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Reality as it is
LSD & Cannabis
by Anand
Citation:   Anand. "Reality as it is: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp89190)". Jan 21, 2014.

T+ 0:00
2 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I've always been fascinated by drugs. There is a difference between being addicted and fascinated which needs to be understood. To me, almost anything is fine as long as it doesn't become addictive. Drugs are fascinating because they give a glimpse of what is possible for us as human beings. It is the same world I am in when I am intoxicated, only my perception of it changes. And when that changes, everything else has a different quality to it. That's what's fascinating. It's foolish to think that our every day state of consciousness, which for the most part is very dull when compared to others, is all there is and the only reality.

We are allowed to experiment with everything except...our own consciousness. The society has decided that it should be illegal to go deeper into who you are through the use of chemicals, and the whole concept of that is crazy to me. Yes, it can be dangerous, but so can crossing the road, and I take full responsibility for my actions and I've never hurt anyone while in an altered state, and never will. That comes when addiction sets in and is a totally different problem all together. Onto the experience now.

I am a meditator, and one of my hobbies is experimenting with different substances. I was excited when I found out that a friend of mine could get me some quality acid. Iíve heard a lot about it, but never tried it before. I immediately got excited and told him to get me two tabs. Now it was just a matter of getting a couple friends to come over and get going.

T+0:00 It is a beautiful, sunny day in the middle of summer. Around 1 in the afternoon. I am excited and a bit nervous, but everything is under control. My friends are over with the intent to do tons of weed, and without much hesitation I put the 2 tabs under my tongue. I was told itís best to do both at the same time as opposed to doing one and then after some time the other, as you donít want to have 2 highs that interfere. For some reason I expected the tabs to dissolve in my mouth, but they didnít and to make sure I got the most of it I swallowed them both.

T+0:30 - First effects - a feeling of lightness and something building up inside of me, accompanied by the ďslowing downĒ of the world.

T+0:45 Ė Sitting in my chair, the slow build up that was taking place inside of me was now becoming apparent. Everything is moving, from side to side, up and down, not only visually but realistically. My whole apartment building is swinging from side to side and it feels very real. I start to feel nauseous and decide to lie down on the couch.

T+1:00 Ė The nausea has gone. I am sitting on the couch with the laptop beside me. I go on youtube and click the first random video on the screen. Itís something about basketball. I see a repeating cycle of a player shooting a basketball and itís going inside the basket and out. I mustíve stared at it for at least 5 minutes until I got a little confused at the repetition, and then my friend came over and told me that the video is actually paused. Amazing, my consciousness was completing the story of the basketball going inside and out. I click play and see exactly what I saw while it was paused.
I notice more visuals: any motion is in the past and the present at the same time Ė swinging my hand, I see where it was and where it is now as a hundred of still images in front of me.

I remember being confused and cycles of repeating thoughts eating up most of my attention. I felt an urge to do something, yet I could not figure out what it was. I go to check on my friends who are making hot cocoa with weed.

T+2:00 Ė 3:00 Ė Colors. Colors everywhere, a magnificent dance of the universe. Smoothly changing from white to red to blue to green to yellow to purple. I see colors I have never seen before, and they change from one to another. Every moment is new. I see the play of life Ė just a dance of forms and colors, not to be taken seriously. I am a part of the game, and yet at the same time I am beyond the game. This is the climax.

It happens that we have to make a trip to the library to get a movie we wanted. As I walk outside, suddenly I see that everything is alive. The trees, the cars, the grass Ė all greenery, everything is breathing, colors dancing everywhere, what a gift. There is tremendous clarity in my perception, I see everything as it is and at the same time I realize that I am. I have the gift of life, and who could have asked for more? I am sitting in the front seat of the car as I witness all of this. I am actually floating above the ground, I donít feel any road bumps, just drifting from side to side, feeling as if I could fly right out of the car if I donít hold on. But I donít care - I am one with the universe.

T+3:00 Ė 6:00 Ė We come back with the movie, everyone except for me blazes, and we turn it on. My experience watching it is worth mentioning as well. Throughout the whole movie, everything that happened in it was one big flashback. It felt as if Iíve watched the movie a thousand times already, yet I am sure Iíve never seen it before. Every new scene was familiar, yet I could not guess what happens next.
I take my attention off the screen to look at the wall which was changing colors constantly. I then decide to take out my mp3 player and listen to music - trance in particular. Although it has a different sound quality to it, it doesnít sound quite as epic as it does with cannabis, so I return to watching the movie.

After itís over we all decide itís time to smoke again. I give in and take a few bong hits. The high accompanies the acid trip very nicely. I have a new perception of things. For example, when I look at a car I see a car, not as a concept, but just as a bunch of metal pieced together in a clever manner, and given a brand. If you press on the gas pedal it accelerates and if you press on the breaks it stops. But thatís just how a few smart people applied laws of nature to it. An apple is simply an apple, simply how the molecules happened to form to make it what it is, nothing more. You can eat it because your body knows how to digest it and the tongue can taste it. Itís hard to explain, but everything has lost its seriousness and just was as it was. And that was enough.

T+7:00 Ė 9:00 Ė I drive my friends home and come back. The trip was still going strong for a while, taking around 9 hours till the come down, which was a bitch. I felt simply awful. Hungry, yet feeling if I ate I would throw up. A weird kind of headache came out of nowhere accompanied by an overall shitty feeling.
I decide the experience was worth it though and after having a hard time going to sleep, wake up totally fine the next morning.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 89190
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 21, 2014Views: 3,196
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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