Hedonistic Sensory Bomb
Citation:   Jack M. "Hedonistic Sensory Bomb: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp88880)". Erowid.org. Jul 1, 2011. erowid.org/exp/88880

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600 ug buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
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I am in my late 30's and am in a great professional opportunity, but this exists at a horrendous geographical location where the folk are culturally dissimilar to myself. I am a decades-long user of cannabis, holding a medical card for some time before the move to said horrible location.

Forced to forgo cannabis for legal reasons, I refused to forgo the sensation, and thus sought out and soon became indoctrinated into the wonderful world of legal research chemicals (RC), namely the JWH cannabinoid series. Of course if your in the market for online JWH's, you have to pretty much swing a machete to cut through the entactogens, entheogens and stims to get at them.

The cultural and professional dissonance in my life strained to the breaking point, and into this fertile mishmash the idea of seeking out an old friend occurred to me: Psychedelics. As a youth I had experimented with LSD and mushrooms, almost always in some sort of social situation... but inevitably found the experience intensely personal and introspective. To me the term 'fun psychedelic' was an oxymoron... they were there for life lessons and not fun.

Since I was avoiding cannabis due to its legal status, it made no sense to try to seek out illegal psychedelics simply because they were all I was familiar with - I would do some research online and find a legal one that could impart the deeply introspective life-meaning and soul-searching to help lift me from this tormented conflict of professional success in an abysmal location.

This experience report is the story of one remarkable failure in my quest for a ego-crushing psychedelic with questioning and thoughtful tones... This is the tale of 25C-NBOMe.

For my return to psychedelics I wanted no part of the miserable bodyload that used to plague me on my trips as a youth, and I figured that since I was shopping for designer RCs, I might as well just go ahead and leave out the whole bodyload part. Since then I have come to understand that body energy sensation is required for proper implementation of a hard personal trip, it's unavoidable, but back then I was seeking 'low bodyload' psychedelics that were still intense.

Enter 25C-NBOMe, only the second psychedelic RC tried on my new quest, the first being 4-Aco-DMT, and since then 4-HO-MiPT and 5-MeO-DALT have been trialed as well. Whereas 4-AcO-DMT and 4-HO-MiPT both contain aspects of the mushroom trip within them, the 25C-NBOMe was unlike any flavor of any drug I have had before. What follows is one Trip Report, followed by a composite description of the experiences so far (4 trials to date).

NOTE #1: As this substance's dosing scheme is in the mid microgram range, personal protection was used to avoid spurious inhalation or transdermal absorption during the preparation of the blots for sublingual administration.

NOTE #2: As this is a new substance, I had an associate test the material by Mass Spectrometry to ensure the correct identity. This does not say anything about purity really, just that the experience described is really due to 25C-NBOMe.

Preparation of substance for buccal/sublingual route of administration: The hydrochloride salt of 25C-NBOMe (6 mg) was dissolved in 105 microliters of methanol, after which 10 ul was spotted onto a blotter paper hole punch and dried, leaving approximately 600 ug of dried 25C-NBOMe adsorbed to the blot. At time zero, one blot was tucked in between the gum and the cheek and allowed to absorb for ~20 minutes before chewing the blot and discarding it's remains. During this time swallowing was kept to a minimum and no water was drunk.

Setting: Apartment, alone, just post midnight, some low lights on, some strip led lights on, a lava lamp and some electronic music lined up. Also, lined up a few CGI animation movies... which proved to be quite prescient.

+0:00 Tuck one 600 ug blot into the my cheek, sit back and vaporize ~5 mg mixed JWH RCs to bring on a cannabis effect during the come-up. Blot is slightly bitter, but not putrid like some amines are.

+0:15 Looking online at shopping opportunities, listening to some music, notice a slight ebullient euphoria creeping it.

+0:30 I feel as though a perma-grin has launched itself onto my face, and I go to the mirror to confirm my suspicions... Yep. It has. Damn perma-grin! And the thought makes me laugh out loud. Wow... I get some slight hope that maybe this new RC wont be so dark and gruesome as the 4-AcO-DMT experience!

+0:45 Ok, deep breaths are taken, and a strong rushing energy is starting to course through my body. Its wonderfully stimulating, but not in a manner I associate with my rare use of Stims as a youth. This is different... this is a feeling of euphoria, a strong inclination to move and express the numerous joint articulations available to me.

+1:00 A walk outside is definitely in order... I don't' feel as if I 'have' to get outside, but I want to go out and see what this new RC has to show me. WAIT! What is going on? I have never felt like I wanted to go outside and explore on a psychedelic before. I usually cower inside. Am I being foolhardy? But the immensely clean headspace convinces me that I will be ok. So I bundle up and go out walking around the block on a cold, snowy night. The light is so crisp and sparkly it makes my eyes tear up. Glinting Christmas lights and cast off beams from passing cars make a wondrous light spectacle. I feel as if I am walking funny... The euphoria is still kicking and I feel an amazing wash of confidence, another thing that has never happened to me on a psychedelic before. I am trying to walk modestly, and not so arrogantly... but I cant help it! I feel so warm, powerful and springy that I feel I want to almost slink and paw my way along the sidewalk. It feels to good that I want to walk around the block again, but the reassuringly clean headspace chimes in like a guardian trip-sitter and notes that it might be getting to cold. OK, headpsace guardian I say, lets go back inside.

+2:00 Inside is so warm and comforting after the cold of the night. I stand naked in front of the heater, shivering not with cold, but with sheer deliciousness of the feeling of going from cold to warm. The transition is so good I don't want it to end! How to sustain it? THIS was Strike #3 against 25C-NBOMe in terms of it being a typical psychedelic in my book. I had never felt so awe-inspiring, just plain old GOOD, that I wanted it to keep going and going. Usually I was twisting and groping my way through a tortuous pathway to enlightenment. I hit upon the idea that a shower would be wonderfully snesual... and it was like no other shower ever before in my life.

+2:30 I dragged in a strip of LED lights and turned off the bathroom light before running a hot shower. Inside I felt the return of the giddy, shivering, tingly euphoria that had gotten to me in front of the heater. I was amazed, the OEV were mild, but present... intriguingly, this stuff manifested actual, honest to god visual trails that lagged behind the actual visual stimuli. For me genuine 'trails' were a rarity... another anomaly for 25C-NBOMe I guess.

+2:45 Still in the shower, I was growing too rushed and euphoric to just stand there, but paradoxically, I felt very relaxed. So I layed down in the tub, and let the shower rain over me with flickering LED lights going outside the bath. I don't know how long I was there, but it must have been at least 45 mins to an hour. I can't describe this portion of the trip well, except to say it was intensely spiritual and euphoric, with strong CEV of the neon blue, magenta and yellow variety. Body sensations were strong and absolutely positive- Another thing that never happens to me on a psychedelic... In fact 'positive body sensations' on a psychedelic simply didn't exist in my world before 25C-NBOMe. But this time I just kept thinking how good it felt.

+3:30 Watched a CGI animated movie that was loaded with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow... I felt as if someone had taken a inkquill and inscribed TRON-like neons into my retinas. I got off my chair and sat right up next to the screen so I could be bathed in this wondrous light. I wanted to share it, I felt so greedy by hogging all this incredibly pure light to myself. I wanted to call someone and let them drink of the light as well. It was like the lights commonly portrayed around alien spaceships- Fine, high-hued baby neon blue. I thought my eyes would collapse and shrivel from the hedonistic color bomb overload.

+4:30 Getting hungry, but its somewhat of a distant sensation. Normally, on any psychedelic that I am familiar with, I will go usually ~12 hours without eating: This is to prevent nausea on the come-up, and once I am inside the trip there simply is no appeal to food. So I am extremely surprised that the concept of food isn't repulsive on 25C-NBOMe. I explore a little further inside my psyche and discover that food actually sounds quite good. Hmmm. The Trip Report literature is riddled with fools who thought food sounded good and then ended up puking their guts out after they tried it. But, I trusted the guardian headspace and make up a buttered corn muffin and some grape juice. It was so good. The grape juice tasted so velvety and magenta like in the movie. I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and further decided a beer would be tasty. I never drink on psychedelics. But this wasn't 'drinking' per se. I was just washing down the incredibly delicious PB&J, and the tickling carbonation led to visual tinkling sparkles behind my closed eyelids.

+5:30 Layed down and listened to a DJ band called Birdy Nam Nam, it was my first time trying them out, and I found they were confusing in a joyously intense manner. I knew they were trying to make a communication built of sound, but it didn't seem to come together until I turned on the WinAmp and the visual synchronicity led to aural insights.

+6:30 Gently coming down now, I go online and cruise around and vaporize another 5 mg of JWH cannabinoid. Everything is still bright and shiny and the neon blues and magenta still are so beautiful that my heart aches, but its more poignant than devastating beauty by now. I wander around online and walk around my apartment absentmindedly for an hour, peaceful. There are no tremors, jaw-clenching, stomach ills from the food, or any negative come-down aspects at all. This was bizarre. I always felt seriously paranoid, and crappy when coming down off any psychedelic that I had tried before. With 25C-NBOMe I felt light, slightly tired but pleasant and still slightly that 'everything was gonna be ok'.

+7:30 Sleep comes, and it is restful, lasting ~7 hours. There is no sluggishness or trails still evident the next day.

So, as described, 25C-NBOMe is nothing like I set out to find in a psychedelic. It is exploratory, ebullient, clear-headed, rational, euphoric, calming, allows eating and has a mild come-down. Of course I have never tried any of the PIHKAL series before, only LSD, mushrooms and the TIHKAL series, so perhaps these characteristics are common in the phenethylamines.

In short, seeking to find a deeply personal psychedelic I found instead a fun, lighthearted pixie that tinkles and sparkles its way into my heart. 25C-NBOMe has been trialed 4 times so far, and each time the experience has been remarkably consistent.

I made a very important personal discovery with 25C-NBOMe, psychedelics do not have to be fearful religious experiences. They can also be effervescent fairies that take your breath away with glistening beauty.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88880
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: Jul 1, 2011Views: 42,709
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