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A Timeline of IV Effects
by N.S.
Citation:   N.S.. "A Timeline of IV Effects: An Experience with Cocaine (exp88766)". May 18, 2018.

100 mg IV Cocaine


Intravenous Cocaine - a Timeline of Effects

The following is a detailed description and timeline of the physical and psychological effects/symptoms following intravenous (IV) administration of “high quality” cocaine HCl obtained from a 'reputable' cocaine dealer.

Quantity/dose: 100-120 mg cocaine HCl

Preparation: Between 0.10 and 0.12 grams (weighed on balance) was dissolved in approx. 2.50 mL H2O (tap; ~25 degrees Celsius) in 5 mLBD syringe (w/ 18g needle). Complete dissolution was observed and the solution was free of insoluble adulterants. The solution had mild solvent odor and was completely colorless and homogeneous with a consistency and color identical to that of water.

Setting: Seated upright in a comfortable chair, while recording effects periodically with a pencil and paper on a coffee table directly in front of the chair. Two lights on (both 60 W ceiling light and 60 W table lamp). A television was on at a reasonable distance and at a medium to low volume. Temperature of the room was ~22 degrees Celsius (68 F).


Baseline heart rate (HR): 102 bpm (t= -1:00, 1 minute prior to injection)

00:00 (min:sec) – Begin depressing plunger (into cephalic vein in left forearm)
00:08 – End depressing plunger (100-120mg/2.5mL cocaine HCl)
00:16 – Faint and fleeting smell of solvent/cocaine solution (unexplained, but consistently observed)
00:23 – Begin feeling numbness in mouth and lips
00:23 – Begin feeling numbness in mouth and lips

0:27 – Euphoria/head “ringing” sensation and aural distortion (slight muting of sound) beginning
0:45 - Euphoria/head sensation peak
0:50-0:55 – Onset of nausea
1:20 – Intense nausea (9.5-10 out of 10)
2:00 – Mouth numbness plateau (7/10)
3:00 – Begin hyperthermia and profuse sweating
4:10 – Euphoria/head sensations begin to attenuate noticeably
4:45 – Intense nausea (9/10), gasses begin moving from lower stomach toward esophagus
5:45 – Small release of gas via the esophagus (belch)
6:00 – (HR = 107 bpm)

6:15 – Hyperthermia/sweating attenuating
6:55 – More gasses moving upward through the stomach toward esophagus
7:15 – Second belch/nausea relieved slightly following belch
7:25 – Complete disappearance of mouth numbness, nausea still quite severe (8/10)
9:00 – Euphoria persisting, albeit lessened, with a general sense of wellbeing still noticeable; aural distortion waning
10:30 – Nausea fading somewhat (6/10)
13:00 – HR = 104 bpm
17:00 – Nausea reducing further (3/10)
17:30 – Euphoria/head sensations and aural distortion attenuating (2/10)
18:00 – More gasses moving from lower stomach toward esophagus (no belch produced)
19:30 – HR = 104 bpm
20:00 – Nausea (2/10); euphoria (2/10); aural (0-1/10)
28:30 – Rapid onset of intense nausea followed by a belch followed by complete relief in nausea
35:45 – Begin feeling minor pressure in upper chest (passes in 10-15 sec)
45:00 – All positive/euphoric effects are gone; nausea persists slightly, but still discomforting
45:00-1:00:00 – Only nausea persists; cravings for another dose begin to develop, eventually leading to another dose exactly one hour following the dose described above

General notes on this and successive administrations of between 60 and 140 mg:

The particular administration and resultant experience described above was one of several, all over the course of a 5-6 hour period. Doses were separated by between 45 and 90 minutes. A significant variance in onset and severity of symptoms/effects was observed, being influenced by such factors as: quality/composition of cocaine HCl sample, dose, rate of administration, position of body (supine vs. upright), or presence or absence of stomach contents.

A sufficient variety samples, each from a different source and showing considerable variance in physical character (i.e. color, iridescence, hardness, odor, etc) were tested, and tested in a sufficient variety of settings. The following persistent and universally observed symptoms/effects are (listed in order of decreasing prevalence and/or intensity):

- immediate (within 2-3 seconds) numbing sensation in the mouth and lips
- rapid onset (within 1 min) of severe nausea; persists for entire duration of experience (45 min-1 hour)
- rapid onset of aural disturbance; persists for approx. 20 min
- rapid onset of intense euphoria, anxiety, accompanied by deep labored breathing
- short-lived (lasting 3-4 min) period of hyperthermia and sweating shortly following injection
- involuntary urge to belch (release of gasses from lower area of stomach)
- eventually a “comedown” accompanied by increasing desire to repeat the experience

Please note that this description is not universal with respect to the effects of IV cocaine on all persons. Rather, the effects and symptomology listed herein is specific to the subject whose experience was described.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88766
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: May 18, 2018Views: 8,501
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