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'Ban-Compliant' Spice You Tell ME
Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Funky Monkey')
Citation:   TravisB_from_Indiana. "'Ban-Compliant' Spice You Tell ME: An Experience with Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Funky Monkey') (exp89056)". Erowid.org. Jan 23, 2011. erowid.org/exp/89056

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[Erowid Note: This report contains a common misinterpretation of the DEA's Nov 24 2010 notice of intent to emergency schedule five synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists. For current law updates about Spice-like products and synthetic cannabinoids, see Spice Law Page]

When I first found out about 'SPICE' or Synthetic Cannabinoids. I thought, 'yeah right'...Well in September of 2010 (long before this experience) I was first introduced. So when I found out the DEA, at the end of November 2010, put 5 of the highest potent Cannabinoids (JWH-018, JWH-073..etc..) on the Controlled Substance Act, making it a schedule 1 drug, which by the way is the worst list of schedule drugs to be on.


After being informed of this before it happened by my Local Head Shop Owner, , he assured me that there will be 'BAN-COMPLIANT' Cannabinoids/Synthetic Cannabis. So when the Act was signed, I figured it would be a waste of time to go. However, one day I went. The stuff I used to buy 'Funky Monkey' was still there, however I didn't notice the new sticker on the bottle. It said, 'Ban Compliant Does Not Contain JWH-018...etc' So like anyone else, I was indeed skeptical. The spice did in fact look different. So I purchased the same stuff I always have for 4grams for $15.99, and to me that is a very good deal.


7:00 pm. After getting into the car, I kept saying, 'DAMN!! There are no refunds here, I Hope I didn't make a money mistake.'

..I didn't want to wait until I got home, so..

7:10 pm I rolled a Pin Pin Pin, and I mean small little joint of it. Just enough to taste it!! As soon as I tasted the first hit, I knew it was different.

(7:30 (pm) smoked a couple regular sized bowls.

(9:00 pm) I rolled a Regular Sized Joint.

I have to admit, it does the same thing as the ILLEGAL kinds, that the DEA chose to make ILLEGAL at the end of Nov. 2010. It takes maybe 3 more hits than normal to achieve my normal level of high. So in other words, the 'BAN-COMPLIANT' Synthetic Cannabinoids/Spice is not as potent, but trust me, it does what I am expecting. TRUST ME!!

11:45-11:55 pm (2 or 2 and a Half Hours after the Regular Sized Joint) feeling stable and good while typing this. It is amazing how little I need to achieve a 'good high'. A half or a whole Regular Metal Bowl is all I need, and my tolerance is some-what high. I do want to smoke another couple of bowls before I call it a night.

So to put a long story, and a good one, short.. The 'BAN-COMPLIANT' Synthetic Cannabinoids/Spice does do what I want and expect it to do, however it is NOT as potent as the ones that are BANNED by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Would I Recommend It To Someone Else? Yes, I guess all Cannabinoids do the same thing, just some do it better. LOL! Overall, My Experience with Synthetic Cannabinoids on Januaray 4th, 2011 was worth the money spent.

***********Now I am anxious to know what Chemical (JWH-018,JWH-073,etc..) is in the 'BAN-COMPLIANT' version.***************

All in All, I enjoyed my night!!

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89056
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Jan 23, 2011Views: 15,595
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