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Enema With Wine
by Liveyourlife
Citation:   Liveyourlife. "Enema With Wine: An Experience with Alcohol (exp89106)". Mar 5, 2014.

32 oz rectal Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


It's hard for me to drink due to stomach problems and bleeding ulcers somewhere in my intestines, but I love getting drunk. I once came across the idea of alcohol enemas and have been forever curious about it... if it works, and what the experience is like since this method bypasses most of the digestive track. I was in a good mood, and really wanted to get drunk so I finally decided to give it a try and thought I'd share my experience with others who are curious, as there are many rumors/questions surrounding such activity. It should be noted that from what I understand this can be a VERY dangerous and potentially fatal route of alcohol consumption. If one decides to give this a go, every consideration should be taken.

Having read that using hard alcohol (vodka, whiskey, tequila) can cause considerable amounts of pain, bleeding, Chron's disease, and death resulting from alcohol poisoning I decided to go with something more gentle for this experience. I used undiluted wine. Specifically, a brand called Carlo Rossi white zinfandel.

Not knowing exactly how much to use, but knowing that if this experiment worked I would probably be getting more alcohol in my blood than if I had drank it, I decided to use a rule of thumb that suggested using about half the amount you would normally drink to get drunk. I took an educated guess and measured out exactly 32 oz.

For the record I should state that I don't drink often at all (only a few times per year) due to my medical conditions so I have a low tolerance. I'm 5'10' and weigh 140 lbs. so I don't have a lot of body weight behind me either.

I waited until I had to take a dump in order to ensure that my colon would be clean to facilitate proper absorption. I stripped down naked, used the bathroom and cleared my bowels.

For the actual insertion of alcohol in this experiment I used a 12 ml syringe with the tip removed that came with a printer cartridge refill kit. After measuring out 32 oz of wine I used some sex lube and lubed my asshole up. On the bathroom floor I put the alcohol down in front of me and got down on my hands and knees. I filled the syringe with wine, put my ass in the air with my chest almost touching the floor so that the wine would flow downward into my colon and inserted the syringe as far as it would go. I squeezed the plunger and felt the wine squirt into my intestines. In a few seconds it felt warm, slightly burning. My stomach cramped a little bit and I had mild pains like I had to shit. 2-3 minutes later the burning and cramping stopped. I filled the syringe and did it again. I had to repeat this refilling/inserting process quite a few times to get all the alcohol in me because the syringe I was using was quite small. It took a total of about 30 minutes to get it all in. 32 oz seemed like the right amount because right at the end, almost at the last drop there came a point where I literally couldn't fit anymore inside me and my intestines were too full. I'm glad I had the foresight to put some plastic trash bags down on the floor because there was a bit of leakage from my ass as I became fuller and fuller.

To my surprise within 5-10 minutes into the filling process I was starting to feel DRUNK. After I had all the wine inside me (which as I said took about 30 minutes), I stood up and started to feel the drunkenness coming onto me as the room was slightly spinning. I cleaned everything up (which took about another 20 minutes) while holding the alcohol inside. At some points the burning/cramping returned and I found it to be somewhat of a challenge to hold it in. The burning/cramping didn't last long when it did come back, lasting for only a few minutes, but was sometimes intense.

At about the 40-50 minute range while I was cleaning up and holding the wine in I started to feel more and more drunk. After approximately another 15 minutes I absolutely couldn't hold it anymore and ran to the toilet, letting it all out. I took a shower and continued to slightly gain in drunkenness. After my shower, I was now pretty drunk but it was a weird kind of drunk. It's kind of hard to describe. It felt mellow and my memory was blacking out in spots, but I still had control of most of my motor skills although I was slightly clumsy. It wasn't a 'falling over' drunk but still pretty satisfying.

The best part- I felt NO nausea/sickness whatsoever! There was something REALLY weird, though. Even though I had drank no alcohol, I could still taste it on my breath and if I burped I would taste the wine!

The one thing that surprised me about this experiment was that the maximum effects didn't last as long as if I had gotten drunk by drinking. I was at the height of my drunkenness for about 1 1/2 hours, then started to sober up. After about 5 hours total from the time I finished filling myself with wine I felt totally in control and pretty sober, but really spaced out. This was a strange feeling that I had never experienced when getting drunk orally.

I also experienced some weird physical sensations while sobering up. Again, it's hard to describe... it felt like I SHOULD be sick but wasn't. It felt like my body wanted to be sick or do SOMETHING but it couldn't. I felt kind of shaky, and my legs were a little wobbly and involuntarily twitchy. I also had cold sweats.

Still feeling not really drunk anymore but spaced out, at about 8 hours in I decided to go to bed. I fell asleep, but tossed and turned all night with bad nightmares. I awoke the next morning at about 8:30 STILL in that spacey state and it took another few hours to get back to normal BUT... NO hangover to speak of whatsoever! No headache, no sickness and very little dehydration. I just felt a little slow mentally. I also felt slight intestinal irritation/cramps but those went away very quickly. By 1:00 in the afternoon I was completely back to normal. Also, my intestines felt noticeably 'cleaner'.

So, in conclusion regarding my experience:

The good:

- It DID WORK and allowed me to get drunk while not actually ingesting alcohol orally.

- No sickness or hangover! Some may argue that this point is worth its weight in gold.

- While it did not allow me to be drunk for an extended period of time, the sobering up and mellow spaced out feeling was really nice.

The bad:

- It took way too much time setting up, actually giving myself the enema, and the cleanup process.

- It was fairly messy. Maybe REAL enema equipment and a better technique for delivery would have made it much better.

- The maximum effect of intoxication did not last as long as oral ingestion and that was kind of a disappointment. It's possible that I needed to use more alcohol or a wine with a higher alcohol content. Maybe I should have released the alcohol I was holding and then started filling myself up again. Not being sure, I didn't want to risk alcohol poisoning and then I wasn't going to spend another hour filling my ass with more wine.Besides, at that point I was drunk enough that I don't think I would have been able to do it without making a considerable mess.

- That weird 'should be sick' kind of feeling, along with twitching/cold sweats. I tried my best, but it's really something you have to experience to be able to describe.

All in all I don't think I will be repeating this experience. My main goal was to put some of the rumors/questions to rest for myself and in that regard I succeeded. It was interesting that it actually worked, but the time and effort it took just weren't worth the effects.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89106
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Mar 5, 2014Views: 45,873
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