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How to Have a Perfect K-Hole
by Trig
Citation:   Trig. "How to Have a Perfect K-Hole: An Experience with Ketamine (exp88957)". Erowid.org. Apr 11, 2018. erowid.org/exp/88957

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
After extensive experimentation into the usage of ketamine, the following document is all I could possibly think of.

The Drug:

Ketamine is best used as a personal drug to reach new levels within one's own psychological and spiritual realm. Personally, I would avoid using the drug with the sole purpose of “getting fucked up” (unless it is used as a baseline for the addition of other stimulants). When taken alone, I have never enjoyed taking the drug in public areas. I believe this to be a recipe for disaster. I have never injected and therefore, the following report is associated with insufflation alone.

K-holing is an art. The canvas is the universe and my brush is my mind. If fascinates me how ketamine can manipulate my mind into creating something far more beautiful and complex than anything I could ever possibly imagine or ever see again within normal daily life. For me it’s not just a feeling, it’s a lightshow of impossibility.

The setting:
Bad places = pubs, clubs, libraries, lecture theatres, busy streets, shopping centres etc.
Good places = my bedroom (or any other cosy den type scenario), walks in forests/mountains (this is the only time I would do small amounts and I wouldn’t k-hole in these places) ------ the following places are good but only mixing with other substances = house parties, festivals and any other happy upbeat place where I have access to a large group of close friends to have a laugh with.

Firstly, the experience doesn’t begin with my first line or bump. It begins within the ritual of creating a happy and relaxed mindset. I finish everything I have to do within my day and make sure I don’t have anything important to do the next day. I begin once the sun goes down. K-holing is much better at night. I make sure I'm on my own. Other people confuse K-holes. I have never had a decent k-hole with others around. I make sure my room is locked and there’s no possibility of being disturbed (the constant threat of having someone knock on my door can ruin the trip). If possible, keep the whole experience to myself, its often better that way since others, unless they have had similar experiences, wont have the ability to comprehend the words I use to describe your trip.

Secondly, I prepare the setting, focusing on pleasing the senses. I.e. Vision = I tidy my room, put up vibrant posters, and avoid k-holes in brightly lit rooms. Smell = Incense. Touch = soft bed with loads of cushions, I sit slightly up. And finally sound = decent speakers or headphones are required – the best artists I like to listen to are the likes of Air, Royksopp, Massive Attack (different types tend to take me to different places) – nothing too intense – songs with lyrics often help since the voice tends to materialise into some other being which guides me nicely through the trip like some sort of spiritual guide.

The Trip

Personally, I believe that it’s possible to go too far into a k-hole. Its about getting on the right level. Others might disagree but I strongly try to achieve a level where I always know I'm on a drug. Once one forgets this, the trip is lost. I take the following steps:
It’s best to avoid lines. I find doing too big a line results in heading into an intense k-hole where I forget I'm on a drug and the Ketamine takes full control. I get the music playing, get comfortable then take a key (small bump on the end of a key or other device) then wait a little. I continue this every five minutes or so, and continue to do so until I feel the tug on my back which indicates the beginning of a hole. Now I take a large key and fall into the hole. By doing it like this, I maintain control of what I see. I focus on a single point and fuck with my peripheral vision: Push the walls open wide as far as I can, invert gravity, suck myself deeper into the floor, drag my bed through a complex series of rooms, smudge the colours of the room, make voids objects and objects voids, feel myself blend into the wall and become part of the plaster, feel out for others and merge bodies, bend the house over backwards and forwards, feel the room lift up and float away through the sky, concentrate on the music, let go of my ego, become one with the drug.

This for me is the most enjoyable kind of k-hole. I find doing too much too soon makes me forget I'm on a drug. This is a great experience however, if I didn't know I was having it then I don’t see the point in doing it. Its only afterwards when I come round that I can appreciate it but by then it’s too late. Focusing on the method described before it gives me a chance to completely give into the drug, I can fully appreciate the creation of a perfect moment whilst having the ability to encourage the way it flows.

Here’s the best trip report once I got all of this right: I insufflated a gram in around and hour, having another large bump each time I returned to my body until all was gone. Each number signifies that I came around and took another bump, each larger than the last.

1. What was once my small room became the size of a Cathedral. The floor manifested itself into a thousand ninjas whereby the ones below me slide their owns around my body and dragged me through the floor. Falling deeper into the ground I realised I was being dragged down a long stairwell and on each step stood my closest friends who waved me off. I couldn’t help but to smile. The wave of energy pulled my back forward. I could feel it before it hit me. The room circled and spiralled outwards. Pink snow began to fall in the middle. A intensely bright light opened up within the right part of my peripheral vision. My bed slipped though into a street which appeared to be in New York. I slid through the street backwards on my bed. I got pulled into a large darkly lit room. My bed became a large rug that some Indian lady got hold of. She pulled the rug further into the building and others danced around me. The women turned into angels. They wore white and sat round my bed. One held my hand and lay next to me. Light shone down on my bed. The music began to crescendo (think it was "sparks" by Royksopp. This is a perfect k-hole tune). The angels became real people which existed in the world. I could feel their thoughts, they each had energy radiating from their heads which flowed directly through me. I merged closer to one a single one. We began to merge. First our feet then our bodies bended towards one another working our way slowly up the body. We became a solid entity, I could feel her breathing through me, both our thoughts intertwining into one. I felt complete. We shared and essence. We floated through the space of my bedroom which was now a large helium balloon gradually rocking and rising further and further into space. Gravity slowly left us as we drifted into the stratosphere and headed towards the stars. Eventually we parted and drifted back towards my body. The trip gently pushed me back in until I was ready to take control. I lifted my head and the experience was over.

The experience above was and incredibly beautiful experience. However, ultimately it wasn’t real and never will be. This is the important thing to keep in mind. Repeating this too often will only increase dependency and deteriorate one's mindset. With a poor mindset, a glowing experience is highly unlikely.

I avoid doing this kind of thing more than once a month. By sticking to this limit I have avoided addiction and the drug has never caused me any problems. This drug MUST be respected. I believe that attempting to make a k-hole a constant reality destroys its purpose. When done correctly and in moderation, it has the ability to open me up to new ideas. This drug should not be used to forget problems within the real world. It will not make me happy on its own. To be happy, one must solve one's problems within the real world first. The world of a drug-induced trance is merely an added phenomenon which has the ability to enhance the mystery of life!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88957
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 11, 2018Views: 11,074
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Ketamine (31) : Entities / Beings (37), Personal Preparation (45), Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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