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Nice but Zombie Effects Long Term
by Whynot
Citation:   Whynot. "Nice but Zombie Effects Long Term: An Experience with Pentobarbital (exp88812)". Feb 15, 2020.

120 - 480 mg oral Pharms - Pentobarbital (daily)


I first started using pentobarb from a veterinary source recreationally and kept a back up supply for suicide if the worst came to the worst (I was in the throes of severe depression). I took the pento regularly for around 18 months - basically I wanted to escape hellish reality for a while and my daily alcohol intake was making it pretty hard for me to keep my job due to hangovers, while I had few if any hangover effects from large does of barb once I had slept it off. Having a readily accessible, free (read stolen) source also made it attractive to me although good old shame at stealing kicked in after a while.

Pentobarbital is the most foul tasting concoction in the universe even diluted with a bit of water Ė I need to have a chaser of a strong drink (not necessarily alcoholic) or a snack nearby to get it out of my mouth - by the end even the smell of it made me gag (but Iím a wuss to using needles and the vet version can apparently be potentially corrosive at the injection site as itís a strong base).

The different batches of the pento I was using had different effects: since some of the bottles were past a use-by date they seemed to be the most foul to drink and provided an inferior experience
some of the bottles were past a use-by date they seemed to be the most foul to drink and provided an inferior experience
to better quality batches.

I started taking moderately small amounts of 120mg just for the buzz to relax. Even after just a week of doing this daily I then needed to increase to 240mg to get the same kick, which for me is a lovely gentle buzz where I feel quite dreamy and relaxed about everything and sleep very well. By the time I was on around 360mg twice a day (on days off work) where I was basically getting a short buzz before sleeping, waking up for a while feeling fine and then doing it again.

All I can say at those rates is that the bodyís coordination is totally stuffed even though the mind is reasonably coherent Ė although I could hear myself speaking in slow motion and slurring words. I repeatedly fell over damaging myself
I repeatedly fell over damaging myself
to the point where I broke ribs, had stitches numerous times, was briefly hospitalised a few times after they realised I was off my face on something and was ultimately hospitalised in a mental ward by my shrink who thought I was at risk from ODing Ė pentobarb certainly scares the hell out of the medical profession since its relatively easy to OD on. Coming off the pento was horrible with small whole body fits/low level seizures/shakes/insomnia etc, but I was forced to do this in a hospital so they kindly supplied valium to take the edge off the barb and alcohol withdrawals and after only a week I was clean. By the way, donít mix alcohol with pento, it is a recipe for disaster in my experience Ė it limits the enjoyable portion of the experience as it basically just brings on the paralytic state much sooner. Also, I didnít find this a particularly social type of experience, I just wanted to sit and enjoy the buzz by myself.

Luckily my supply has dried up although I miss having a lower dose occasionally Ė I felt that it was overall kinder to my body than drinking excessively.

Exp Year: 2008-2009ExpID: 88812
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 36 
Published: Feb 15, 2020Views: 1,250
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Pharms - Pentobarbital (815) : Depression (15), Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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