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Too Much too Fast - Insufflation vs Sublingual
Citation:   Jack M. "Too Much too Fast - Insufflation vs Sublingual: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp88985)". Erowid.org. Jun 9, 2011. erowid.org/exp/88985

T+ 0:00
1.4 mg insufflated 25C-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 8:30 5 mg smoked Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists  
Previous experience-
Old old days (~20 y.a.): lsd, mushrooms, pcp
Recent trials: legal RCs such as JWHs, 4-Aco-DMT, 4-HO-MiPT; 5-MeO-DALT and this one- 25C-NBOMe

I had previous trialed ~5 times with 300-950 ug administered on blots taken in buccal/lip and submitted a report based on these experiences. All those experiences had been extremely positive in nature; no nausea, paranoia, signs of vasoconstriction or sleeplessness on the comedown. The trips were characterized by intense color enhancement and wonderful visuals but little introspection.

Based on the intense visuals and positive nature of those trials, and considering the lack of perceived negative side effects, I decided to increase the dose by around 50% above that I had tried before. Additionally, I decided to try an alternate route of administration... I would produce a solution in water and insufflate the water, based on some reports I had read. This submission is a report on the trip that resulted from insufflating 1.4 mg of 25C-NBOMe... A truly overwhelming experience that was not positive like the previous trips. This one produced extreme overheating side effects that became worrisome for awhile, and was very worrying.

t = +0:00 I dissolved powdered hydrochloride salt of 25C-NBOMe into tap water to produce a solution of 7 mg/ml, then used an accurate liquid dispensing micro syringe (calibrated by weight to a scale) to remove two volumes of 0.1 ml and placed these onto a glass counter. Then insufflated both volumes, one in each nostril, in immediate succession, and then after spending a few short minutes cleaning up I went to see about a small vaporization session of mixed JWH cannabinoids to wait for the come-up.

t = +0:04 I realized the moment I stepped into the next room that things were warped and wrong, no way I could vape. I glanced at the clock, and less than 4 minutes had taken place since insufflation. I was already becoming overwhelmed with confusion and slight delirium, I knew by the unnaturally immediate and incredibly strong onset that the 'Effective' dose I had given myself was much, much, much greater than anything I had ever gotten before.

I should mention that I was returning to psychedelics after not having been with them for nearly 20 years, seeking some personal insights during a time of life changes. But in this moment I was instantaneously transported back to the sure knowledge of my youth and knew exactly what lay ahead, a brutally intense skewering of my psyche, hooking it and letting it twist in the wind. I tried to be OK with that... as resistance would be not only, as they say, futile, but probably dangerous. I was a bit frustrated, as I hadn't intended to go so deep, but I was in a gentle setting, my set was quite positive overall and it was early in the evening, (18:00 hr) so I had plenty of time to comedown before any commitments tomorrow. In fact, in some ways this was much better than the way-too-powerful trials of mushrooms and LSD in my youth, as now I wasn't faced with the possibility of having to go anywhere or deal with peers or non-tripping people. The only difference now though was that this is a relatively untried compound! With 25C-NBOMe it wasn't something that I could console myself with by thinking about how mushrooms and LSD never killed anyone really. I still wasn't too worried though, as my dose was still right around or 25% below the largest dose from reliable reports I could find.

t = +0:10 Of course these thoughts took place within a moment, but I already felt time dilation kicking it. Visuals were at a full +++ on the Shulgin scale, I was seeing tracers and trails when ever I shifted my eyes. I kept glancing at the clock, within 10 minutes I knew I wouldn't be able to stand for much longer. I had never experienced such a rapid onset, usually I counted on 45 minutes at least for a high does of LSD for example, but that was so long ago. Indeed, the buccal/sublingual blots of 25C-NBOMe I had trialed previously did surprise me with their rapid onset, but that was still around 30-45 minutes depending on dose.

t = +0:15 Recalling reports of hypertension, I checked my blood pressure with a easy cuff one-touch button monitor, and registered (Sys/Dys/HR) 181/88/103; which is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I was immediately worried, and wanted to relax.

I stumbled to the bathroom and ran the water, trying to achieve a comfortable, slightly warm temperature before my sense of temperature became less reliable. As that equilibrated to temperature, I stripped down and quickly aimed the shower and laid down in its relentless path. I couldn't seem to get the temperature right, as I kept trying to sit up and make nearly imperceptible changes to the faucet knob. I was rising higher and sinking deeper faster than at anytime in my life. I was amazed and very concerned at the same time. I think that since this was such a clean mind-space, I was able to retain some semblance of sanity and consciousness, but it was absolutely another world that I was transported to.

t = +0:20 I writhed and glanced about. Mild to moderate tremors and shivers ran through my legs and torso. My vision swam deeply down into my skin and my body became largely transparent in waves. Grand, sweeping open eyed visuals swarmed upon, me and the bright light of the bathroom became oppressive. I turned down the lights and things became more manageable. I was still having trouble with temperature control though, but now I was getting hot, not chilly. I tried to immerse my head in freezing cold tap water, but it did little to stop the warming sensation.

t = +1:00 I got out of the shower after ~40 minutes, and was more immersed in a full bore trip than I had been in decades. I was surprisingly unfearful, so far. I was trailing vision so intensely, but the trails became discontinuous... it was like I was existing in several frames of time at once independently. I could think independently in each as well, but coherent thought evaded me as open eyed fractals and bulging grids bloomed into vision. This was as thoughtfully insane as some of my deepest LSD trips, but not as dark and cathedral-like as mushrooms. For example, I imagined a room full of formal holiday party goers, and each was smoothly traversing the room and nodding to each other with out saying anything. They only smirked and made a odd non-verbal sound like a 'mmmhhhmmm', as if wordlessly imparting some tidbit that everyone knew, but it was impolite to mention aloud. Surprisingly I found that I knew exactly what info was being conveyed with each tittering 'mmhhmm' and smirk. I watched, but was not too averse to their formalized, gossipy behavior. I was comfortable watching.

t = +1:30 I still felt immensely hot, and although I had dried off, I realized that I could not stay dry; my sweat was coming in such fury that my hair was staying sopping wet even if I tried to dry it again and by body was slick with sweat as well. I began to become concerned about overheating, having read of Serotonin Syndrome leading to this result. But I wasn't on any MAOI, or drugs which lead to that, so I hoped for the best. The heat was unbearable though, so I went into the bedroom and opened the window, closed the door to the rest of the apartment and turned off the the light. It was ~5 degrees F outside, and the cold air whistled inside the room, chilling it. The temperature dropped but still couldn't cool me enough though. I sat directly below the window, with cold air pouring over me and tripping intense visuals in the darkened room, and staring out onto a scene of houses struck with holiday lights. Passing cars plastered intense light shows across my vision with their headlights. I still dripped sweat from every pore and my hair was drenched with sweat. I became concerned about overheating my brain, and began to wonder if I would know the difference between delirium from the psychedelic, versus delirium induced by hyperthermia. I felt surprisingly secure and unafraid though, almost euphoric in waves, although inside I knew I should probably be terrified. There were some body tremors, but very few now and little jaw tension.

t = +2:00 I took several baby aspirin during this next period, I counted 5 in total, equaling ~350 mg aspirin, with minimal water. I felt no full nausea, but a burning stomach somewhat. My intent was to stop the production of pyrogens from arachidonic acid by the COX enzymes. I figured that I was experiencing a gross 'fever' of some sort, and using an anti-pyretic should help. There is absolutely no way to tell if this aspirin regimen helped, hindered, or didn't affect my body's slow return to a good temperature, but I wanted to be proactive and it seemed to be working in tandem with the cold room. I closed the window slightly to bring the room temperature up to ~52 degrees F.

t = 2:30 I swam in and out of direct body experience, watching little societies expand and grow beneath my window, in the snow and the nearby houses' lawn ornaments. I felt this to be one of the top three strongest experiences I had ever felt, approaching ++++. Once or twice I got up and exited the freezing room, to 'check up on things' in the other rooms, but I swiftly returned as the heat overtook me again. I sat up into a chair and watched out the window from another angle; In reality, I would occasionally feel as though I could be seen by passing cars or pedestrians, even though I am on an upper floor and was in a pitch black room looking out. This I figured must be paranoia setting in, but I couldn't convince myself it was only paranoia. So I would take jaunts out around the apartment, unable to sit still as it grew warmer and warmer, and the sound of my own creaky footsteps made me uncomfortable; would my downstairs neighbor think I was up to something nefarious by being shiftless? Was I 'up to' anything? No, but still I hoped they would think I was cleaning or something!

t = +3:30 Went and exited the freezing room for hopefully the last time and went in to prepare a trip position. I laid out a bed roll, opened the door closest to the freezing cold room with the open window and positioned a space heater near me. I lay there watching cartoons for some hours, intermittently letting the cold air cool my overheated body, and then sparking the space-heater momentarily to bring myself back from freezing. Eventually, as the cartoons progressed, I was able to close the door to the cold room, and simply rest on the floor. I also took 3 more baby aspirin (~240 mg).

t = +4:30 I watched a CGI movie called Tales of Despereaux, and it was incredibly emotionally powerful. The movie told a tale of heartbreak and misunderstanding, weaving stories of abandonment, fear, betrayal, redemption and bravery into a complex tapestry that I was somehow able to follow. At points, the threads of the the story seemed disparate, but as they wove together I was crushed with emotion at the resolution.

t = +6:00 Tried to go online and research Serotonin Syndrome, but I was not coherent or physically competent to navigate a computer, so I put on electronic music for a period, and just sat back in a comfortable chair and listed to the music. It sparked incredible CEV, but they were less than entirely pleasant, as I was getting tired of the stimulatory and overheating nature of the trip, and, although I was beginning to be confident that I would live through the experience, I was getting frustrated with myself for dosing so foolishly. I realized this wouldn't be productive line of thought right now, but that just put me in a mood of having to sit out a trip only to wait and get mad at myself for doing something stupid.

t = +7:00 Made and ate 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had 1/2 beer (~5 oz). This seemed to sit OK, although I wanted to save the rest for later, just in case nausea set in (although it had not all evening so far). Reflected on the role of psychedelics in my life, and what I hope to gain through trials with them.

t = +8:00 Relaxed now both physically and mentally, I go online to check out Serotonin Syndrome at like Mayo Clinic and Wiki. Hmmmmm. Its possible, but actually I don't really think that I hat a systemic serotonin episode, as the symptoms and required compounds/combinations were not like mine. It hadn't been simple paranoia or fear, as the experience had aN almost disturbingly reassuring mind space. I continue to cruise around online and chat a a bit to find out any info I can. I become more reassured as I go that something happened, but it isn't due to serotonin release; not surprising, as 25C-NBOMe is an agonist not a serotonin releasing agent.

t = + 8:30 Vaporized ~ 5 mg of mixed JWH cannabinoids, which brought the visuals back to a stronger effect, but made them less frenetic and oppressive. After the first rush of the JWHs passed, they helped bring on a sleepy and relaxed state.

t = +9:45 Laid down and slept within ~20 minutes, surprisingly soon considering I had thought I was so stimulated.

t = + 14:30 Must rise for work, and feel quite sluggish and irritable. But also feel like I dodged a bullet last night. I am tired all day, but the irritability fades swiftly, leaving me slightly hazy and good natured. I sleep well not so well that night after work, given I feel so tired. I sleep great the night following.

t = +2 Days Still some minor traces, and visuals poking out of corners. Once when I turned on a light as I walked into a room I was assaulted with huge spiraling vision of colored bursts that traced outward.

Its hard to estimate a potency difference between buccal/sublingual and insufflating dissolved 25C-NBOMe, but I would guess that insufflating dissolved compound is approximately 2-2.5 X Stronger for a given mass than using blots and buccal absorption. So that means I got ~ 2.5-3 fold more than I had tried in the past. And it was definitely a cautionary journey.

I will return to the 25C-NBOMe someday, but with much more careful planning. It was foolish to change both the route of administration and the dose at the same time. I should have only changed one, and I was overwhelmed because of it.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88985
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39
Published: Jun 9, 2011Views: 45,766
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5)

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