion, I just think it’s better to be spiritual than religious. The show wrapped up and we headed down to catch a taxi (whole other story). When the night finally settled down, I sat in a chair in the hotel room with my eyes closed swimming through my head. I was making music in my head that sounded like music from another planet 100 years in the future. I laid there in that familiar environment of being sweaty and worn out from such an information overload, so blasted with ideas, information, and theories that you can’t get to sleep. But at some point I guess I must have passed out. Next thing I remember is waking up all sober. I don’t remember any dreams, so where was my consciousness while my body was asleep recuperating.

Life is absolutely fucking crazy.

Who knew that education, realization, and wisdom came so cheap, only $20. But those concert tickets weren’t cheap.

I hope to continue my battle to transcend my ego and find happiness in all the odds and ends of life. When I die and am reborn as who knows what or when I will try to remember this experience.

Like I said this is the best that words can do at explaining what I felt. To further explain it try it yourself, don’t be afraid. Do it out of love not fear.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88724
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 30, 2011Views: 15,920
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